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Real Travel Nursing and Therapy Guidance

At Host Healthcare, we go to great lengths to take care of our travel nurse and travel therapy professionals. Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our healthcare professionals by offering unparalleled service. In doing so, we hope that our company will enhance the well-being of the communities that we serve.

We offer personalized service and focus on long-term partnerships make us the organization of choice for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities.

At Host Healthcare, we will work with you to understand your career interests and goals. We will guide you through the entire process and place you in outstanding positions across the United States that fit your needs.

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Kyle Renkei

Recruiter, Kyle Renkei

Title: Senior Recruitment Manager

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Random Fact: I’ve competed in several outrigger canoe races in Hawai’i. Some races as long as 42 miles between islands.

Why Host Healthcare: Because we get to truly make connections with healthcare professionals that are out impacting the communities they are serving. We care about our travelers, take care of them, and build strong relationships. Host is about the people. It’s a family.

Favorite Travel Destination: Favorite so far = Bocas Del Toro, Panama. But generally I like places with an amazing physical experience. Bucket list items – Great Barrier Reef, northern lights in Alaska, Etc.

Jerome Roseberry

Title: Account Manager

Home Town: Scottsbluff, NE

Random Fact: I live in Mexico.

Why Host Healthcare: Great culture.

Favorite Travel Destination: New York.

Adam Francis

Adam Francis

Title: President, CEO

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: University of Notre Dame

Random Fact: Prior to starting Host, I was pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy.

Why Host Healthcare: Our team members in the office are champions in the industry and we only work with the best travelers who are dedicated to their field of work. These two factors combined make me excited to come into work every day to build a company dedicated to creating great experiences for everyone we encounter.

Favorite Travel Destination: Australia and Japan.

Brendan Haire

Brendan Haire

Title: Recruitment Director

Home Town: Waterford, CT

Alma Mater: Salve Regina University

Random Fact: I have three younger sisters.

Why Host: Supportive, team-oriented environment.

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Kasia Lindsay

Kasia Lindsay

Title: Director of Quality Services

Home Town: Visalia, California

Alma Mater: UC Davis…Go Ags!! No, I didn’t take tractor driving, but I did get to take a farming class and grew some sad looking tomatoes.

Random Fact: I’m a rugby fanatic who will wake up in the middle of the night for important games. My teams are Leinster and Ireland because I lived with my Irish husband in Ireland for 3 years.

Why Host: I love the tight family culture we have created here! Getting to work with my team is awesome and I love that if I have a suggestion or comment I can ask the CEO and feel my voice is heard.

Favorite Travel Destination: One of my favorite travel destinations is the Basque region in France…specifically Biarritz. I would love to go back. The people are laidback, the architecture of the city is beautiful, the food is awesome and fresh and it’s on the beach. Maybe it’s the San Diego of Europe?

Chelsea Coddington

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Stockton, CA

Alma Mater: University of Wyoming, GO COWBOYS!

Random Fact: I played soccer in college, but chose Wyoming because I love all equestrian sports too.

Why Host: The people are amazing and I love helping others!

Favorite Travel Destination: So hard to pick just one, so I’ll go with Big Sur. Anywhere outside with a beautiful back drop and my doggos!

Erin Sills

Erin Sills

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Irvine, CA

Alma Mater: San Diego State University (M.A. & B.A.)

Random Fact: I rode a camel through the desert in Israel once

Why Host: The friendly competitive culture and endless opportunities for success!

Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland and Italy

Natalie Red Eagle

Title: Clinical Liaison

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Why Host: Everyone is so hardworking and friendly. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Favorite Travel Destination: Lake Martinez!

Jessica Regester

Jessica Regester

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Alma Mater: Lakeland College

Random Fact: I was hit by a car while walking when I was 12 years old. I also LOVE pizza!

Why Host: The culture here and the feeling that this is family! And I love helping others!

Favorite Travel Destination: I love road trips! Death Valley, CA being my favorite so far!

Carly DeLuca

Title: Account Manager

Home Town: Oceanside, CA

Random Fact: I do Jazzercise… and I love it.

Why Host: We work hard, we are humble, and we are kind. The heart of our business is keeping Travelers’ best interests at the forefront of all we do. This has lead to rapid growth and success as a company that I am excited to be a part of.

Favorite Travel Destination: I like both ends of the spectrum. Take me to Hawaii or New York and I am a happy camper.

Kayana Quick

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Random Fact: I have lived in 8 different states (no, my parents weren’t in the military).

