We love our Travelers, and the feeling is mutual.

Zuhal Selvi was the very best recruiter I had thus far! She is highly professional, attentive and involved in the service she provides through Host. She is proactive and made sure all of my needs were met and that all of my concerns were addressed. She made my travel experience with host Healthcare smooth and successful. Thank you for everything!
Shavoria Samuel Shavoria Samuel Aug 16, 2023
Host Healthcare has been a great agency to work with.  I am paid correctly and on time each week.  Their app is easy to use and the timekeeping is super, super easy (I'm comparing this to the WAND app that has given me lots of trouble in the past).  My recruiter, Lauren Redig, just cannot be beat!  She's on it so fast that you won't have time to blink.  Lauren is the best recruiter I've ever had!
Laura Weems Laura Weems Aug 16, 2023
I have to say...I agree with all of these wonderful reviews! Zach Johnson, my recruiter, was friendly, honest, respectfully persistent, and had a wonderful listening ear! I was very impressed with his professionalism.
Diana Guy Diana Guy Aug 23, 2023
I started my travel career with Host Healthcare. Although I had a good experience, I wanted to experience at least one other agency. I'm back with Host again for a reason. My recruiter, Kristen Engasser worked hard to get me contracts I wanted in my desired locations. We encountered multiple hurdles and hiccups along the way, but Kristen never gave up. I was able to get contracts quickly. She responds quickly to my texts and emails, but isn’t pushy or intrusive. I like that she knows about different areas I've been interested in and offers insight regarding possible experiences. Host has been consistent. I've never had any issues with getting paid or promised reimbursements. The benefits are a little expensive but decent.
Toni Logdahl Toni Logdahl Aug 28, 2023
Organized and efficient company overall. My recruiter, Kelly, always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is ok. Also, she gets back with me quickly on anything I might need. I don’t ask for a lot but when I know that I need something I know it will be taken care of!
Stephanie Richardson Stephanie Richardson Aug 11, 2023
Marlana White is the best recruiter ever. She is the most honest, trustworthy recruiter and excels at what she does. She will get you the best rate and is always very quick on communicating back with you. I am not with Marlana right now because she switched to this company, but when I am done with my contract I am going to switch back to Marlana. I go with her every single place that she goes. She has seriously become one of my closest friends and everyone needs to have Marlana as her recruiter. She helped coach me through everything when I was scared of taking my first assignment, but I will never go back to staff because of her. The money is life-changing and she is phenomenal!!!
Valerie Din Valerie Din Aug 14, 2023
Alison Kon has been fantastic! She was patient with me and helped walk me through the travel process for my first contract. She's always available and very quick to respond. I would definitely recommend her as a recruiter.
Jessica Ann Jessica Ann Aug 9, 2023
I’ve had the best experience with Host Healthcare and my specific recruiter- Alison Kon. This was my first time working as a travel nurse and Alison made the transition from staff to traveler seamless. She was able to get my number 1 contract choice and I’ve had the best experience at this hospital. She was very knowledgeable about the process and always kept me informed on next steps. The team made the onboarding process easy. Everyone on the team is very communicative and ready to help with any concerns I have. I highly recommend Host and Alison!
Sarah Ward Sarah Ward Aug 17, 2023
Chris Murillo has done a outstanding job with getting me a travel x ray job  with Host Healthcare. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend him to help you along the way with your next travel assignment.
Vernon Suber Vernon Suber Aug 16, 2023
I will like to say this with a joyful heart, that MRS KIRKLAND TINA is the best of all the traders I've had the pleasure of working with. She is a fantastic mentor as well as a terrific trader, she is very supportive and encouraging. So far, my profits have been 10 times my initial investment. I and my family members, we are so happy to know and work with her. If there is next life i would also love to know and work with you MRS. KIRKLAND TINA.
Philip Mbosela Philip Mbosela Aug 21, 2023
Tyler has been the best recruiter I had while traveling so far! He has kept great communication with me and was determined to find me an assignment! Great experience with Host! 100% recommend!
Jayci Rose Jayci Rose Jul 7, 2023
As a new travel nurse I contacted multiple agencies with inquiries. Eventually I happened upon Host Healthcare and was contacted by recruiter Katie Cummings. Her friendliness, attentiveness and communication were/are second to none. Katie and the Host team promptly secured me a placement that I am excited to begin. Since the beginning of this experience, I have felt like a respected member of the team and the process has been, to my surprise, exceptionally painless and professional. In conversation, Katie has expressed her personal joy working for Host Healthcare and with travel nurses. This is evident through her enthusiasm, willingness to help and timely responses to my questions, needs or concerns. I feel fortunate to have met Katie and am excited to be part of the Host team.
Luke Madsen Luke Madsen Jul 19, 2023
Host Healthcare has been an amazing organization to partner with thus far. Moreover, my recruiter, Kat Cook is the absolute best! The onboarding process was effortless and I have always felt my needs have been met through exceptional communication and support. I highly recommend this company for your next travel opportunity!
Damitri Robinson Damitri Robinson Jul 10, 2023
This is a great company that takes care of its people. Kathy has been fantastic as my recruiter and gets me any information I need very quickly. Couldn’t think of any cons so far while I’ve been working with her.
Kyuss Jr Kyuss Jr Jul 11, 2023
I have been a travel nurse on and off since 2005. I often say that I have no loyalty to any specific agency.  I go where the agency has what I want, when I want at the rate I want.  Not personal, just business.  Host Healthcare has changed that. This agency goes beyond.  The have your back.  First recruiter Daniel and now Kathyrn Cook.  They had my back when an assignment was horrible and unsafe(imo) and found me a new assignment.  I hit a deer and the recruiter extraordinaire,  Kathyrn Cook sent me a gift basket with awesome lotions and bath products. I have never been treated so well by an agency or recruiter.  I really feel like these ppl genuinely want me to succeed. I guess the adage " I've found the best, now I can forget about the rest" does hold true.  This RN Travel Nurse has found loyalty and couldn't be happier!
Bridget Clary Bridget Clary Jul 12, 2023
Micah has been amazing to work with. She has such a great energy and has been so encouraging. Every person at Host has been helpful. I'm so happy that I am partnering with them for my travel nurse assignment.
Tiffany Merten Jun 27, 2023
I have had a wonderful experience as a travel nurse with host and my recruiter Kristian Branson has been awesome. He is very kind, friendly and always a text or call away! He has always been very helpful and informative throughout my time with host. I am very happy with my entire experience with host, not a single bad thing to say!
Krystle Downs Jun 27, 2023
I have been doing travel nursing for a couple years and have worked with multiple recruiters and companies. Susan Batterman is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She is extremely responsive, helpful, and works hard to make everything go smoothly for her nurses. I would highly recommend her and Host Healthcare!
