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Host Healthcare travelers make a profound difference in the lives they touch every single day, and they deserve to be recognized! Join us in celebrating their successes and honoring their impact.

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Recruiter Sarah congratulates Traveler Muyly on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Big congrats to May on her 10th assignment with Host!! I am SO grateful to have worked with you over the past couple of years! Your intelligence, compassion, and strength shine through each of our interactions. Looking forward to more contracts together! Thank you for all that you do! 😊

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Felicia on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Happy 2.5 years with Host, Felicia! I am so grateful for you! You are kind, always willing to help out your unit, flexible & hardworking. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years – we are so lucky to have you as a traveler! Every assignment has wanted to extend you and anyone that knows you is very lucky. Thank you for everything and excited to see where your travel journey takes you next 😊

Recruiter Christina congratulates Traveler Lauren on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Lauren for the last two years! She has been a nurse for five years but traveling for the past two. Lauren cares so much about the impact she makes on the community and patient care is always a priority wherever she is at! We have been through the ups and downs of working through a pandemic and she is the perfect example of a team player. Lauren is currently on her 10th travel contract with HOST Healthcare which is a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of her dedication, patience, flexibility, hard work ethic, and vast skill set. Lauren has a mix of all the qualities you need to be a successful traveler in this industry and I’m so lucky to be her recruiter! It’s definitely teamwork work so cheers to 10 contracts down and hopefully several more to come in the future! Thank you for representing HOST across the United States in so many regions and spreading your kindness. Some words that Lauren lives by are: “If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further along in life than most people.” - Leonardo DiCaprio

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Ryan on starting their 20th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congrats on 3.5+ years, Ryan!! So happy that we were connected and appreciate all of your hard work over the years. You’re a great RN who brings a lot of knowledge/skills/experience to your contracts. You’re flexible & always willing to help out on your unit. You’re awesome to work with and looking forward to many more contracts together.

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Pricilla on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Priscilla is the best! I’ve loved getting to know her over the last year. She is flexible, kind & always willing to help out as needed when on assignment. I feel lucky to get to work with her!

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Michael on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Michael has been an absolute pleasure to work with since our first assignment together. He has been responsive, easy to work with, builds wonderful connections with the facilities he contracts with, and leaves an incredible impact wherever he goes. I am so appreciative of the work he does each day and his continued professionalism in all aspects of his assignment. I look forward to our continued partnership together on his travel journey.

Recruiter Chris congratulates Traveler Ronni on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Ronni has been such a pleasure to work with. We have top notch communication, and we are truly a great match and have an amazing 50/50 relationship💖. She knows I will vouch for her with what she needs/wants. I actually got connected with Ronni from one of my old Traveler’s Justin who went back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner (and I can speak for Ronni by saying we both miss him😩). Ronni, thank you for being so amazing to work with and putting your trust in Host/me🥰🤗!

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Whitney on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Whitney!! Congrats on your 10th assignment (at the same facility!!) You are such a bright light and we appreciate all that you do! Thank you for choosing Host & me to be your partner in this travel journey!

Recruiter Elyse congratulates Traveler Julie on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

I want to shout out my awesome traveler, Julie, for starting her fifth assignment with Host! You are such a pleasure to work with and I appreciate you 😊 thanks for being so amazing!!! ❤

Recruiter Kristian congratulates Traveler Lauren on their baby!

Lauren has been such a wonderful nurse to work with. She always has such a positive attitude and joy about her. I love catching up with her to see how her assignment is going. Most recently, we recently spoke and we both had BIG news to share. She is expecting her third baby in January! While my wife and I are expecting our first in January. Both are due two days apart. Im so excited for her and I cant wait to see her family grow.

Recruiter Makena congratulates Traveler Lindsay on their baby!

Congrats to Lindsay and Chase on announcing they are expecting a baby! You both will be such great parents and I am so excited for you. Wishing you all the happiness that parenting can bring.

Recruiter Ashley congratulates Traveler Obinna on their engagement!

Congrats on your engagement Obinna! I am so thankful to have the pleasure of working with you for the last 2 years. You are an amazing nurse and such a kind, compassionate and caring person. Thank you for all that you do and I appreciate you so much.

Recruiter Katie congratulates Traveler Shelby on getting married!

Congrats Shelby and Katie! I hope your wedding day was everything you both dreamed of and more! Wishing you so much love and happiness! 😊❤

Recruiter Katie congratulates Traveler Abby on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Abby is the best!! We've been working together since last June and she has been such a pleasure to work with! Her positive attitude, adaptability, and willingness to go above and beyond has not only made a significant impact on her patients but has also left a lasting impression on our team 😊 Congrats on your FIFTH assignment with Host!! I'm so grateful to have you as part of our team, and look forward to many more successful assignments together!