Why Host: My favorite part of working at Host is building relationships, not only with my travelers, but also my coworkers. We are a young and rapidly growing company and it’s so exciting to be a part of. Host really feels like one big family with the common goal of helping travelers find great contracts and having fun while doing it.

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere I can lay on the beach and enjoy great food and drinks.

Victoria Occiano

Title: Quality Services Specialist

Home Town: San Diego, California

Alma Mater: Sonoma State University

Why Host: It’s great to be surrounded by people who are striving for growth and success for themselves and each other!

Favorite Travel Destination: Dream travel destination: Thailand

Brittany Pickwoad

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Riverside, CA

Alma Mater: University of California, Davis

Why Host: Great culture and great people. The support is undeniably unlike any other out there.

Favorite Travel Destination: Belize! It’s a beautiful place that I am lucky enough to call home.

Justin Terlaga

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Hamden, CT

Random Fact: Huge fan of fashion and love to collect sneakers

Why Host: Family environment that fosters an environment for growth and success

Favorite Travel Destination: I really want to head to Europe (Italy, France, Greece, Spain, etc.)

Will Wilson

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: East Providence, Rhode Island

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Random Fact: Co-founded a military/veteran/fire/law enforcement non-profit hockey team. Go Guardians!

Why Host: Helping those who serve.

Favorite Travel Destination: Singapore

Ehsan Wardak

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Hemet, California

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Random Fact: I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan

Why Host: Everyone at Host is dedicated to making people live better and are willing to go above and beyond their call of duty to help one another out!

Favorite Travel Destination: Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Very relaxing, with plenty of good food and wine!

Allison Wright

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: San Diego, California

Alma Mater: Bucknell University

Why Host: Host Healthcare encourages personal and professional growth and provides the support needed to succeed! The people are fun, hardworking, and relationship building is at the forefront.

Favorite Travel Destination: Bali & Bend, OR for skiing in the winter!

Christy Nailling

Title: Business Operations Associate

Home Town: Valencia, California

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Random Fact: I’m terrified of cats

Why Host: Host has become family to me! I love coming into work everyday surrounded by such positive and motivated people!

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere tropical!

Katie Nubel

Title: Business Development Manager

Home Town: Portland, OR

Alma Mater: Portland State University

Random Fact: I was a professional horse trainer/rider for over 15 years.

Why Host: Host has a top notch culture, made up of supportive and fun people! I am genuinely excited to get to my desk to see what we can achieve each day.

Favorite Travel Destination: Beach: Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. Mountain: Bend, OR. City: A tie between Bordeaux, France and Florence, Italy.

Christine Rosales

Christine Balatero

Title: Senior Quality Service Analyst

Home Town: Chula Vista, CA

Alma Mater: San Diego State University. Go Aztecs!!

Random Fact: I traveled to Monterey, Malibu, and Temecula to complete the Spartan Race Trifecta!

Why Host Healthcare: The company culture and the environment are great. It’s nice to be surrounded by positive individuals every day!

Favorite Travel Destination: Barcelona, Spain. I love the people, culture, architecture, and food. I would love to go back!

Kaylan Duffy

Title: Director of Talent Development

Home Town: Lansing, IA

Alma Mater: Creighton University

Random Fact: I was born with an extra vertebra

Why Host Healthcare: I love the culture. Everyone here is hardworking, supportive, and fun!

Favorite Travel Destination: Shannon, Ireland. Can’t wait to go back! Beautiful country, beautiful people.

Brooke Fruge

Brooke Fruge

Title: Account Manager

Home Town: Folsom, CA

Alma Mater: California State University San Marcos

Random Fact: I just moved to the South, but I’ve been a Cali girl my whole life!

Why Host Healthcare: I love my team! #workfam

Favorite Travel Destination: I am dying to go to New Zealand! But my favorite place I’ve been would have to be The Cayman Islands.

Caitlin Pullen

Title: Senior Recruiter Manager

Home Town: Bellingham, WA

Alma Mater: Western Washington University

Random Fact: I used to be an elementary school teacher

Why Host: I love relating to, helping, and educating others!

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere I can be by the beach and get a tan!

Amber Bennett

Title: Quality Services Specialist

Home Town: Florence, South Carolina

Random Fact: I love photography and snapping pictures of my two handsome sons!

Why Host: The family feel and good vibes! I love how much Host truly cares about the internal employees and travelers!

Favorite Travel Destination: I really enjoy going to the mountains in NC! Especially after it’s snowed, it is a very picturesque view!

Amanda Wigley

Amanda Wigley

Title: Account Executive

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: California State University – San Bernardino

Random Fact: Once upon a time I had a 193 pound Mastiff named Odin

Why Host: The culture and the people make work feel less like work.

