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Stats and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Learn the Stats and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Learn the stats and risk factors of breast cancer when you read this article. Stats and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer: Cited from National Breast Cancer Foundation When breast cancer is detected early, and is in the localized stage, the 5-year relative survival rate is 100%. 1 in 8Read more

Halloween in the Hospital

Halloween in the Hospital

Whether you are a healthcare professional or have fallen sick yourself, spending Halloween in the hospital (or facility) isn’t ideal, but can definitely be made fun! Do Something to Acknowledge the Holiday. Wear your costume, buy candy, put up decorations, make and bring in spooky treats. It will create a healthy culture/morale and a funRead more

Housing Tips

Housing 101

Housing can be one of those things that adds stress to an assignment. There is a lot to think about and review. All of our recruiters are skilled in helping to find the best possible housing option for you. BUT in the event that you are a more hands-on individual, here are some basic housingRead more

Florida activities


What are some things you think of when someone says “Florida?” Disneyworld? Oranges? White sandy beaches? Clear, warm water? NASA? Florida Keys? Spear fishing? Cuban cigars? Have you ever been? Do you want to? How about making more money per week while staycationing (for 13ish weeks) in this beautiful state? Whatever your reason, there areRead more

versatile vacation

A Versatile Vocation

Another Amazing Benefit to Becoming a Travel Nurse or Therapist The benefits never end. If you are interested in becoming a travel nurse or travel therapist there are plenty of outstanding benefits. One of them is the flexibility to work anywhere. Think of this as a versatile vacation. We have posted previous blogs listing theRead more

Rock an Early Morning Workout

How to Rock an Early Morning Workout

“I’m tired.” “I will do it tomorrow.” Does this sound like something you have said as it pertains to working out? We get it. It can be hard to stay motivated and work out. That is why we have pulled together some tips to help you rock an early morning workout. We found an interestingRead more

Make Your New Temporary Place More Homey

How To Make Your New Temporary Place More Homey!

We understand that moving into a temporary place can be stressful. Sometimes it doesn’t always go how you envisioned. You most likely have perfected your before-work, after-work, and/or weekend routine. You have your favorite coffee shop, dog groomer, farmer’s market, and cross-fit gym. Now you have landed and accepted an awesome new job opportunity that life hasRead more

Leaving home checklist

Leaving Home Checklist: 8 Tips for Travel Nurses Travel Therapists

Now that you’ve scored your first travel nursing or therapy assignment in a new and exciting city, the next steps you take will ensure you’re prepared to hit the road. While our recruiters can help with any questions you may have and all of the paperwork—we’ve created this leaving home checklist to ensure your assignmentRead more

Highway Hypodermics Top Travel Company

Host Healthcare Award #4 Top Travel Company for 2017 by Highway Hypodermics

Back in 2004, Highway Hypodermics decided to rate travel nursing companies according to the benefits that they provided nurses. This year there were 2107 evaluations that were filled out by traveling nurses. We’re proud to have been listed as a Highway Hypodermics Top Travel Company. We are happy to announce we were rated the #4Read more

Warm Weather Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Nurse Jobs: Warm Weather Destinations with Host Healthcare

Cities look more charming blanketed in snow. Until your car gets stuck in a snow bank and you’re late for an assignment. If your idea of beauty is sun instead of soggy feet and a constant fear of a bad slip on black ice, we have jobs the jobs to get you to that happyRead more