Recruiter Ale congratulates Traveler Logan on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Logan has been an honor to get to work with! She is very knowledgeable and such a great teammate. She is not only a traveler but a Canadian traveler that has gone above and beyond for Host with sharing her knowledge. I cant believe she is on her 10th assignment as time if flying by when you get to work with someone who loves her job and has epic adventures as well!

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Lauren on getting married!

Congrats Lauren & Angelo! We are so excited and happy for you both. Wishing you so much love and happiness!

Recruiter Cait congratulates Traveler Samantha on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Girlfriend! You are on your 5th placement with Host! You are such a treat to work with - I appreciate your honesty and sincerity on the job. Having you on my team has been such a blessing! Can't wait for more travels to come! XOXO - Cait

Recruiter Elyse congratulates Traveler Laura on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Laura is the greatest! I truly just adore her and I am so happy that we have been partnered together. I feel so lucky and honored that she has chosen me as her recruiter. Keep doing you, Laura! You rock. 😊

Recruiter Cait congratulates Traveler Barbara on starting their 20th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Mama Barb! I can't believe you are starting your 20th assignment with Host! I am beyond thankful for you in my life - you are so much more than a traveler to me. I feel so lucky to have known you for so long. Thank you for always being the absolute best! Love you lots! - Cait

Recruiter Lauren congratulates Traveler Passion on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations to Passion who is on her 5th assignment with Host Healthcare! You have been a pleasure to work with and Host is so lucky to have a traveler like you on our team!! Thank you everything that you do! <3 - Love, Lauren

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Nancy on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Nancy has been an amazing traveler to work with, she is very kind, easy to communicate with, and every assignment she has been on they have always wanted to keep her as long as they could! She is a gem of a nurse and a person!

Recruiter Ashley congratulates Traveler Jael on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Jael is so great to work with! She is such an excellent communicator. 5 assignments with Host Healthcare in 2 different states. Every hospital Jael works at is eager to extend her. Congratulations on 5 assignments with Host Healthcare and hopefully more to come! -Ashley

Recruiter Cassia congratulates Traveler Tristen on their engagement!

Tristen Chamberlin is a joy to work with. He’s an extraordinary nurse. Tristen is consistently kind, cheerful and compassionate. As Tristen was completing his first assignment with Host, he spoke about his passion for music and mentioned that he has met his fiancé Kitty and they were planning to travel together for his second assignment. Now he is taking a break from working to enjoy some well-deserved time off with his fiance, but I’m honored to have been part of his travel journey. Can’t wait to hear about the wedding and if he ever returns to travel nursing, I would love to work with him again. Thanks for all you do!

Recruiter Michael congratulates Traveler Alaina on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Alaina has been one of my favorite nurses to work with. She is quick to respond, has been very understanding through all the ups and downs of the travel world, and is very transparent with everything going on. She is always a joy to talk to and has been extremely loyal to Host as agency as well as to every facility she commits herself too. I have never had complaints with Alaina, she is always on top of everything from compliance to doing a great job on assignment. Alaina is a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her for a very long time! 😊

Recruiter Stephanie congratulates Traveler Amy on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Amy brings the best vibe with her everywhere she goes! I’m so happy I’ve gotten to be a part of her travel journey so far and can’t believe she’s already on her FIFTH assignment! She’s the most rad X-ray tech you’ll ever meet, and every facility wants to keep her! She’s traveled around the west coast learning new areas and facilities while working on her BS (crazy I know)! She’ll be graduating soon and celebrating this huge milestone, so let’s add the celebration of 5 assignments too! I’m so excited for you and everything your future holds! -Love, Steph!

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Jerome on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Jerome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly the best and so so patient!!! Fifth contract together. WOW time flies!! Thank you for always sticking with me and being so so awesome. Seriously so thankful for you! Appreciate you always :) Keep crushing it in AZ like always. Looking forward to more contracts together! - Alison

Recruiter Cait congratulates Traveler Christine on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations, Christine on starting your 5th contract with Host Healthcare! I am so lucky to have worked with you for so long. Thank you for all you do! - Love, Cait

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Hayley on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are truly a riot and thank you for always making me laugh!!! Fifth contract together. I look forward to all your phone calls and helping me with my thyroid issues ! haha I appreciate you more than you KNOW! Looking forward to more contracts together! Love - Alison

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Brittany on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sticking with me for soooo long and choosing me!!! Fifth contract together. We've been through a lot together these past couple years and now I look forward to all your baby pics of Anthony Joseph <3 Keep crushing it at work you strong mama!!!!! Looking forward to more contracts together! Love - Alison

Recruiter Ashley congratulates Traveler Shayla on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Shayla has been absolutely CRUSHING it at ECU Health Medical Center! She is doing such a great job the hospital sends us extension requests months in advance. They can’t wait to extend her! Shayla is such a joy to work with!! Congratulations on 5 assignments with Host and may more!!