Favorite Travel Destination: Impossible to pick just one. So far my favorites are New York, Paris, The Cook Islands, and Thailand!

Aubreyann Veyveris

Title: Quality Services Analyst

Home Town: Oceanside, CA

Random Fact: I helped feed a baby elephant in Thailand

Why Host: I love my coworkers!

Favorite Travel Destination: Costa Rica

Christina Borden

Title: Payroll Specialist

Home Town: Fontana, CA

Random Fact: I love processing payroll so much that it doesn’t feel like work (usually).

Why Host: I value a company’s culture and Host is true to the core values they proclaim! Plus, I get to use my talents to support the Travelers that are making a difference for people around the country.

Favorite Travel Destination: Big Sur, CA

Danielle Voral

Danielle Voral

Title: Account Manager

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Random Fact: When I gave birth to my son in 2015, my Postpartum nurse was working on travel assignment in San Diego. She was from New Jersey, and she was awesome!

Why Host: My favorite part of working at Host is building relationships / making connections with professionals in our industry, nationwide- so cool! Our work is meaningful and rewarding, especially when our travelers are happy on assignment and our hospital’s needs are met.

Favorite Travel Destination: Byron Bay, Australia and Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, CA.

Alex Crisler

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: California State University San Marcos

Random Fact: I have a pitbull puppy named Chardonnay

Why Host: The company culture can’t be beat and I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing nurses nationwide!

Favorite Travel Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Leslie Lemley

Title: Quality Services Specialist

Home Town: Atlanta, GA

Alma Mater: Intellitec Medical Institute of Colorado

Random Fact: I cook a pretty amazing Mac and Cheese I’ve been told.

Why Host: I love how positive and friendly everyone is. Host goes the extra mile to take care of their employees and their travelers.

Favorite Travel Destination: I plan to one day visit Rome, Italy and Hawaii!

Molly Eaton

Title: Recruitment Specialist

Home Town: Phoenix, AZ

Alma Mater: University of San Diego

Random Fact: I’ve ridden an elephant before!

Why Host: The culture here is one of a kind! I love being a part of such a positive and encouraging environment everyday.

Favorite Travel Destination: Bali, Indonesia has been my favorite destination by far!

Marissa DeFalco

Title: Quality Services Analyst

Home Town: Fairfield, CA

Alma Mater: UC San Diego

Random Fact: I have a twin sister! We’re not identical, but a lot of people swear we are

Why Host: I love the support—I never feel on my own if I really need help!

Favorite Travel Destination: I would love to visit the Philippines one day

Irene Lasso

Title: Account Coordinator

Home Town: Stamford, CT

Alma Mater: Fashion Institute of Technology

Random Fact: I volunteered at a wildlife conservation center with elephants in Thailand!

Why Host: A great work environment and sense of community

Favorite Travel Destination: I’d love to backpack in South America!

Lisa Angrest

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Jackson, MI

Alma Mater: University of the Rockies

Random Fact: I have ridden the 2nd tallest roller coast in the world, the Top Thrill Dragster!

Why Host: Most positive and friendly work environment I’ve ever seen and give opportunities for personal and professional growth! Nothing is better than loving where you work!

Favorite Travel Destination: Costa Rica! Beautiful place and culture!

Destiny Ewing

Title: Recruitment and Operations Specialist

Home Town: Palm Desert, CA

Alma Mater: California State University San Marcos

Random Fact: I used to be allergic to milk and sugar growing up.

Why Host: I love the young and diverse culture of the company intertwined with the Core Values that make me enjoy coming to work!

Favorite Travel Destination: Portugal however, Japan is on my bucket list!

Katy Tonick

Title: Account Manager

Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA

Alma Mater: California State University, Fullerton

Random Fact: I have a white lab and her name is Q-Tip!

Why Host: I love working in this industry and wanted to work for a company who takes pride and truly follows their core values!

Favorite Travel Destination: I have yet to travel International so my favorite destination so far is Hawaii!

Amanda Apgar

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Sacramento, CA

Alma Mater: Whittier College

Random Fact: I have never been out of the country.

Why Host: The culture in the office is amazing and something I have never been a part of before. Everyone really cares about your success and always there to support you.

Favorite Travel Destination: St Petersburg and Clearwater beaches are amazing!

Megan Patek

Title: Traveler Experience Specialist

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Random Fact: I play pub trivia competitively with my family on a team called “Circle of Trust.”

Why Host: Host is a team of incredibly friendly people who enthusiastically help our travelers find their dream jobs. We will stop at nothing to make things work for their assignment.

