We love our Travelers, and the feeling is mutual.

Alex is always quick to respond and knows what he is talking about. He goes above and beyond.
Rebecca J. Oncology Feb 28, 2022
Kat Cook has been professional from day one. She responds quickly and advocates for her clients without hesitation.
Jessica A. RN Operating Room Feb 28, 2022
Meredith was wonderful. She always kept in touch with me and continually checked in on how my assignment was going. I felt like I was able to count on her. I will definitely work with her again!
Taryn R. RN MedSurg Feb 28, 2022
Loved traveling with Host Healthcare. My recruiter Britteny Urich went above and beyond for me and was always just a text or call away if I needed anything.
Holli H. Operating Room RN Feb 28, 2022
They have made everything very smooth and easy. Amanda has been very quick to respond, checks in often, and is very helpful.
Torie P. RN PCU Feb 28, 2022
Jen helped me feel confident and comfortable at my assignment. I had a few rough times and Jen was there for me to call and took me seriously. I appreciate all her help.
Sarajane O. RN ICU Feb 28, 2022
Kylie has been very supportive during my first travel assignment. She checks in with me and feel like she’s got my back. I have already recommended Host and Kylie to others.
Alexis W. RN ICU Feb 28, 2022
Alison is great at her job! She is very responsive and makes sure all of my questions are addressed. Would highly recommend her to any of my nursing colleagues.
Sarah R. RN PCU Feb 27, 2022
I’ve had a great time traveling with the support of my recruiter and Host. They’ve been very supportive and easy to communicate with. They listen to my needs, and I would definitely recommend them!
Krista V. ICU RN Feb 1, 2022
My recruiter, Justin, does his very best to make sure I have an enjoyable assignment. He is always one call away and eager to help.
Blake H. CVICU RN Jan 20, 2022
Elana is always steps ahead in the process in securing me contracts and makes the prices swift and smooth. She's always on top of things with email and text updates and reminders. She is awesome. Host Healthcare takes care of my needs. I love that Host Healthcare also shows their appreciation with the gifts sent.
Lori L. Medical Technologist Jan 20, 2022
Host Healthcare and my recruiter, Travis Reed were very timely, and intuitive about my needs for employment. Travis worked extremely hard in all aspects of my employment and travel contract.
Lawrence J. ICU RN Jan 4, 2022
I started travel nursing with Host Healthcare, and it was the best decision I made for my career. Especially after my previous staff nursing job before Host Healthcare, It felt amazing to be looked after by my recruiter, Cassie Mitchell, who has helped me at any time of any day with any questions that came up. As a travel nurse, things are constantly changing and various needs arise, and she was always available and helpful. I have already been recommending Host Healthcare to all colleagues who are considering travel nursing, and I will definitely continue to do so!
Katherine P. Med-Surg RN Jan 3, 2022
Since I have started over a year ago, I have felt that my needs and/or concerns have been addressed over time. This is a company I can trust to be there when I need them. And my recruiter, Kat Tang, has always been someone I could trust with helping me find the right contract and helping me do what's right for me. She's attentive & simply amazing.
Ronnie R. ICU Dec 31, 2021
I have never had such a wonderful experience working with devoted employees as I have with Host Healthcare. I would and have recommended Host to quite a few Staff Nurses in the ER since I have been at my assignment. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Host Healthcare.
Nicholas D. Emergency Room Dec 29, 2021
Mariana Burkle is a gem! She went above and beyond to help me and was so great to talk to. She's also extremely professional! Please give that girl a raise :)
Lauren M. Operating Room Dec 22, 2021
Kylie Muller made my first travel assignment a very smooth and enjoyable process; she was very helpful, engaging always kept communication open.
Ruby C. Telemetry Dec 21, 2021
I never felt alone or left to figure the unknown on my own. Kelly has been the most amazing support person and I would have been completely lost without her! I always felt taken care of every step of the way. Host goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met and that I'm doing well. They prioritize my happiness. I'm very pleased with my decision to pick them as my agency!
Brenda B. Medical-Surgical Dec 20, 2021
Brittney Urich is the best. She is kind, attentive and listens to me. She is one who always has my back and is my number one fan! I absolutely adore her!
Angela M. RN PCU Dec 20, 2021
The response time is amazing with the team. Anytime I have any questions or concerns they answer me almost immediately and are able to help me regardless of it being on a weekday or weekend. I really appreciate that.
Christie C. PCU Dec 19, 2021
I have an excellent recruiter, Sarah is always on top of everything and responsive with all my questions. All the staff I work with are amazing. I would recommend this agency 100%. Thank you.
Villaflor G. Medical-Surgical Dec 16, 2021
This past assignment has showed me that Makena has my back. I have been in some uncertain and scary situations this assignment and Makena has reassured me at every moment and let me know that if I ever feel uncomfortable or scared that Host will do everything to make sure that I’m protected!
Ankita P. PCU Dec 15, 2021
Host has been wonderful to work for and my recruiter Makena and her assistant Kimberly have been nothing but wonderful in making sure all my questions are answered and if I need anything!