Recruiter Alexis congratulates Traveler Trace on their engagement!

Trace has been such a pleasure to work with. We first connected a few months ago when Trace informed me that him and his fiancé Kathryn were planning to move cross-country. As Trace was preparing for his first assignment with Host, he very subtly mentioned that him and Katheryn married in Times Square (HOW CUTE?!) shortly before their departure. I’m over-the-moon excited for this happy couple and all their new beginnings!

Recruiter Megan congratulates Traveler Jessica on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Jessica Joy!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you over this past year & the FIVE assignments you have completed with us so far. You make this job so incredibly easy for me, its travelers like you who make me LOVE this job and want to come to work every day. Thank you for being so great on each assignment you have completed already. From Washington to Missouri, I cannot wait to see all the destinations we can help you travel to.

Recruiter Kristian congratulates Traveler Callie on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Callie is such a fun and exciting person to work with. She loves traveling around the world and is all about adventure! She sends me pictures of the most fun destinations and activities she’s doing when she’s not working. She’s an awesome nurse who gets asked to extend everywhere she goes. I absolutely love working with her and can’t believe we have already done 5 together. Can’t wait for lots more! Congrats Callie!

Recruiter Kristian congratulates Traveler Courtney on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

I have been working with Courtney for a couple assignments now and she has been so amazing to work with. She has made great impressions where she is at. We even worked on getting her back to a facility she had been before, and the managers all welcomed her back with open arms(while basically making sure she got the job)! Congrats on 5 assignments with Host Courtney! I am looking forward to working with you for a long time 😊

Recruiter Kelly congratulates Traveler Kimball on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Kimball and I met when I was actually a director at another Travel Recruiting agency. We talked about her someday wanting to travel, and she had my cell phone so one weekend she texted me- that she may be wanting to start travel nursing and asked if I was still in that world. I immediately called her- on the weekend- YES and we talked for over an hour about all the in’s and outs, the requirements in terms of mileage, how pay and travel nursing all worked. I knew that she would be a perfect traveler and that so long as she fully decided she wanted to go for it- and try travel-nursing, I’d absolutely LOVE working with her and for her. She sent me a special thank you Box filled with personalized KELLY candles, bath stuff and a jewelry bowl– once I booked/placed her and I still have that card she wrote me on my desk and it brings tears to my eyes (most days)… it reads “Kelly, You are such as special and selfless person. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to take this leap. Thank you for everything. Love, Kimball” And that is exactly what I want to do- I want to say thank you Kimball, you are also such a special and selfless person. You give your heart to babies and their families each and every day. Without you I wouldn’t be able to impact families in the way I do- by filling the hospitals with the best nurses that are available and willing to show up to fill the void of the unit/hospital. Thank you for all you do and you are Doing it girl-friend! Xo your friend and recruiter Kel. ~Kelly Twohey (2-e)

Recruiter Kaylee congratulates Traveler Jared on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Jared is an exceptional nurse currently embarking on his fifth assignment with Host Healthcare! With a heart full of compassion and a genuine dedication to patient care, Jared has consistently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those he serves. Jared's strong work ethic, coupled with his friendly and approachable demeanor, has earned him the reputation of being a great colleague and a beacon of support within the healthcare team. Host Healthcare is privileged to have such an outstanding professional like Jared as a pivotal member of our team!

Recruiter Daniel congratulates Traveler Mariel on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Mariel is fantastic to work with! She is always responsive, flexible, and has a positive mentality. I know she is amazing in her positions as well because her facilities have personally reached out about how wonderful she is and consistently want her to extend her assignment. I am so excited to have her start her 5th contract with us and continue her Host journey!

Recruiter Caitlin congratulates Traveler Jennifer on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations, Jenn on starting your 5th contract with Host Healthcare! I am so lucky to have worked with you for so long. I know this may be our last for the time being while you go perm, but I am going to miss working with you so much. Appreciate all you do! - Cait

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Nathan on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

It has been such a pleasure partnering with Nathan on his assignments here with Host. Nathan is adaptable, communicative, and a joy to work with. He builds connections and lasting impressions wherever he goes and is always requested to return on all the assignments he takes here at Host. He has been a wonderful representative of Host Healthcare and I look forward to our continued partnership through the years.

Recruiter Katie congratulates Traveler James on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

James is the best!! We've been working together since last June and he has been such a pleasure to work with! Always so positive and understanding, it's clear that he cares a lot for his patients and has created lasting relationships at each facility :) Congrats on your FIFTH assignment with Host!! I'm so lucky to have been apart of your travel journey and can't wait to see where you head next!!

