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Core Value Winner – Lead With Integrity

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    Core Value Winner – Lead With Integrity

    Before we end 2018 we have one more core value winner to recognize. This month’s core value winner lead with integrity is Michael Circharo. Michael is a great part of the Host Healthcare family. He spent some time as a recruiter and now as an Account Manager, Michael has a deep understanding of Host Healthcare, our recruiters, and our clients. We are very lucky to have Michael part of the Host Healthcare team. Let’s learn more about the core value winner lead with integrity Michael Circharo.

    Core Value Winner Lead With Integrity

    Congratulations to Michael Circharo for being nominated and selected as this month’s ‘Certificate of Awesomeness’ related to the Core Value: Lead with Integrity!

    Michael was unanimously chosen by the Host Culture Committee as the winner for Lead with Integrity. Mike was nominated for being fully transparent with both his co-workers and his clients. He is honest with all he works with, even if it’s not an easy conversation! Michael is recognized for conducting his business in an open and honest way. He works hard to do whatever it takes while maintaining integrity here at Host!

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