Tabatha L. Telemetry Dec 14, 2021
Lindsey was so great, she directed me to whatever help I needed promptly. I never felt negatively pressured to take an assignment, and I had plenty of support.
Tatjana R. Endoscopy Dec 11, 2021
Recruiter was responsive and straight forward. I didn't feel like anything was being hidden from me. If she didn't know the answer to something I would get an email almost immediately from someone else who could assist me.
Leah G. PCU Dec 10, 2021
My recruiter was extremely easy to work with, and was able to help me anytime I reached out!
Cierra A. PCU Dec 10, 2021
Alison is amazing. Her communication is perfect, and she is a sweetheart. She truly cares about you and wants the best for you!
Lauren L. RN ICU Dec 10, 2021
Caitlin and Host have always taken care of everything I need. I've always been paid on time and found great assignments with high pay.
Ashley C. ICU Dec 9, 2021
It has been a great first travel assignment experience. Bonnie is always there to answer questions and do what she can to help in any aspect.
Angela K. Medical-Surgical Dec 9, 2021
The Host Healthcare team is efficient, organized and kind. They go above and beyond for their travelers. You never feel like a number when dealing with Host.
Grace M. Emergency Room Dec 9, 2021
Amanda made this transition to travel nursing so easy and she was always there for me when I needed to ask a question.
Julia C. Emergency Room Dec 9, 2021
Brittney Urich is the best. She is kind, attentive and listens to me. She is one who always has my back and is my number one fan! I absolutely adore her!
Angela M. PCU Dec 7, 2021
My recruiter made me feel like I was meant to travel and that I was part of the family.
Rachelle B. Emergency Room Dec 6, 2021
I love working with Host and my recruiter! I always know I am in good hands and can trust my concerns are the #1 priority. Very personable group to work with, always on top of contracts and making sure I am taken care of!
Alyssa S. Medical-Surgical Dec 6, 2021
My recruiter made me feel like I was the only nurse she was assisting. My recruiter was always available and responsive to my concerns. She is the very BEST!!!!
Paul B. Operating Room Dec 5, 2021
Susan was amazing! She went above and beyond to make my travel assignment and experience amazing! She was always available to answer questions, help out and she would even reach out weekly just to check in. Because of her I would 100% recommend host healthcare.
Allison K. Oncology Dec 4, 2021
Cait Osbourne is the best. She goes above and beyond. She makes every experience with Host the best experience. With her, I will continue to each assignment.
Jennie K. PCU Dec 4, 2021
My recruiter is very responsive. She always gets back to me within a day. She’s gotten me several raises without me having to ask. I trust her
Brittany Z. Psychiatry Dec 3, 2021
Cait is amazing! She ALWAYS is prompt at responding to messages. I never expect a message back right away when I text but every single time she responds within about 10 minutes. I seriously can't believe it. I know I'm not her only nurse and based on how amazing she is I know she has to have a huge stash of nurses she's helping but based on how she responds I feel as if I am the only nurse she's working with. She truly knows what she is doing and she is rocking it! I'm so glad I picked her to start my traveling career.
Amanda G. Medical-Surgical Dec 3, 2021
I have loved my assignment and my recruiter has always been so fast to respond and help me through any bump in the road. I have bad anxiety and she helped reassure me everything would workout when I wasn't cleared to start right away. She has always been on top of things. I have recommended Host Healthcare and my recruiter to friends who are looking to travel in the future!
Lenora M. PCU Dec 2, 2021
My recruiter is courteous and attentive. Host works hard to find assignments and fill my need and desires. They are professional. Host is an advocate for me when communicating with current and future assignments.
Adam B. Medical-Surgical Dec 2, 2021
Kathryn Cook is a very responsive and helpful recruiter. Host stood behind everything they promised.
Lynette F. Medical-Surgical Dec 2, 2021
Just finished my first travel assignment with this organization and it went so smooth. My agent makes me feel like my needs are heard and was there every step of the way.
Kaycen T. Medical-Surgical Dec 1, 2021
Cait is the best! She responds immediately and checks in on me periodically. A couple of times when my pay was wrong, I texted Cait and the pay was corrected within a day. I will definitely use Host and Cait again if she can get me a great paying assignment again.
Laura B. Postpartum-Nursery Dec 1, 2021
My recruiter and everyone involved from the license team to time keeping and credentials was extremely responsive and helpful. If I needed anything it was always figured out in timely manner. My recruiter was always checking in and making sure I was okay!
Betsy S. NICU
Lindsay Jackson has been an amazing recruiter to work with!! My fiancé and I have been traveling for almost two years, this was our first assignment with Lindsay but definitely won't be the last. She has been extremely responsive, transparent, and attentive. When I raised some clinical concerns about the facility, she swiftly got me in touch with Host's clinical liaison, and I felt like my voice was heard and received some helpful insight. We have especially appreciated Lindsay's professionalism and hard work ethic. I've already referred a few of my friends to her, because I know they will be in great hands. Looking forward to more assignments with Lindsay!
Amanda S. PCU

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