Recruiter Haley congratulates Traveler Ebony on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations to sweet Ebony!! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Ebony for her FIFTH Host assignment! Not only do we at Host appreciate her, but her colleagues & staff do too as she is on her 5th extension at the same facility! She is eager to learn more, grow and work selflessly for others. She is patient with the on-boarding process and during her break in between assignments, she was wanting to work right away! Her attitude is always positive and she is so understanding. I am so thankful for Ebony and thank you for stick with me and Host this past year! Keep SHINING!! <3

Recruiter Cassie congratulates Traveler Morgan on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Morgan is now on her 5th contract with Host and I couldn't be more proud! She started off as part of a travel trio and has since branched out on her own.. traveling 2,000 miles for her very first travel assignment to Vegas and now back closer to home in Pittsburgh. She's a joy to work with and I can't wait to see where she goes next!

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Edward on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sticking with me for soooo long and choosing me for every assignment!!! We've been through a lot here in Colorado. Through crazy fires and burning buildings and ALL, you've really stuck through it with me and I appreciate you more than you know! Cheers to 10 assignments and many more to come :) I know 2023 wasn't your year, so 2024 is your year!

Recruiter Kathy congratulates Traveler Sara on their engagement!

Sara Taylor is such a pleasure to work with! We started working together when her last recruiter left and the transition has been so smooth. She is always positive and I know the facility values her as an employee, especially from all the extensions she's done. She recently got engaged during her time off in between contracts and I could not be more thrilled!

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Gabriella on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Gabby is amazing to work with! This was her first contract and from the start, she has always been communicative, kind & hard working. She cares a lot for her patients, is flexible and always gives 110%. I feel lucky to get to have known her/helped her throughout the last year 😊

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Andrea on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Andrea has been with me since March of 2021 and what a gem of a human <3 Thank you for sticking with me for soooo long and choosing me for every assignment!!! Moving to her fourth hospital and never ever complains. Looking forward to 10 and even more assignments together! Give all your babies and grandbabies hugs for me!!!!! Appreciate you more than you know!

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Jennifer on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Jennifer has been so wonderful to work with. She is flexible and open to new locations, has made great impressions wherever she goes and is always asked to extend. It is a pleasure to be apart of her travel journey and I look forward to seeing where the rest of her travel journey takes her!

Recruiter Alison congratulates Traveler Hannah on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Hannah is literally one of my favorite travelers EVER. I'd consider her one of my friends now and trying to get her to come out to CO for her next contract so we can snowboard together :) she constantly makes me laugh and we talk about how we can't fry our hair by dying it too fast to blonde and the differences between CRRT machines. But she just started her 5th contract with me and hopefully 4839248230 more to go! love you HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Delia on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Can’t believe that Delia is already on her 5th assignment! Time has flown by. She has made a wonderful impact on the facility in Illinois that she is contracted at. I know they have loved having her and continue to request her return again and again. So grateful that we get to partner with her and witness her important work!

Recruiter Cait congratulates Traveler Desiznore on starting their 15th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations to Dee on starting her 15th contract with Host! I have been so lucky to work with Dee for so long - she is straightforward, yet loyal and sarcastic, while I understanding. I am never surprised when she starts a contract that they never want her to leave. Thank you for sticking with me for so long - I am so grateful for you! <3

Recruiter Amanda congratulates Traveler Marissa on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Marissa continues to amaze me with her adaptability and flexibility. We have gone through some bumps in the road on a few contracts but she always stays optimistic and is able to pivot to a new direction if needed. I feel lucky to work alongside her in her travel journey.

Recruiter Cait congratulates Traveler Rina on starting their 10th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Congratulations to Rina on starting her 10th contract with Host! Rina has always been so easy going and lovely to work with. You can tell the hospitals she goes to absolutely adore her. I am so lucky to have you on my team and can't wait to see where you go next!

Recruiter Cait about Traveler Alyssa

Congratulations on becoming an NP! You did it gf!!! I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what comes next! XOXO

Recruiter Kylie congratulates Traveler Pan on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Pan is truly amazing! I feel so grateful and lucky to get to work with her & have loved getting to know her personally over the last year. Pan is truly a dedicated nurse that goes above and beyond. She is always willing to help out, is passionate about caring for her patients and a true team player - all while working on getting her BSN (congrats on graduating!) & spending time with her family 🙂 She is so kind, appreciative and a joy to work with. Thank you for all that you do - I appreciate you so much!

Recruiter Kathryn congratulates Traveler Joy on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Joy has been with me for about a year and a half, she is such an asset to Host and the hospitals she works under! She is always asked to extend due to her dedication & ability to adapt. She is a rockstar nurse all while being a super rockstar mom! Thanks for being an amazing representation of Host.

