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May Traveler of The Month – Kendall Turner


    May Traveler of The Month – Kendall Turner

    Congratulations to our featured traveler Kendall Turner. Our featured traveler Kendall Turner is a travel nurse with Host Healthcare and is our featured traveler of the month in May 2016.

    Kendall is a traveling Med/Surg nurse. She has been on assignment with us since the very beginning of March, but has already been extended out until December, because of how awesome she is! We asked her recruiter, Kaylan, to provide a little insight as to why she nominated Kendall for our Traveler of the Month.

    “Besides being a joy to work with, Kendall clearly is a take-charge nurse who is very responsible, knowledgeable, and caring. Kendall is always open to hearing my thoughts and suggestions in regards to her long-term travel goals. In addition to her awesome personality, her work ethic is something to marvel at. Still in the midst of her 1st travel assignment she has been offered 2 extensions with her current hospital. They love her, we love her. She’s the perfect traveler!”

    Q:  What is your guilty pleasure after a long shift at work?

    A:   Ice Cream and Netflix

    Q:   What is your favorite experience that has happened since you have been traveling?

    A:  Being out of my comfort zone. Traveling alone has forced me to explore new things and enjoy new experiences. Seeing a $5 movie on a Tuesday afternoon, by myself, is something I hadn’t done before, and now I’ve done it several times. I’ve taken my dog hiking and explored parks in the area. Not to mention all of the amazing people I work with who have made me feel so welcomed.

    Q:  If you could only take 3 items with you on a travel assignment what would they be?

    A:    1. My dog, Sailor — dogs make the best companions! They never judge, and they love unconditionally

    2. My iPhone 6 — to keep in touch with family back home and take pictures to document all of my experiences

    3. Chapstick in “cake batter” — I hate chapped lips, and I have a huge sweet tooth

    Q:   What has been one of your favorite places you have visited while on assignment?

    A:   I’m in Appleton, WI, so since I’m so close to Green Bay, I had to visit Lambeau Field… Home of the Packers. Such an amazing stadium and a wonderful tour. But I also love just being in/exploring Appleton. It’s a small(ish) town and the people here are so friendly. I can’t wait to explore more of the state this summer. I plan to visit Door County and the Wisconsin Dells, as I have heard great things about them.

    Q:   What would be your dream travel spot?

    A:   Hawaii or the U.S. Virgin Islands

    Q:   What is your favorite part about being a nurse?

    A:  I learn something new everyday. And I love watching patients progress from admission to discharge. It’s very rewarding and I’m lucky that I have found something I enjoy doing and get paid for it.

    Q:  If you could have any superpower what would it be?

    A:   I would want to be able to apparate and disapparate (disappear and reappear in a different place) like in Harry Potter.

    Q:   What is your favorite restaurant/place to go out at that you have found on assignment?

    A:   One of my coworkers introduced me to this local custard shop, Cherry on Top, that has homemade custard. It’s to die for! If anyone gets the chance to go, the salted caramel pretzel flavor will change your life.

    Q:   What is one word that sums up your recruiter Kaylan?

    A:  AMAZING! Even that word doesn’t do her justice. She has been so helpful throughout this entire experience and she’s always available when I need her. I have heard horror stories from other travelers, and I truly feel blessed to have found a company and recruiter who have my best interests at heart.

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