Johanna Thompson Jun 23, 2023
My first time experience with Host has been amazing! Nick has been the best recruiter I could ask for! Always checking in and answers any questions I have. Definitely recommend him and this agency!
Alexus Mayes Jun 14, 2023
Emily Dobbin is the best recruiter I ever get to work with. She is super nice, responsive, and patient with all the questions I had as a 1st time traveler. She even went beyond to try to work with her boss when I found a desired assignment in my town that Host didn't have at the time. Even though I couldn't sign any travel assignments with Host (due to my personal matters), Emily still reaches out to me often to see if I need something. I will definitely recommend her and Host Healthcare in general for anyone looking for a reliable recruiting company.
Vy K. Nguyen Jun 16, 2023
My experience with Dave at Host Healthcare has been an absolute pleasure. He is so on top of things, capable, has answered all my emails within an hour, and is very patient and kind in explaining everything  I inquire about. I feel very confident in his ability to work on my behalf and advocate for me. I could not recommend him and Host enough! Also their app is user friendly and has made this whole experience wonderful!
Dana Butler Jun 5, 2023
Micah has been amazing. She is always sending me job listings, and although I haven’t found the right fit for me, she was able to secure a contract for a family member and get me the referral bonus! I would highly recommend her and this company.
Jessica Webster May 19, 2023
Elyse Himmelstein is incredibly responsive, professional, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that her people have a positive experience. She is a great communicator, and I always feel well-informed and prepared when deciding on a contract.  Elyse takes the time to listen to my concerns and questions, and is always there to provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. Elyse and Host have been nothing but the best.
Zach Johnson May 17, 2023
Host Healthcare was an incredible experience for my wife and I. Verdelle Jones, our recruiter, was exceptional. She always responded in a timely manner, she always listened to what we wanted, and she was able to find us jobs that fit all of our needs. We talked to many recruiters before we started traveling and Verdelle set herself aside with her positive attitude and attention to detail. Unfortunately we are no longer traveling, but I highly recommend this agency for any future traveling.
Austin Yost May 19, 2023
My husband and I have worked with Vee Jones for a year and half now and are so impressed by her work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond. We knew instantly she was the recruiter we wanted to work with because she is very personable, knowledgeable about travel nursing, and has great communication skills. She is by far the best communicator we have met by making sure we are up to date with documents, updating us on potential jobs, or simply just checking in. I never had to guess what my next task was for completing paperwork to start my next assignment. She would take my considerations and find what I was looking for. She also did her best to get us the best pay at the job site. Host healthcare has been a great company to work with and we recommend it to anyone!
Jessica Khoury May 22, 2023
Cassia Pollock is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly! She had excellent communication skills and very fast response times! I was able to reach her by text, call and email. Cassia went above and beyond to help find me a great contract that would meet all of my needs and expectations. She advocated for me in every aspect and knew where I was coming from. She took all of my concerns into consideration. Cassia was very optimistic and her optimism is definitely contagious. She even sent me very helpful interview tips. I would no doubt work with her again. She will be your number 1 advocate while on your travel adventures! I have successfully completed 3 contracts with Cassia so far, and she continues to exceed my expectations. Cassia is amazing and genuinely looks out for you. You can tell that she is in it for you 100% and doesn’t make you feel like you’re just another number. I can’t not recommend her enough! Thank you, Cassia, for giving me the best travel experience!
Celeste Daiwnarain May 25, 2023
Taylor Giberson with Host Healthcare is amazing!! I highly recommend her and the entire Host team!
Sherri Wright May 29, 2023
I've been very impressed with this agency, especially with Teresa Abrams. Teresa has been working with me to find me an assignment that's a perfect fit for me. I've been a travel RN for over 2 years, I've talked with many recruiters over that timeframe, and Teresa has been most impressive. Teresa kept me updated on the process, and checked in frequently. She was watching job postings and would send them to me as soon as she got them. She really made me feel that I was the only nurse she was working with, which is so hard to find! If you're on the fence about traveling, or you are looking for a new recruiter, I'd definitely recommend Teresa Abrams at Host Healthcare. She will advocate for you, and make the entire process go smoothly.
Alicia Shanks Apr 13, 2023
Jenny from Host Healthcare was my partner and I's first recruiter when we started traveling, and so far we haven't even considered partnering with anyone else. She is friendly, punctual, and has led us to some fantastic places. The pay is great, we've never felt pressured into anything, and we finally feel like we're working to live instead of living to work. She even goes over and above to make sure we are both comfortable at our new location; I can't say enough good things about her or Host Healthcare.
Jamison Vincent May 5, 2023
I have had two different recruiters through Host, both have been wonderful. My current recruiter Elyse is very professional, timely, and always follows up on any questions or concerns I have. The app and time clock are easy to use and the software is user friendly. I chose to work with Host for my first travel assignment and am so glad I did.
Rian Haley May 31, 2023
Taylor Giberson with Host Healthcare is amazing!! I highly recommend her and the entire Host team!
Sherri Wright May 31, 2023
Kristian Branson is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. His response time is almost instant and will call and check in with you almost every week to make sure everything is going well with your assignment and that your needs are met. I am always in constant communication with him. Along with his impeccable repose times, he is extremely hard working and will continue to fight to get you the perfect job opportunity. If he ever retires I will be devastated. Host Healthcare and Kristian will continue to be my #1 choice when it comes to travel nursing.
Kayla Ganzer Mar 25, 2023
Vendi Bayles has been my recruiter since November 2021. She has made my entire travel nursing experience stress free and possible to focus on what I care most about, the patients. She has been attentive with any questions I’ve had and persistent with getting the contracts that work best for me. She not only has been an amazing recruiter but also a great support system. I highly recommend her to every nurse I know.
Shawna Labbe Mar 27, 2023
Nick went above and beyond to make sure I had a smooth onboarding process. And when I had an issue with the hospital approving my time off request, he handled it quickly and got it in my contract. 10/10 recommend!
Dawn Lin Barbera Apr 1, 2023
Host Healthcare has a variety of positions all over the country. My personal experience with my recruiter has been exceptional. He is always on top of things and always available if I have questions or need any help. One of the best agencies and recruiters I have worked with as a travel nurse!!
Melissa Zanghi Apr 1, 2023
My recruiter Lauren Payne is the best!  She has made travel nursing a very easy process.  She always responds very quickly with a call or text and takes care of any issues that arise. I would definitely recommend her as a recruiter!!!
Jennifer Lykes Mar 13, 2023
Lisa Sheppard is an amazing recruiter. She is kind and works so hard to get me what I need. She is also very responsive, which is very important to me.