Recruiter Elizabeth congratulates Traveler Hayland on starting their 5th assignment with Host Healthcare!

Hayland and I have been working together for a total of 5 contracts. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her and her family throughout our time together and have loved being able to help facilitate new contracts away from home. I appreciate her candidness and communication about her unit and how we can improve the travel experience. I look forward to many more contracts together! <3

Recruiter Ashley congratulates Traveler Kaycen on their engagement!

Kaycen has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is not only one of my travelers, but has become a friend. She never fails to make me laugh or brighten my day. I am so excited for her engagement. Congrats Kaycen!

Recruiter Kristen congratulates Traveler Blaire on their engagement!

Congratulations to Traveler Blaire Houston! Not only did she land an assignment in the hot spot of Nashville, TN but she recently got engaged! It has been such an honor to work with Blaire – she is so organized, responsive, and kind. She has made the most of this challenging market and I am so proud of her. I have loved being a part of her professional and personal journey. Can’t wait to help with her next assignment and hear all about the wedding planning. So much to look forward to!

Congratulations to Traveler Kayla!

Kayla has recently furthered her education by testing for her CNOR and completing her RNFA so now she is licensed to assist during surgery. It’s something she has always wanted to do, and something she has never thought she’d be able to do. The exams were challenging, but her surgeon preceptors were amazing. Kayla is thankful for the opportunities and that she pushed myself to branch out and seek skills she didn’t have before. Kayla continues to grow every day.

Congratulations to Traveler Latara!

Latara has recently earned her CMSRN certification!

Traveler Annie nominated for DAISY Award

Great sense of humor. Very warm. Thanks for putting up with me. Best CNA so far. Annie is amazing and compassionate person who is truly called to being a nurse and was so kind in caring for our dying mom.

Traveler Allison nominated for DAISY Award

I would like to thank Allison and nominate her for the Daisy award because she was so exceptional with the care she gave to me. She addressed the not so glamorous side of nursing, allowing me to maintain my dignity and respect. I trusted her because she was very kind, nice and extremely sincere. I couldn’t ask for a more caring nurse than her ever. If I’m ever in the ICU, I would love to have her as my nurse again.

Traveler Jillian nominated for DAISY Award

She is an extraordinary nurse. She cared for my spiritual, physical and emotional need, with both skill and confidence. She treated me with a unique skill set and humble confidence. Taught me, about my health and helped me support health decisions. She took an active/proactive genuinely interested professional role, in my overall well being. Truly listened to me and made sure my needs were met, during my care. She provided most expertise necessary adjustments (ongoing) in my continuum of care insuring my needs were met. She listened, heard, and applied both efficiently and effectively. She worked with me, my family, my support system, and my care team to help me heal. She exemplified during her shift, both flexible and accommodating expertise in her dignified handling of me as if I were her only patient. She truly made me feel special. She made me feel safe under her care. She was ever cognoscente of two significant dynamics which completely guide my life. There are 3 levels of autism on the aggregate: high functioning, medium functioning (I am 1 degree into 2=med functioning) and low functioning. On a scale of 1-10, on the PTSD scale, I am at level 10. Speaking from only my personal experience and interacts with her, in my humble opinion one could not feel any more safe than being under her watch. She made me feel both truly cared for and respected as a person. This is impossible not to observe from both ones initial and ongoing interactions with her. Please acknowledge her for this amazing set of contributions by bestowing on her this award at my personal request. Thank you

Traveler Joren nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Joren for her attentivness towards her patients:

Joren made my delivery day go by so smooth, she was there through the whole process and helped me remain calm throughout all of it. I never had to press my call button because she was constantly checking on me and making sure i was okay and comfortable. My whole family really enjoyed having her help through the whole day, you can tell she is so passionate about what she does.

Traveler Tasha nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Tasha for her compassion towards her patients:

I want to start by saying I am so grateful for Tasha and the 3 nights I had with her. I want to thank you for the tough love you showed me. Day 1 I thought you were being ride and didn’t want to help me, but it was exactly that what you were doing is helping me. You made me find my inner strength to keep fighting and get stronger every day. It’s a blessing that this hospital has a nurse like you. You were born to help people and god chose you for this job. I'll never forget you and when Kathyan grows up she will know all about you. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Traveler Karen nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Karen for her wonderful patient care:

Karen was patient and caring with my daughter and our family. We need special accommodation and Karen willingly accommodated us. Karen showed empathy towards my daughters’ situation. Karen was knowledgeable with my daughters’ interventions and treatment. Karen made my family feel safe. Thank you so much Karen. We appreciate you and with you the best.

