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Why To Become A Travel Therapist

Why Become A Travel Therapist

Becoming a travel therapist is a great career path. A travel therapist has similar responsibilities as a traditional therapist. For example, a travel physical therapist does the same thing as a permanent therapist to improve movement or manage pain of people. A travel occupational therapist (OT) shares the same responsibilities as a permanent OT toRead more

Best Things About Being A Travel Therapist

10 Best Things About Being A Travel Therapist

Being a travel therapist has so many great benefits. Growing your career, making money, building your resume, all while traveling. You can be a travel therapist at any part in your career and for as long as you want. We spoke with some of our travel therapists to create the 10 best things about beingRead more

Travel Therapy Tips For New Grads

7 Travel Therapy Tips For New Grads

It’s an exciting time for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathologist new grads. Summer is here. Which for some either signifies the end of school or finally able to take your boards. The world is at your fingertips. Your future can be anything you want. If you want to explore travel therapy there isRead more

5 Summer Tips for Travel Therapists

5 Summer Tips for Travel Therapists

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Spending time at the ocean, lake, or pool. The barbeques and parties with friends. Whatever your summer traditions are, everyone can agree the summer months is a fun time of the year. As a travel therapist, summer is an exciting time of the year for you. ThereRead more

School Travel Therapy Jobs

School Travel Therapy Jobs

Every year, thousands of therapists across the country help children in schools. School travel therapy jobs offer so many benefits to any travel Occupational Therapist or Speech-Language Pathologist. It can be very rewarding to your profession and an ideal career. This article will outline the benefits of school travel therapy jobs for OTs or SLPs.Read more

travel physical therapy jobs in Washington DC

Travel Physical Therapy Jobs In Washington DC

Washington D.C. and the surrounding area is a wonderful place for travel physical therapist. From the activities to the opportunities, many travel physical therapists have their eye on Washington DC for future assignments. This article outlines travel physical therapy jobs in Washington DC. Prepare For Success Travel physical therapy jobs in Washington DC is veryRead more

states for travel therapists who want to get away

Top 5 States For Travel Therapists Who Want To Get Away

For those of you who would trade in the bright lights of the city for the bright lights of the stars, this list is for you. This list is our top 5 states for travel therapists who want to get away. If uncrowded areas and secluded escapes sounds like bliss to you than this listRead more

Questions to ask during your travel therapy interview

10 Questions To Ask During Your Travel Therapy Interview

Congratulations! You made it to the interview phase for your next travel therapy job. That means you must have followed our top 10 resume tips for travel therapists and wow’d the hiring manager. Now comes the part of preparing for your interview. Most hiring managers have a short list of candidates they are interviewing soRead more

Best Summer Locations For Travel Therapists

The 15 Best Summer Locations For Travel Therapists

Summer is only a few months away. That means more barbecues, trips to the water, and plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. As a travel therapist, you can enjoy many wonderful places during the summer. But where? To help you with this important decision, we have created our list of the 15 best summerRead more

Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is all about our SLPs as we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month. It’s easy for the parent to just hand their toddler their smartphone or tablet and tap on an “age-appropriate” app, when they need to get some stuff done around the house or catch up on reality TV. But by doing this, the child’sRead more