Embesy Bell Mar 11, 2023
I love my recruiter with Host, Laura Redig. She instantly picked up and listened to my needs and was very helpful in the i trial paperwork process. One of the best.
Connie Glass Mar 10, 2023
I was a little picky on companies to choose. I wanted a good amount of jobs, a good website/app to view them, good pay, health insurance between contracts, and most of all… an awesome recruiter. Host Healthcare and my recruiter, Alison Kon, are everything I could ask for! Everyone knows a good recruiter is everything. People can easily love or hate a company based on how good their recruiter is. Host Healthcare is wonderful but Alison is even better. She responds quickly, makes sure I’m doing okay and cares if I’m not, helps with anything she can, and is just the sweetest. Even if she didn’t respond in two seconds, her assistant or someone else will. I recommend her to everyone I can. If you don’t like Alison, then I don’t like you lol (just kidding, sort of).
Alexis Christ Mar 4, 2023
With all the aspects of travel nursing and the many many agencies out there to choose from, Host has been forthcoming and truthful, as well as helpful and diligent in helping me with my journey in traveling. I trust them and they don’t just pat your hand and say, oh you’re a good nurse, you can do this. They actually help you get through the hardships and stand beside you all the way.
Lisa Spofford Mar 3, 2023
Vendi Bayles has been a remarkable recruiter to work with since I started my travel nurse journey in 2022! She makes the process of getting a contract very smooth and I appreciate the help her assistant Anthony provides! My questions are always answered quickly and I love how Vendi assures I am taken care of during my assignments. All of my interactions with HOST staff members have been positive and I am excited to continue traveling with this great agency.
Nichole Plank Mar 1, 2023
Vendi Bayles is the BEST recruiter ever. She will work extra hard to make ALL your travel nursing dreams come true! Host Healthcare has supported me no matter the request, assistance or time of day.
Lisa Marie Mar 1, 2023
I would recommend working for Host Healthcare. I enjoyed working with my recruiter, Tyler and how prompt he was with responses. The company has a good selection of hospitals with good pay.
Mel Apr 1, 2023
Starting my first assignment through this company in a few days. They were wonderful, in constant communication giving me many options to choose from assignment wise. Stephanie Arden was my recruiter and she was the absolute best!. Great communication skills! Plus she had some great tips for interviewing and applying. This was by far the easiest onboarding process. Multiple people were always available with any help need. Cassidy was my verification contact and she made it so easy! She even went the extra 10 steps to help me with a difficult name change.
Maggie Garrett Feb 17, 2023
Great communication, fast and easy process and super helpful with the application. My recruiter Lisa is amazing and just extremely helpful. She listens to me and what I am looking for. Super lucky to have her by my side. She always has answers to my questions and makes me feel super comfortable. Thank you!
Jennifer Parra Feb 6, 2023
It has been a pleasure working with my recruiter, Brittany Blake. She has been incredibly helpful and responds quickly. She was able to get the location I wanted and was willing to go above and beyond to ensure I did! I would recommend her and Host to any nurse interested in traveling!
Megan Groover Hodges Feb 9, 2023
Have you ever heard other travelers rant and rave about their recruiter? Yet, you haven't been able to share that same experience with your own recruiter? Well, I've finally been able to experience what it feels like to have a beyond amazing recruiter thanks to Lindsay Jackson. Just want to encourage you to take the leap and let Lindsay take care of you. Lindsay far exceeds any other recruiter that I've worked with and she is the reason why I have a job! She consistently works hard for you and is very responsive, communicates promptly, and intuitive to your wants and needs as a traveler. 10/10 recommend! I'm happy to have an amazing recruiter and to work for an awesome company!
Daisy Knight Dec 8, 2022
My recruiter Jason Kong l is amazing and always goes above and beyond for me! Host has been so great!
Megan Marie Dec 29, 2022
My recruiter Lauren Redig is the bomb. She really goes to bat and gets every extra you can't even consider!! My first time as a traveler and she had really sold me!! Love my first assignment. She is always there to answer my questions.
Misty Turner Lee Dec 21, 2022
My recruiter Elyse Himmelstein was AMAZING!! She made the process so easy. From applying to my first assignment. The whole process took maybe a week and she helped through the whole process. I would definitely recommend her and the company!
Shea Nunley Dec 18, 2022
I have worked with several recruiters in the past and Jason is by far the best! He has gone above and beyond to advocate for me prior to, and during my assignments. A recruiter can have a big impact on your traveling experience and Jason has made my experience with Host Healthcare a very positive one! I would highly recommend Jason to any traveler.
Erica Weaver Dec 15, 2022
My recruiter Kristian Branson is so helpful! Very responsive and got me my must haves to make traveling with my family worthwhile. Highly recommend.
Nikala Bremmer Dec 7, 2022
I absolutely LOVE Host! I used to jump around companies until I found Jason (my recruiter). He is so responsive and makes me feel appreciated.
Ally Studtmann Dec 7, 2022
When you become a travel nurse and have to work with a recruiter, it can be so scary asking questions like is this person being honest and up front and can I trust them? You don’t have to worry about any of this when it comes to working with KATIE GILMAN. She has impressed me so much since working with her.
Cally Tekjl Dec 2, 2022
First travel assignment for me, and it has been very relaxing. Lauren Redig, My recruiter checks on me often.
Gina Gard Jan 3, 2023
My recruiter Tyler Jezierski has been amazing. He works hard to find assignments that fit my life and preferences and gets the best rates! He is very responsive and easy to work with!
Erica Barnes Blackstock Jan 3, 2023
I’ve been traveling for 4+ years and my time with Host has been smooth and amazing. Ian McNeil is my recruiter and he’s not only helped me get things squared away working in a new state but also had recommendations for food and things to do. Being from New Orleans any little lagniappe is always appreciated and Ian made this very simple. This is the first job where I haven’t had any issues with my pay and it’s so nice to not have to worry about that. Ian made my time with Host amazing and now I’m off for more schooling. I’ll return to Host to pursue more jobs once I’m done with school!
Trey Partain Jan 5, 2023
Host Healthcare has been amazing throughout my process! Jay Chandler is my recruiter and he is amazing! He is very quick to respond, gets things taken care of when I have run into issues, very knowledgeable, very professional, and always super nice and funny! He made sure that I got every reimbursement that I needed to receive on my first paycheck! He has been truly a joy to work! I’m so happy to have been placed at a great facility that Jay recommended!
Christina Forrester Jan 6, 2023
Katie Gilman! Katie Gilman! Katie Gilman! Best recruiter and best representation of Host! If you are looking for a great agency and amazing recruiter, she is definitely the one to contact!