Traveler Lori nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Lori for her extraordinary clinical skills:

Lori was the only nurse that has ever been able to get my daughters IV in the first try. Her bedside manner is amazing and she is a benefit for any hospital. I will always ask for her if we come back to the ER.

Traveler Maria nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Maria for her extraordinary patient care:

Remarkable- Great team member. She is dependable and kind and has a smile on her face, she is efficient and always pleasant. She goes about her duties swiftly and is thorough. She is outgoing but not intrusive and makes sure she is available to walk the corridors with me. Frankly, she is one of the best and caring nurses I have had the pleasure to have as a nurse.

Traveler Patricia nominated for DAISY Award

A Hospital Educator recently nominated Patricia for the care she provided:

On November 25, 2022 I brought my Mother-in-Law, Carolyn, in for chest and back pain. The Emergency room was quite busy, but we were brought back right away. During the first part of our stay, she was cared for, but we felt the nurse was rushed. Then, after 8pm Patty came on and everything changed. even though the ER was still just as busy, Patty was pleasant, friendly, and appeared to have all the time in the world for us. She kept us up to date on when the MRI would be, kept Mom's pain under control, listened to all of her stories and even provided me with something to eat. Patty is a Traveler nurse at St Luke's and our community would benefit greatly if she would decide to become a permanent resident. Thank you for demonstrating the Healer & Sentry roles in St. Luke's Professional Practice Model, Relationship Based Care!

Traveler Justin nominated for DAISY Award

A Recruiter recently nominated Justin for all the hard work he puts in for his patients:

Justin is the definition of DAISY! He is one of the most humble, kind, generous, patient, heartwarming person I have ever worked with. He puts a lot of passion in what he does every day and it shows in his work. He makes working together the best experience compared to all others. Justin has a heart of gold and I am thankful to be working with him and getting to know him better. Anyone would be lucky to have Justin provide them care.

Traveler Nicholas nominated for DAISY Award

The Mother of Nicholas recently nominated him for being so kind and positive:

So proud of my son for his love and dedication to his job. Traveling to new cities and basically being the “new guy” every 13 weeks. He’s learned so much about himself that’s it’s made him a better nurse, a better husband and a better person. Thankful that he’s had this time with his beautiful wife Christina, also a Host Healthcare nurse.

Traveler Abbey nominated for DAISY Award

A Co-Worker recently nominated Abbey for going above and beyond for her patients:

It is my pleasure to recommend Abbey Trcka, RN/BSN, who is my current traveling partner and past direct supervisor. Abbey has been a nurse for about six years and within those six years, I have had the pleasure to work with Abbey side by side for about three. She has had tremendous effort and growth throughout the years and has always brought great energy to the work force. Abbey has the combination of a positive attitude and the belief that she can always improve. She displays characteristics of a nurse who is empathetic, demonstrates extraordinary clinical skills, and delivers prodigious patient care. Often enough, patients and their families even request Abbey as their nurse. Her rapport and interactions with her patients are something to envy. These characteristics are essential to the healthcare field. Abbey’s work ethic is something to admire as well. She balances a challenging workload, picks up extra shifts and continues to go above and beyond with patients and their families. Not only so, but she is also always the first person to step up when other co-workers need help. She is always willing to teach others, and eager to learn herself. I have known Abbey for several years. As the years have passed, I have witnessed her become a positive leader who is motivated to continue to improve and better herself. As a co-worker and friend, it is incredibly fulfilling to witness her succeed. I highly recommend Abbey Trcka for the DAISY award.

Traveler Chelsea nominated for DAISY Award

Chelsea recently received a DAISY Nomination for demonstrating empathy with her patients:

Chelsea is such a dedicated, caring and supportive person. She will go above and beyond to meet the needs of others. She is passionate and loves caring for those who are in need. She has empathy for her patients and enjoys what she does. Chelsea has such a huge heart and uses her knowledge to better the lives of others. I'm so blessed to call her my friend!

Traveler Bryce nominated for DAISY Award

A Co-Worker recently nominated Bryce for his compassion:

Bryce is a caring nurse he shows compassion and care for his patients every day. He is always willing to help others and is a team player.

Traveler Tiffany nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Tiffany for her strength and positive attitude:

When I was scared about losing my foot, Tiffany was the one to encourage me not to give up, to stay strong and that everything would be ok. She has always been very caring patient and courteous with me. She has been the person that I look forward to seeing everyday since I have been here. It doesn't matter how I fell I can talk to her about it and she will be straight forward, truthfull, but still respectful and considerate. Tiffany goes above and beyond her duties as a nurse to ensure that. I appreciate her more than she could ever imagine.