Favorite Travel Destination: My favorite travel destination is Maui.

Kaylee Gunning

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

Random Fact: I love the beach, hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends.

Why Host: I loved the fact that it is such a young group of people working here and that there is a lot of room for upward mobility within the company!

Favorite Travel Destination: London and Kauai have been my favorite places thus far that I have traveled to. I am hoping to travel to Italy and the Maldives in the near future!

Hunter Hopkins

Hunter Hopkins

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Chicago, IL

Alma Mater: Indiana University

Random Fact: My dog, Donnie, a Dachshund/Jack Russell mix is my best bud.

Why Host Healthcare: I wanted to work for a top travel nursing company that still had great flexibility for growth.

Favorite Travel Destination: Phuket, Thailand

Caitlin Osborne

Title: Director of Recruitment

Home Town: Richmond, VA

Random Fact: I love wine, yoga & animals & really hope to have a pet pig & goat one day!

Why Host: The culture at Host is phenomenal and has a family-feel. I love working with such a tight-knit group & we treat our travelers as our own!

Favorite Travel Destination: My favorite place I have ever traveled is Jamaica & Italy is number one on my bucket list!

Jordan Lerner

Jordan Lerner

Title: Recruitment Director

Home Town: Downers Grove, IL “Apostrophe free since 1893”

Alma Mater: EIU!

Random Fact: I have visited 47 states.

Why Host: The biggest reason for why Host is the people, fun, energetic and hard working people make any job seem like not a job.

Favorite Travel Destination: My favorite destination so far… is Portland, OR – so lush, green and with a mountain backdrop it doesn’t get much better!

Melanie Shabo

core value winner personal accountability

Title: Account Manager

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Random Fact: I could eat sushi everyday

Why Host: I love the company culture. Doesn’t even feel like work

Favorite Travel Destination: Milan, Italy is my goal this year!

Courtney Toy

Title: Accounts Receivable Team Lead

Home Town: Athens, Ohio

Alma Mater: Ohio University (bachelor’s) University of Cincinnati (Master’s)

Random Fact: I’m a lifelong vegetarian.

Why Host: I love the people I work with and the small company culture of Host.

Favorite Travel Destination: St. John, US Virgin Islands. My family and I go on vacation there every few years. It’s so beautiful and I have made so many great memories there.

Kristie Ernau

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Escondido, CA

Alma Mater: San Francisco State University

Random Fact: I went through an artistic phase during college and did glass blowing for a couple of years.

Why Host: We stand by our travelers. At Host we want to create a long lasting relationship with our travelers and always want the best for them. We always give each person the respect and attention they deserve. It makes me proud that I work at Host.

Favorite Travel Destination: Yosemite Valley in the winter time. Right after it snows, it’s a beautiful winter wonder land.

Sky Woroszylo

Title: Senior Recruitment Manger

Home Town: Ocala, FL

Alma Mater: University of Florida

Random Fact: I’m not into heights

Why Host: Great people in all departments! Host treats their people well and we have tons of support.

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere with sunny skies, blue water and tacos.

Kyle Sandsmark

Kyle Sandsmark

Title: Marketing Manager

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

Why Host: To work with a team that puts each other first is a rare thing to be a part of. Everyone at Host really cares about each other. It is a big family. We really care about the travelers we place and the facilities we work with. I am very proud to be part of this great team.

Favorite Travel Destination: The Cook Islands and Mammoth, CA.

Gerald Cohen

Title: Executive Director of Training & Development

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: Occidental College

Random Fact: In an ongoing attempt to conquer my fear of heights – I have skydived, bungee-jumped, and taken a hot-air balloon ride.  It works just up until I have to take my next flight 🙂

Why Host: Host has an employee driven culture.  It allows me to share my ideas and make a direct impact in the decisions and direction of the company.  I’m also encouraged to push the limits of my personal growth by stepping out of my “comfort zone” on a daily basis – taking me one step closer to my true potential.

Favorite Travel Destination: Visiting my family in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kanausha “Nash” Thompson

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Tempe, AZ

Alma Mater: University of Arizona. Bear Down!

Random Fact: Not random because it’s embedded in my DNA at this point but I play rugby!

Why Host: No other position has allowed me to truly get to know my travelers as much as HOST has. I love how the internal family atmosphere radiates out to our travelers.

Favorite Travel Destination: I have never been to New Zealand and would consider selling a limb to go.

Ashley Fairbanks

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: Ashford University

Random Fact: My first job was at Starbucks when I was 15!

Why Host: The culture Host has created is amazing! I love coming to work every day, and that is not something everyone can say.