Lucas Hahn Dec 2, 2022
I CANNOT say enough about my recruiter Katie Gilman!!!! After working with her on several assignments, I refuse to work with any other recruiter! She responds immediately, she is extremely knowledgeable, straight forward, and honest. She doesn’t harass you and bully you like some recruiters I’ve worked with, with other agencies. She makes every stressful situation more calm and has quick resolution. Love love love her! Honestly best recruiter!
Rachel Hahn Dec 2, 2022
I have worked for this company for a year, and I absolutely love it! my recruiter, Kelly, really looks out for me. She helped make my first out of state assignment easy and stress free. She also makes sure I have all the information to make educated decisions about a potential assignment. I also really like how they take taxes out so you aren't filing a 1099 every quarter. Its overall a really great company to work for. They have so many options for contracts with really great rates. There really is something for everybody!
Heidi Nations Nov 29, 2022
Kat has been absolutely fantastic. She's very organized and so am I, which means we make a great team. The transition to Host was seamless and easy. Benefits are great, although kind of expensive. Kat will advocate for me when necessary and I don't even have to ask her to. She truly cares. Host also paid me when I had Covid. 10/10 would highly recommend.
Amanda Snyder Nov 24, 2022
My recruiter Kathryn is absolutely fantastic!! From day one, she made me feel so comfortable & valued. She is on top of everything at all times & I can tell she truly cares!
Anna Dombal Nov 23, 2022
Megan S has made my transition to becoming a travel nurse absolutely amazing! She was transparent and thorough, and always available for the plethora of questions I had. She works hard to ensure I will find and assignment I’ll love! I am so excited to continue working with her. She is definitely a reflection of an outstanding company!
Danielle Adornetto Nov 22, 2022
Host was the simplest of many places that I talked to when traveling. The recruiter took care of everything and they listened to my wishes and never pushed me out of my comfort zone!
Brittney Chambers Nov 22, 2022
Yasmin was super helpful. She understood exactly what I was looking for in my next assignment and checked all my boxes! Super smooth onboarding process and overall a smooth transition.
Davina Laine Nov 22, 2022
Lauren has been incredible to work with! No matter the question I ask. She has the answer or will do whatever is necessary to find out. She responds to my texts within minutes or just an hour. I’ve never felt alone! I would recommend HOST to anyone who wants a company on their side!
Nancy Weaver Nov 19, 2022
Host Healthcare was just SIMPLE!!!! No hassle!! Emily Compton as a recruiter was simply the best! She was never pushy, she was relatable. Emily truly took the time to listen to what I wanted and then she hit the ground running to find it for me! She everything was quick and efficient! And the process through Host was the best experience I’ve had!Highly recommend.
Brittany Dresnick Nov 16, 2022
I have been using Host Healthcare for over a year now and highly recommend this company for all of your travel nursing needs! My recruiter, Lindsay, has been amazing and has gotten me amazing contracts in the cities I’ve been wanting to work in. Host also provides you with travel reimbursement as well as reimbursement for certifications and scrubs (up to a certain amount). I am so glad I made the decision to travel nurse and use Host as my travel company!
Courtney Froats Nov 15, 2022
My recruiter Lisa has been great through the whole process of starting up. I chose to move on from another company and to join Host. Lisa has been on top of her stuff! She is extremely friendly and works hard to make sure you are happy and know the steps and requirements for a new contract. I felt comfortable taking to her over the phone. She is very understanding and down to earth. Made me feel like I wasn’t just a “number” employee but an actual person!
Jordan Owens Nov 10, 2022
Just wanted to take the time to thank my awesome recruiter Katie Gilman, we have been working together for almost a year and this is way overdue! She has been so supportive and helpful and positive!
Amanda Melia Nov 7, 2022
I was very intimidated by making the jump to start traveling, but my recruiter Kayana Quick was amazing through the process of getting my first contract! She never took more than a few hours to get back to me and outside of basic job duties is so kind and helpful. she always got me the info and resources I needed to feel confident going into my contract. I love working with Host, especially with such an amazing recruiter 🙂
Desarae Balish Nov 7, 2022
Amazing company to work for always willing to go the extra mile to help their nurses through the on board process . Especially, Natalie who has been right there to answer questions I had.
Tim Underhill Nov 5, 2022
My recruiter Alfredo de la Torre was amazing, he listened to my needs and got me a great contract tailored to all my request, I definitely am satisfied and will continue here!!
Dibenise Colon Nov 4, 2022
Have been wanting to travel for years! Didn’t know how to choose a company and most of them just sent jobs my way with no care of what I wanted. My recruiter from host called me, talked to me like a REAL person and asked me what my thoughts were and then she got me the job I wanted. I did nothing. I’m a true believer in things happening for a reason and I truly believe this was my sign  I was meant to travel with host. Thank you!
Desiree Buffington Nov 3, 2022
I started working with Host Healthcare in April 2022 looking for nursing contracts. I have completed 2 assignments thus far and could not have asked for a better experience!! Haley Zimmer has been my recruiter and she is the absolute best! Besides being a kind-hearted soul, she has always been attentive, honest, and provided me with a response in a timely manner. I've had great health benefits with host and overall have no complaints. Every encounter I have had with the staff has been a positive one. I look forward to having a lifelong relationship with Host Healthcare!
L. Gripp Nov 2, 2022
Brandon Thompson is a wonderful asset to Host corporation. Brandon took the time  to explain how travel nursing works step by step. He inquires about your wants & needs from a contract. He communicated with me via email or a phone call daily to provide me with updates on my status or job leads. He is very personable, attentive, dedicated. I know Brandon is doing his BEST to find exactly what I am seeking versus  just looking to fill a contract with a body.I can say I did NOT get this pleasant experience with other travel nursing agencies.
Markitta Nesmith Nov 2, 2022
I’ve been with Host and my recruiter Megan Stevens for 6 contracts. If it works out for you, I would recommend them.
Clyde Sleigh Nov 2, 2022
Host has been supportive at every step of my assignments. Jenny Berroth is my recruiter, and I'm gonna keep her!
Kim Shields Nov 1, 2022
Cassia Pollock is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly! She had excellent communication skills and very fast response times! I was able to reach her by text, call and email. Cassia went above and beyond to help find me a great contract that would meet all of my needs and expectations. She advocated for me in every aspect and knew where I was coming from. She took all of my concerns into consideration. Cassia was very optimistic and her optimism is definitely contagious. She even sent me very helpful interview tips. I would no doubt work with her again. She will be your number 1 advocate while on your travel adventures!
Celeste Daiwnarain Nov 1, 2022
 “I’ve worked with [Host] since 2/2022 and I’ve had a great experience with them. They’re responsive, thorough, and professional. I highly recommend HOST.”