Traveler Tiffany nominated for DAISY Award

A Parent of a Patient recently nominated Tiffany for going above and beyond for her patients:

Tiffany was my RN from Wednesday to Saturday and she was exceptionally caring, compassionate and extremiely patient. I felt safe and well cared for while she was my nurse. I will miss her. Also she always took time to ensure to answer all my daughters many questions.

Traveler Tiffany nominated for DAISY Award

A Patient recently nominated Tiffany for her exceptional patient care:

Tiffany is an exceptional nurse who goes over and above to make her patients happy. She always wants to know how things are going, feeling, details then is quick remedy the problem. She is an enthusiastic nurse. She would come to my room quickly if I needed anything. When I was down she always looked on the positive side to make things better. She is not only a nurse but a person who helps people with urgency. She is a shining star.

Traveler Kaci nominated for DAISY Award

A Parent of a Patient recently nominated Kaci for going above and beyond for her patients:

Kaci is absolutely outstanding. She is incredibly compassionate and has consistently gone out of her way to ensure our daughters’ comfort and wellbeing. She has provided us with an unmatched level of care, and it is very clear that she has a passion for working with small children. She has clearly communicated the steps of our treatment plan with both my daughter and I with a very calm and reassuring demeanor. We are very thankful to be in such caring and wonderful hands.

Traveler Amanda nominated for DAISY Award

A Co-Worker recently nominated Amanda for her outstanding patient care:

Amanda is a beacon of compassion. She goes out of her way to take care of her patients, their families and staff. She has an indominable spirit and courage, especially when advocating for her patients. Her knowledge, experience and clinical expertise coupled with her positive disposition make her a great preceptor and priceless team member. I can think of no one more deserving for this recognition.

Traveler Joseph nominated for DAISY Award

A Co-Worker recently nominated Joseph for his extraordinary clinical skills:

Joseph is knowledgeable and compassionate. He genuinely cares for his patients and coworkers. As a charge nurse, he goes above and beyond to assist others and ensures every patient is cared for properly. His patients notice his attention to their care and advocates for them. Overall, Joseph is an amazing nurse that exemplifies what it means to be a Daisy recipient.

Traveler Emanuela nominated for DAISY Award

A patient recently nominated Emanuela for her outstanding patient care:

Ema went above and beyond on the nights we had her as our nurse. She looked for a way, on her first time meeting our son, to connect with him and ease his fears. He is only 16 months old but with his medical issues he is mentally a 10 year old. She found out right away what he liked and what eased his fear. By the second visit to the room my son would realize it was her and would light up with joy. He had other nurses during his time in the hospital, but they did not try to connect with him the way Ema did. Ema also went out of her way to make sure me and my wife’s fear was put at ease during this stressful time. She always checked in on the three of us every 45 minutes to make sure we had everything we needed to be as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances. She was always working doing something while others were sitting, drinking coffee or playing on their phones. Ema was always doing something to add value. She seemed like she started working hard as soon as she stepped off the elevator. Overall, Ema went above and beyond to see that her patients and their families were as comfortable as possible. Out of all of my visits and stays at hospitals and ERs, Ema was by far the best nurse we have had. She deserves the recognition. If nothing else please let Ema know how much my wife, Isaac, and me appreciated her! She made our past few nights much better!

Traveler Jacqueline nominated for DAISY Award

A recruiter recently nominated Jacqueline for her compassion and positive attitude:

Jacqueline embodies what it means to be a Daisy recipient. From the moment I started working with her, she has spread nothing but positivity, determination, and care. She is compassionate and incredibly grateful to be able to care for others. This doesn't go unnoticed! Just a few weeks into her assignment, patients are already sending her flowers and thanking her for her hard work. Host (and any facility Jacqueline travels to) is extremely lucky to have her!

Traveler Shayla nominated for DAISY Award

A recruiter recently nominated Shayla for her ability to take patient care to a higher standard:

Shayla is without a doubt one of the most kind, caring and hardworking nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She goes above and beyond for patients, not only through her care but also advocating for them when needed. On every occasion she goes out of her way to assist her fellow coworkers with their duties and patients. Her love for her job and patients is shown daily through the compassionate care she provides to her patients.

Traveler Carley nominated for DAISY Award

A patient recently nominated Carley for her patient care:

My mom had been at the hospital for multiple days. Carly was the most amazing nurse - going above and beyond all duties of a nurse. She explained things to us and helped us understand things that were going on. She is one of the BEST you'll ever have, please take care of her!

Recruiter Ali about
Traveler Lara

Lara has been traveling with me for 2 years now and is easily one of my favorites. Not only is she the BEST communicator but she is always willing to go above and beyond to help others by picking up an extra shift. Managers love working with her and are always sad when she leaves. She’s always thinking of others and makes sure to ask how my day is going and how I am doing. I’m thankful for her big heart in and out of the hospital! Thanks for always going above and beyond to help those who need it most!