Favorite Travel Destination: I would love to go to Croatia one day

Chloe Pietrandrea

Chloe Pietrandrea

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Waterville, WA

Alma Mater: Washington State University

Random Fact: I graduated high school with 12 students!

Why Host: I love the culture at Host Healthcare! We’re a young and fun group of people striving to help others succeed in their careers!

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere with a beach and great drinks!

Aaron Quirke

Title: Payroll Team Lead

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: SDSU

Random Fact: I have toured seven California State Prisons as part of my degree at SDSU

Why Host: Company Culture is always something I look for and Host has the best!

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan

Kathy Tang

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Agawam, MA

Alma Mater: University of Maryland – Go Terps!!!

Random Fact: I was a Division 1 gymnast! Aly Raisman was one of my biggest competitors in club gymnastics!

Why Host: I love building relationships with therapists and the meaning behind our work! It’s awesome to be able to find healthcare professionals to serve facilities nationwide.

Favorite Travel Destination: Paris… can never have too many croissants and macaroons.

Mae Garlejo

Title: Account Coordinator

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Alma Mater: Arizona State

Random Fact: I love to climb rocks. Especially trad climbing, It’s next level problem solving 800+ feet high.

Why Host: The team! Our leadership team is so supportive.

Favorite Travel Destination: Japan, definitely. I could do it all over again. & on my solo trip to Thailand was where I met some amazing people!

Sherri Silletti

Title: Accounting Manager

Home Town: Livonia, Michigan

Alma Mater: Michigan State, Eastern Michigan

Random Fact: Wedding reception at Henry Ford’s house in Dearborn, Michigan

Why Host: This team makes me smile every day – great supportive energy working together toward common goals.

Favorite Travel Destination: Home visiting family in Michigan, Laguna Beach, Coronado

Victor Trasvina

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: San Diego, California

Alma Mater: University of California, Santa Cruz

Random Fact: Mario Lopez is my cousin

Why Host: Location, coworkers, positive vibes, and I feel a healthy, competitive vibe that makes me want to push myself harder!

Favorite Travel Destination: Kauai

Micaela Bruno

Title: Senior Recruiter

Home Town: Laguna Niguel, California

Alma Mater: University of Colorado at Boulder

Random Fact: I lived in Australia for a year!

Why Host: Host values their employees and ensures everyone’s feedback is heard on a regular basis and this is really important to me.

Favorite Travel Destination: Australia!

Award Winning Company

Host Healthcare Wins Excellence In Customer Service Award
Blue Pipes Top Places To Work
Host Healthcare Was Named A 2018 Top Workplace By The San Diego Union Tribune
Host Healthcare Named To 2018 Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms
Host Healthcare was recognized as one of San Diego's fastest-growing companies
Host Healthcare Named Top Travel Therapy Staffing Company
Host Healthcare Top Staffing Leader In 2018
Best Place To Work Careers
Host Healthcare Is Named One of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego
Host Healthcare Named Top Travel Nurse Company

Proud Partner

Featured Travel Tip

Ongoing Advice From Your Host Recruiters

Great Communication is Essential

“With so many moving pieces, it is essential for both the recruiter and traveler to be in constant communication. During the job search, there will be good news and bad news. Finding a recruiter who you can approach comfortably in both scenarios is really important. Do your best to be honest and upfront about your needs and your situation. The best types of recruiter/traveler relationships form when you work as a team.” ‐ Kaylan Duffy

Our Vision

At Host Healthcare, we recognize that there are many healthcare staffing companies to choose from. We are different because we go to great lengths to take care of our customers. From our customized client services to our generous benefits for our travelers such as 24-hour emergency support and a personal Career Consultant — Host Healthcare is here to serve your needs.

Joint Commission

At Host Healthcare, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our certification awards our continuous commitment to the high performance and compliance standards set by the Joint Commission. Host Healthcare now joins a select group of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing companies that have earned the Gold Seal of Approval.

Host Healthcare: Our Core Values

Team Strength

We are only as good as the bonds that bind us together; we always work together across departments to solve problems and improve as an organization.

Personal Accountability

We take ownership of our outcomes, admit when we are wrong, and learn from our mistakes.

Lead With Integrity

We grow our business through transparency, honesty and humility.

Driven By Excellence

We pledge to be the best, not because it’s expected, but because it’s who we are.

Embrace Positivity

We promote an optimistic and team-oriented environment.

Commitment To Mastering Our Craft

We are a learning organization that embraces change and craves continuous growth.

Find your next travel nurse or travel therapy job with Host Healthcare.