Sydney H. Oct 27, 2022
I had an excellent recruiter. Her name is Jenny Berroth. She was very informative, supportive, and always quick and timely in her responses. On my first assignment, she checked up on me each week, which made me feel secure in that assignment! I will do more travel with them, and not trade her in for another!
Kim Grant Shields Oct 27, 2022
“I’ve been trying to get a contract with a different agency for weeks. I was pointed in the direction of Host and kid you not I got a contract IN a week after getting my profile uploaded! It was a drastically different experience! My team is responsive, answers all my questions and they get things done! I’m excited for future adventures ahead with them! 
Sydney C. Oct 25, 2022
“I’ve been traveling for 3 years and with Host Healthcare for a little over a year now. Best agency I’ve worked for! 
Ashley S. Oct 25, 2022
I’ve been traveling for almost two years and on my 7th assignment. I had been with the same company since I started traveling but was unhappy with changes and lack of response until I found LIsa! When I had decided to make a change, I was not looking for the next company, but looking for the person to represent me in my search for jobs. I chose Lisa Sheppherd and it turns out that she happens to work for the best company in the business! Lisa has been amazing in helping me through the credentialing process and goes above and beyond in helping me maneuver this difficult process in securing the position that fits me and at the highest pay. I’m VERY happy to have found Lisa Sheppherd and happy to be a new happy traveler wit Host Healthcare!
Gary White Oct 23, 2022
I’ve recently completed a travel assignment with Host Healthcare, and right from the beginning, it was absolutely great! I was fortunate to have the assistance and support of my recruiter, Dianna Story, and the onboarding team! They really took care of me before, during and even after I started my assignment. Diana truly made a difference by helping me find the contract that suited me, looking out for me.  Every question I had was answered in a professional, friendly and timely manner, showing that she genuinely cared and was always there for me. I definitely look forward to continuing working with this company and Diana! Thank you Host Healthcare for such a great experience! Let’s do it again!
Eguzki Fernandez Urizar Oct 23, 2022
I LOVE Host! So far in my nursing career, Host has been the most fabulous agency to deal with out of them all. My recruiter, Sky Woroszylo, has always gone above and beyond for anything I’ve ever needed. He’s super quick to communicate, kind, open and always willing to help when you need assistance on an assignment. If everyone at Host is like Sky (and they seem to be) then you don’t need to look for any other agency. This is the one that will set you up with ideal assignments, have your back, and grow your career to new heights with. Check them out and you won’t regret it.
Heather Byram Oct 22, 2022
Host has been really good to work with. Cait Osborne is a great recruiter. Easy to get in touch with and reaches out to check on you throughout your contract. Always transparent with a full list of contracts and pay when looking for the next contract. Host treats their travelers fairly and you don't feel like just a number or a paycheck.
Katie Hopwood Oct 21, 2022
I’ve been with Host Healthcare for two years now, about to start my 4th assignment. Cait Osborne is the best recruiter out there, hands down. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of on assignment. She will make sure any issues you come across are resolved immediately. I’ve talked to many recruiters and she has always been so loyal to me! 1000% recommend Host and Cait!
Savannah Rutland Oct 21, 2022
I've been with Host Healthcare for going on 2 years now. Best agency I've worked for! Caitlin Osborne is the best recruiter I've had by far! very well organized, responsive, and excellent coordination!
Ashley Sanford Oct 21, 2022
I’ve been with Host Healthcare for two years now, about to start my 4th assignment. Cait Osborne is the best recruiter out there, hands down. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of on assignment. She will make sure any issues you come across are resolved immediately. I’ve talked to many recruiters and she has always been so loyal to me! 1000% recommend Host and Cait!
Savannah Rutland Oct 20, 2022
While searching for a travel contract, Brett Winston with Host Healthcare was incredibly helpful. He really took the time to listen to my needs and wants and went out of his way to make sure I found the job that was perfect for me. 10/10 recommend Brett Winston to help you in the search for your next travel contract.
Christina Bernal Oct 19, 2022
While searching for a travel contract, Brett Winston with Host Healthcare was incredibly helpful. He really took the time to listen to my needs and wants and went out of his way to make sure I found the job that was perfect for me. 10/10 recommend Brett Winston to help you in the search for your next travel contract
Christina Bernal Oct 18, 2022
my recruiter Lindsay Johnson Is on top of everything! she is very helpful and nice! she's understanding and hardworking with great communication skills! she does her best to get me into the best hospitals.
Jennifer Aristy Oct 5, 2022
Hardworking company with great communication skills! They have great exciting options!
Jennifer A. Oct 5, 2022
My recruiter Jay Chandler…AMAZING. Quick, effective, and very responsive. Thankful for him. The company has a lot of contracts to choose from. The staff is great. Highly recommend.
Victoria F. Oct 5, 2022
As a nurse traveler for 2 years with Host I can attest to the dedication and friendship built between us and the company. They will bend over backwards to make the best experience and opportunity for the traveler. Lindsay Jackson does an excellent job with open communication and is very straight forward with the job not to mention she casually checks in on you to ensure your health and happiness in life and with the contract! I could only say they are the best at what they do! Highly recommend.
Racine E. Oct 5, 2022
My amazing recruiter with Host got me my new contract lightning fast, I truly appreciate her hard work!!
Kevin B. Oct 4, 2022
My recruiter, Lauren, has been one of the best. She has strong support for me and she has gone above and beyond. I strongly recommend her.
Robin D. Sep 29, 2022
Host Healthcare, and specifically my recruiter Lauren R., has been fantastic to work with so far. She is extremely responsive and submits you to the jobs you are interested in right away. This is my second travel company to work with and it is such a world of difference. She takes the time to get to know you and what you are specifically looking for in order to find the right contract. I literally had multiple offers within 24 hours of working with her. It has been a breeze!
Hali Miller Sep 29, 2022
Amazing, wonderful recruiter, Lisa S.!! She was very responsive, friendly from the very first time we communicated. This IS what you want in every recruiter! Communication is key and this is what I got with Lisa S😊 And updating me with the jobs around the area where I want to be. Very happy and impressed!
Lina Zempel Sep 29, 2022
My experience has been a very positive experience right from the start. I had never heard of Host till I inquired on a position on Vivian and Lisa S. contacted me. She was quick and very responsive. I was impressed off the bat.
Lina Z. Sep 28, 2022
Everyone is quick to reply and they have their processes figured out. It is very efficient to work with them. I looove my recruiter Haley Musulmen Zimmer. She is the best recruiter I have worked with because of how attentive, quick, and dedicated she is. Everyone I have worked with, and the company itself, has taken great care of me and goes beyond expectations with benefits, reimbursements, and consistently keeping me updated.
