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Featured Travel Therapist of the Month! Cassandra Spencer

By Host Team | October 17, 2017

Congratulations to featured travel therapist Cassandra Spencer. Cassandra has traveled with us since March of 2013 and is about to complete her 6th consecutive assignment with us. More congratulations go out to Cassandra for this major accomplishment because she is about to receive a total of $5,250 in tuition reimbursement for being a loyal Host Healthcare traveler. Cassandra’s recruiter, Jen, has had nothing but great things to say and boast about her being a terrific traveler. Take peak into the life of our featured Travel Therapist and read what she has to say below!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure after a long day at work?

A: Crashing on the couch with Netflix or a good book to unwind.

Q: What is your favorite experience that has happened since you have been traveling?

A: No single experience stands out. I’ve had several amazing patients during my time as a traveler. And since I work primarily in SNFs, all of my patients have amazing stories to tell. Getting to meet these wonderful people everywhere I go and hear their stories is a blessing. The geriatric population is our history and it can be very fun to work with them. They often teach me more than I could ever teach them!

Q: What has been one of your favorite places you have visited while on assignment? Explain a little. (can be a town or city you visited nearby your assignment)

A: Anywhere in Tennessee, but especially the Pigeon Forge, TN area. The mountains are gorgeous, the people are friendly and warm, and it’s overall a happy place to be.

Q: What has changed about you since you started your first assignment?

A: Almost two years as a traveler has definitely changed me. I’ve learned to go with the flow and adapt. As therapists, we can’t control everything and as travel therapists, we can control even less. I am definitely more flexible with my plans these days. And I can be packed and ready to go in 2 seconds. 🙂

Q: How does it feel to complete your sixth consecutive assignment and qualify for the $5,250 tuition reimbursement? Was it easier than you thought?

A: It’s unbelievable! Time passes so quickly as a traveler that it doesn’t seem like I’ve been working this long. Definitely easy and very obtainable with great recruiters!

Q: What was one thing you were scared of before your first assignment and how did you combat that?

A: Traveling as a new grad! I took my first travel assignment right out of OT school with a different travel company and switched to Host after that one assignment. My recruiter at Host was amazing and helped me get in touch with a mentor through the mentorship program that Host Healthcare has in place. I also began to see this as an opportunity to learn from many experiences and therapists. And several nights of studying and researching. 🙂

Q: What is one word that sums up your recruiter Jen?

A: It’s hard to describe Jen in one word. She is dependable, trustworthy, super helpful, and outgoing. She takes amazing care of her travelers. She always checks in an makes sure I have what I need and if an issue comes up, she is on it! I guess the closest to describing her in one word would be AWESOME! 🙂


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