Emoree R. Sep 27, 2022
I just changed travel agencies to Host Healthcare and I'm so happy I did! Every step of the on-boarding process was easy and quick using the Host Healthcare portal.  I can't say enough great things about my new recruiter, Lauren Brewington!  She successfully and quickly got me the contract I wanted. She is professionally smart & aggressive, super friendly, easy to talk to and has never failed to respond to any calls, texts, or emails.
Tiffany H. Sep 27, 2022
There’s a reason why this company has 4.9 stars and why they are ranked #1 by bluevine. They are way better than other  agencies I’ve worked with. They look out for the staff's best interests. I couldn’t ask for a better recruiter Alfredo. He went above and beyond to get me an assignment that I wanted. Looking forward to working with them for many years to come.
Mouhamadou F. Sep 27, 2022
I have nothing but positive reviews about Host Healthcare. They make you feel like an important member of their team and send you gifts as reminders that they appreciate you. Highly recommend!
Maggie B. Sep 27, 2022
Wonderful company to work with! Getting ready to start my first assignment and my recruiter has been great to work with, finally a recruiter and company with great values and knowledge for nurses.
Madison C. Sep 21, 2022
The best travel agency I have worked with! My Recruiter is incredibly responsive, kind, and a pleasure to work with. I trust her impeccably. She has my back 100%. Definitely recommend this agency 10/10
Grace H. Sep 20, 2022
I can't express in words how profoundly grateful I am to my Host team! I am not a number, I am a person. I am a nurse. Host recognizes that, understands that, and celebrates that in every part of their interactions. I have never had to worry about being able to contact my recruiter or her team. They take time to listen to me and my concerns and priorities then find jobs that match me. The communication lines are always open, easily accessible, and strong. If I ask a question, an answer is always found. If I have a problem, a solution is implemented. In all the positions I have held in medicine throughout many different kinds of facilities, Host has been the goldstar when it comes to support, understanding, and promotion. The benefits are excellent and well rounded and I am able to utilize them in any way I need to. Thanks Host!! You are truly heroes!
Ashton F. Sep 20, 2022
Lisa S. was a great recruiter with Host Healthcare! She was always on the ball and finding new locations for contracts as soon as she saw them! I greatly appreciated her time and working with me!
Colby Curtis Sep 20, 2022
My recruiter Chris Murillo, is absolutely amazing. His communication is always on point and he does a great job with finding me new opportunities. He works with my night shift schedule and makes sure to reach out at appropriate times. He is one of the better recruiters I have had the opportunity to work with!
Danica Plante Sep 20, 2022
Host Healthcare is the awesome! Lauren Redig is my recruiter and she is on top of everything! She is super quick to respond and sends and submits me to job right when they open. I was having a hard time finding a job in a certain location and she made it happen. I haven't had any issues, everything has gone seamlessly. I would recommend Lauren and this company to anyone interested becoming a travel nurse!
Paula Boekhorst Sep 17, 2022
This is the third travel company I’ve used and I finally feel like I’ve met my match. My recruiter Lauren is excellent, super efficient, knowledgeable and always willing to help and answer any of my questions, she truly fights for what’s best for her nurses! Can’t wait to keep working with this great company.
Madison Feulner Sep 17, 2022
After an interest in an online app for travel nurses, I met my recruiter who was proactive in creating my profile and beginning to search for my first travel job! Within a short time, HOST had credentialing agents for my pre-employment contact me for facility specifics. HOST has been incredible to work for!! HOST reimbursements available for scrubs/stethoscope/licensing. They sent 1st assignment goodies and even sent me flowers upon hearing of my grandfather's passing while on assignment. I will continue to travel with HOST Healthcare as a nurse, and can't say enough great things about my recruiter that has fought for me even with contract changes at one facility!
Callie D Sep 14, 2022
Host has jobs where I want to work.  My recruiter Tyler is very competent and responsive to my requests and works to get me what I need!  I’m on my second contract with them, and I’m happy to work with them anytime!
Justice B. Sep 14, 2022
I've been doing travel nurse contracts with Host since Spring 2021. I've had a great experience so far! My recruiter, Sky Woroszylo, is awesome! He is super fast at getting me into a job and getting things going! He's very straightforward, which I appreciate greatly because I prefer to know whatever I'm being told is the full and honest truth. I'd highly recommend both Sky and Host for any travelling healthcare professionals!
Andrew J. Sep 8, 2022
Lisa is absolutely amazing to work with. Just tell her what you’re looking for and she will help you find it! Or, if you already have the job numbers send them her way and she’ll get you started setting up your profile quickly! I was set up, submitted, and had an interview within 24 hours!! She’s great to work with!!
Katie T. Sep 7, 2022
Kat is the best recruiter ever. She is knowledgeable, really listens to what you want, and she always answers right away (something that’s pretty rare). She pays attention to what’s going on in your personal life and she always goes the extra mile. Don’t know if I could ever leave her!
Haley S. Sep 5, 2022
Lisa is absolutely amazing to work with. Just tell her what you’re looking for and she will help you find it! Or, if you already have the job numbers send them her way and she’ll get you started setting up your profile quickly! I was set up, submitted, and had an interview within 24 hours!! She’s great to work with!!
Katie T. Sep 5, 2022
I've been doing travel nurse contracts with Host since Spring 2021.  I've had a great experience so far!  My recruiter, Sky Woroszylo, is awesome!  He is super fast at getting me into a job and getting things going!  He's very straightforward, which I appreciate greatly because I prefer to know whatever I'm being told is the full and honest truth.  I'd highly recommend both Sky and Host for any traveling healthcare professionals!
Andrew J Sep 5, 2022
I have had the best experience with Verdelle Jones (and I have to give a shout out to her manager, Heather as well)!! Vee has been nothing but professional, courteous, responsive, funny and engaging! 5 stars!!
Cybil A. Sep 3, 2022
This will be my first travel assignment ever and I chose Host because of the positive reviews. Being new to the process has been interesting! My recruiter Tre Jessie has been patient with me . I had so many questions and uncertainties…He’s a super-hero !! Thanks so much
Neicole G. Sep 2, 2022
Host Healthcare has been so smooth and easy to work with. My recruiter, Sarah Majors, has been so helpful! She has answered all my questions quickly and explains things until I understand. I can really tell she wants to help people find exactly what they are looking for!
Melody E. Sep 1, 2022
I have been working with Host for over a year now and have not had one negative experience with them. Traveling can be intimidating, but my recruiter, Lindsay, has really helped me. She works so hard to help me find a contact that fits my needs and goes above and beyond to make sure I’m having a good experience. I highly recommend Host to any nurse looking to travel!
Molley B. Sep 1, 2022
My recruiter Kristian, has been the best. It’s my first time traveling and he has gone above and beyond helping me navigate the world of travel nursing! He is reliable, quick to reply, and so patient!
Mitzi H. Sep 1, 2022
My recruiter, Verdella Jones, has been awesome to work with! She listened to everything I wanted in my next contract and was able to land me ALL those things in such a timely manner. She is prompt and professional and is well versed in her field of business. I am so lucky to have found her and Host Healthcare. The credentialing process with Host has also been smooth and my questions have been answered quickly and efficiently.
Madison E. Aug 30, 2022
My travel experience with Host Healthcare has been excellent. My recruiter Chris M. has been nothing short of excellent, he is so fun to work with. Chris is responsive, transparent, and communicates well. He always has his travelers interest in mind and makes sure to take care of them. Any time he was out of the office there was always someone covering for him in case I needed something. Host was also very organized and rarely did I run into any hiccups, if I did they quickly fixed it. Having Chris as my recruiter I always felt supported and I knew that if I reached out I would get a response. I highly recommend traveling with Host Healthcare if you are thinking of traveling. 10/10 would recommend!
Julia S. Aug 29, 2022
Host Healthcare and my recruiter Tre Jessie have been amazing! I got the exact contract I wanted in a very short amount of time. He is extremely proactive and positive! Definitely recommend 💯!
Kassandra M. Aug 24, 2022
I have had a great experience with Host so far. My recruiter, Amanda Goad and Nalani who assists her, have been great to work with. They kept me consistently updated on my applications and have continued to follow up with me throughout my contract.
I have also found that Host has many listings with fair rates. I look forward to continuing to work with them!
Ashley W. Aug 23, 2022
I am a first time traveler, and I have had such a great experience with Host! I feel like Host is very competitive with their job listings. My recruiter, Lea Gust, has truly been the best! Lea landed me a job within a few days with very specific requests. Lea is simply KIND! She has been so patient (and never condescending or rude!) towards my many questions and explaining all processes of travel nursing. Communication is so important, and another thing I appreciate SO much is Lea's quick responsiveness to all emails and texts. Everything has gone well so far, but I would trust Lea/Host to support me if anything came up. I would truly recommend Lea (and Host) to anyone looking to travel!!!
Ally B. Aug 17, 2022
After working with 2 previous companies as a traveler and having poor experiences with both, I made the switch to work with Host and my recruiter Alison K has been great! Very attentive, quick response time, and works diligently to help me secure the contracts I am interested in. Host is also a great company who values their travelers and sends great gifts! Looking forward to continue working with my recruiter and this company for many more contracts in the future! 🙂
Nicole P. Aug 11, 2022
My whole entire experience with Host Healthcare has been very positive, my recruiter-Spencer- was very helpful and attentive throughout the whole process, this was my first travel contract so I had tons of questions and he helped answer every one of them! Don’t have a single negative thing to say about them go check them out!! Oh and they are one of the best paying travel companies for sure, I found them on the Vivian app and their contracts were always higher paying than others
Kirk F. Aug 9, 2022
My 1st experience as a traveler has been very amazing with Host Healthcare! Jenn G. is such a great recruiter and has been with me every step of the way. I can’t thank her & host healthcare enough for this amazing experience, such a great opportunity, and the support I have had along the entire way! ☺️
Kayla H. Jul 31, 2022
Alex is always quick to respond and knows what he is talking about. He goes above and beyond.
Rebecca J. Oncology Feb 28, 2022
Kat Cook has been professional from day one. She responds quickly and advocates for her clients without hesitation.
Jessica A. RN Operating Room Feb 28, 2022
Meredith was wonderful. She always kept in touch with me and continually checked in on how my assignment was going. I felt like I was able to count on her. I will definitely work with her again!
Taryn R. RN MedSurg Feb 28, 2022
Loved traveling with Host Healthcare. My recruiter Britteny Urich went above and beyond for me and was always just a text or call away if I needed anything.
Holli H. Operating Room RN Feb 28, 2022
They have made everything very smooth and easy. Amanda has been very quick to respond, checks in often, and is very helpful.
Torie P. RN PCU Feb 28, 2022
Jen helped me feel confident and comfortable at my assignment. I had a few rough times and Jen was there for me to call and took me seriously. I appreciate all her help.
Sarajane O. RN ICU Feb 28, 2022
Kylie has been very supportive during my first travel assignment. She checks in with me and feel like she’s got my back. I have already recommended Host and Kylie to others.
Alexis W. RN ICU Feb 28, 2022
Alison is great at her job! She is very responsive and makes sure all of my questions are addressed. Would highly recommend her to any of my nursing colleagues.
Sarah R. RN PCU Feb 27, 2022
I’ve had a great time traveling with the support of my recruiter and Host. They’ve been very supportive and easy to communicate with. They listen to my needs, and I would definitely recommend them!
Krista V. ICU RN Feb 1, 2022
My recruiter, Justin, does his very best to make sure I have an enjoyable assignment. He is always one call away and eager to help.
Blake H. CVICU RN Jan 20, 2022
Elana is always steps ahead in the process in securing me contracts and makes the prices swift and smooth. She's always on top of things with email and text updates and reminders. She is awesome. Host Healthcare takes care of my needs. I love that Host Healthcare also shows their appreciation with the gifts sent.
Lori L. Medical Technologist Jan 20, 2022
Host Healthcare and my recruiter, Travis Reed were very timely, and intuitive about my needs for employment. Travis worked extremely hard in all aspects of my employment and travel contract.
Lawrence J. ICU RN Jan 4, 2022
I started travel nursing with Host Healthcare, and it was the best decision I made for my career. Especially after my previous staff nursing job before Host Healthcare, It felt amazing to be looked after by my recruiter, Cassie Mitchell, who has helped me at any time of any day with any questions that came up. As a travel nurse, things are constantly changing and various needs arise, and she was always available and helpful. I have already been recommending Host Healthcare to all colleagues who are considering travel nursing, and I will definitely continue to do so!
Katherine P. Med-Surg RN Jan 3, 2022
Since I have started over a year ago, I have felt that my needs and/or concerns have been addressed over time. This is a company I can trust to be there when I need them. And my recruiter, Kat Tang, has always been someone I could trust with helping me find the right contract and helping me do what's right for me. She's attentive & simply amazing.
Ronnie R. ICU Dec 31, 2021
I have never had such a wonderful experience working with devoted employees as I have with Host Healthcare. I would and have recommended Host to quite a few Staff Nurses in the ER since I have been at my assignment. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Host Healthcare.
Nicholas D. Emergency Room Dec 29, 2021
Mariana Burkle is a gem! She went above and beyond to help me and was so great to talk to. She's also extremely professional! Please give that girl a raise :)
Lauren M. Operating Room Dec 22, 2021
Kylie Muller made my first travel assignment a very smooth and enjoyable process; she was very helpful, engaging always kept communication open.
Ruby C. Telemetry Dec 21, 2021
I never felt alone or left to figure the unknown on my own. Kelly has been the most amazing support person and I would have been completely lost without her! I always felt taken care of every step of the way. Host goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met and that I'm doing well. They prioritize my happiness. I'm very pleased with my decision to pick them as my agency!
Brenda B. Medical-Surgical Dec 20, 2021
Brittney Urich is the best. She is kind, attentive and listens to me. She is one who always has my back and is my number one fan! I absolutely adore her!
Angela M. RN PCU Dec 20, 2021
The response time is amazing with the team. Anytime I have any questions or concerns they answer me almost immediately and are able to help me regardless of it being on a weekday or weekend. I really appreciate that.
Christie C. PCU Dec 19, 2021
I have an excellent recruiter, Sarah is always on top of everything and responsive with all my questions. All the staff I work with are amazing. I would recommend this agency 100%. Thank you.
Villaflor G. Medical-Surgical Dec 16, 2021
This past assignment has showed me that Makena has my back. I have been in some uncertain and scary situations this assignment and Makena has reassured me at every moment and let me know that if I ever feel uncomfortable or scared that Host will do everything to make sure that I’m protected!
Ankita P. PCU Dec 15, 2021
Host has been wonderful to work for and my recruiter Makena and her assistant Kimberly have been nothing but wonderful in making sure all my questions are answered and if I need anything!
Tabatha L. Telemetry Dec 14, 2021
Lindsey was so great, she directed me to whatever help I needed promptly. I never felt negatively pressured to take an assignment, and I had plenty of support.
Tatjana R. Endoscopy Dec 11, 2021
Recruiter was responsive and straight forward. I didn't feel like anything was being hidden from me. If she didn't know the answer to something I would get an email almost immediately from someone else who could assist me.
Leah G. PCU Dec 10, 2021
My recruiter was extremely easy to work with, and was able to help me anytime I reached out!
Cierra A. PCU Dec 10, 2021
Alison is amazing. Her communication is perfect, and she is a sweetheart. She truly cares about you and wants the best for you!
Lauren L. RN ICU Dec 10, 2021
Caitlin and Host have always taken care of everything I need. I've always been paid on time and found great assignments with high pay.
Ashley C. ICU Dec 9, 2021
It has been a great first travel assignment experience. Bonnie is always there to answer questions and do what she can to help in any aspect.
Angela K. Medical-Surgical Dec 9, 2021
The Host Healthcare team is efficient, organized and kind. They go above and beyond for their travelers. You never feel like a number when dealing with Host.
Grace M. Emergency Room Dec 9, 2021
Amanda made this transition to travel nursing so easy and she was always there for me when I needed to ask a question.
Julia C. Emergency Room Dec 9, 2021
Brittney Urich is the best. She is kind, attentive and listens to me. She is one who always has my back and is my number one fan! I absolutely adore her!
Angela M. PCU Dec 7, 2021
My recruiter made me feel like I was meant to travel and that I was part of the family.
Rachelle B. Emergency Room Dec 6, 2021
I love working with Host and my recruiter! I always know I am in good hands and can trust my concerns are the #1 priority. Very personable group to work with, always on top of contracts and making sure I am taken care of!
Alyssa S. Medical-Surgical Dec 6, 2021
My recruiter made me feel like I was the only nurse she was assisting. My recruiter was always available and responsive to my concerns. She is the very BEST!!!!
Paul B. Operating Room Dec 5, 2021
Susan was amazing! She went above and beyond to make my travel assignment and experience amazing! She was always available to answer questions, help out and she would even reach out weekly just to check in. Because of her I would 100% recommend host healthcare.
Allison K. Oncology Dec 4, 2021
Cait Osbourne is the best. She goes above and beyond. She makes every experience with Host the best experience. With her, I will continue to each assignment.
Jennie K. PCU Dec 4, 2021
My recruiter is very responsive. She always gets back to me within a day. She’s gotten me several raises without me having to ask. I trust her
Brittany Z. Psychiatry Dec 3, 2021
Cait is amazing! She ALWAYS is prompt at responding to messages. I never expect a message back right away when I text but every single time she responds within about 10 minutes. I seriously can't believe it. I know I'm not her only nurse and based on how amazing she is I know she has to have a huge stash of nurses she's helping but based on how she responds I feel as if I am the only nurse she's working with. She truly knows what she is doing and she is rocking it! I'm so glad I picked her to start my traveling career.
Amanda G. Medical-Surgical Dec 3, 2021
I have loved my assignment and my recruiter has always been so fast to respond and help me through any bump in the road. I have bad anxiety and she helped reassure me everything would workout when I wasn't cleared to start right away. She has always been on top of things. I have recommended Host Healthcare and my recruiter to friends who are looking to travel in the future!
Lenora M. PCU Dec 2, 2021
My recruiter is courteous and attentive. Host works hard to find assignments and fill my need and desires. They are professional. Host is an advocate for me when communicating with current and future assignments.
Adam B. Medical-Surgical Dec 2, 2021
Kathryn Cook is a very responsive and helpful recruiter. Host stood behind everything they promised.
Lynette F. Medical-Surgical Dec 2, 2021
Just finished my first travel assignment with this organization and it went so smooth. My agent makes me feel like my needs are heard and was there every step of the way.
Kaycen T. Medical-Surgical Dec 1, 2021
Cait is the best! She responds immediately and checks in on me periodically. A couple of times when my pay was wrong, I texted Cait and the pay was corrected within a day. I will definitely use Host and Cait again if she can get me a great paying assignment again.
Laura B. Postpartum-Nursery Dec 1, 2021
My recruiter and everyone involved from the license team to time keeping and credentials was extremely responsive and helpful. If I needed anything it was always figured out in timely manner. My recruiter was always checking in and making sure I was okay!
Betsy S. NICU
Lindsay Jackson has been an amazing recruiter to work with!! My fiancé and I have been traveling for almost two years, this was our first assignment with Lindsay but definitely won't be the last. She has been extremely responsive, transparent, and attentive. When I raised some clinical concerns about the facility, she swiftly got me in touch with Host's clinical liaison, and I felt like my voice was heard and received some helpful insight. We have especially appreciated Lindsay's professionalism and hard work ethic. I've already referred a few of my friends to her, because I know they will be in great hands. Looking forward to more assignments with Lindsay!
Amanda S. PCU

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