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Taylor

Taylor picked up and moved to New Mexico for her first contract!! We have had the pleasure of both being stationed in San Diego and have become wonderful friends and share tons of laughs and memories together!! I am so grateful for the amazing person she is and the lifelong friendship we will continue to grow! Thanks for all you do and being a bright light in my day!

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Barbara

I don't even know where to begin with who I not only call Mama Barb, but so does my husband. I have known Barb for over 8 years now. She has not only become a long time traveler of mine, but a long time friend and second mama. She is one of my first calls if I have a question about one of my kids viruses they've picked up or to celebrate a life event. I am so fortunate to have Mama Barb in my life - she has forever made it better! So much love!

Recruiter Francesca about Traveler Courtney

Courtney is an amazing nurse! It was her dream to work in Hawaii as a Travel Nurse and luckily we were able to make it happen! From the beginning Courtney was a great team player. She was determined to find a position in Hawaii. At the time there was only one PACU position in the whole state. We applied and didn't hear back for a few weeks. We then tried other avenues to get a hold of the Hiring Manger who was also amazing. It took around a month but we finally secured her dream job in Hawaii! She has been loving her assignment and I’ve loved seeing her shine! The facility loves her too as they offered her a 37-week extension which she has accepted until the end of 2023! Courtney was even able to night snorkel with manta rays for her birthday and has been enjoying Hawaii to the fullest extent. Her kindness and thoughtful personality extends past her job as a nurse as she even sent me a care package from Hawaii with delicious treats! I am super grateful to get to continue to work with Courtney wherever she travels next and am confident that wherever she is her patients are being well taken care of! Thanks for your selfless care for others, Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Lea about
Traveler MJ

On our first call, MJ interviewed me, and this call lasted over an hour... I was slightly intimidated at first, but I understood why. She wanted to make sure we were a good fit for each other. Our relationship meant more to her than just a business transaction, and I couldn't appreciate that more, it is my goal with all my travelers. Since then, we have been through multiple assignments together, and I know we will continue to be a partnership until she decides to retire from travel nursing. Our relationship continues to grow, we talk weekly! I can truly call MJ a friend now. She has taught me so much about nursing and loves to share her experiences & educate me. She makes me a better recruiter. I can't thank MJ enough for always helping me personally and professionally. Also, she is one of the most dedicated and passionate nurses I have met. Her care for her patients does not go unnoticed and she loves to help other travel nurses along her journey. She is a true teacher & hero in this industry.

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler Julissa

Julissa and I started talking in early February about her wishes to get a true travel assignment in New York so she can better provide for her kids. She is a single mom and she really wanted to start a career that she had more income to provide but also more of a set schedule to be able to see her kids and be fully present when home. In this crazy marketplace we both knew that it would be a Tall order but we both agreed that for her 1) Location, 2) Flexible Schedule, and 3)Good Enough Pay would be most important for her in terms of her wants. Dialysis Jobs nationwide were down some days there were only 8 open jobs but we still set out on this with a positive (Manifesting) mindset that together we would make it happen. We never gave up and we did indeed find her a wonderful assignment that met all her criteria and more! She had some personal things pop up, a vacation and it was a quickstart too, so it came down to the wire on compliance about getting all docs in before the cut off but we were there hand in and for one another and we persevered. This is the first assignment Julissa has taken with Host and myself but I know that we will be there for one another no matter what.

Recruiter Ale about Traveler Kathryn

I have know Kathryn 20+ years. I am lucky enough to not only call her one of my travelers but also my best friend. I have watched her through nursing school, to charge nurse at her staff job, to most recently becoming a traveler at a well-known health system. She took the leap of faith and she is such a go getter and truly cares about her patients! Thank you for making a difference in so many lives!

Recruiter Lauren about Traveler Desiree

Desiree has been an absolute dream to work with. She is constantly trying to help out her fellow travelers at her work site. I know she does an amazing job with her patients because her manager offered her to extend for as long as she wants at her current facility! Desiree found me on social media and reached out and has checked in on me after she saw I lost my dog earlier this year. Her empathy and compassion really touched me! I am used to checking in on my nurses, but for a nurse to check in on me really made me feel special. Thanks for all you do Desiree! I’m grateful to be your recruiter.

Recruiter Elyse about Travelers Megan and Cassie

Megan and Cassie are such sweet nurses and travel together all over the country, working in different ICU units! I am so appreciative of all the work that you do to help heal others. You both are wonderful humans and I enjoy working with you so much! Thank you for being awesome :)

Recruiter Kylie about Traveler Monica

Monica has been a joy to work with since day 1. She is by far the most positive person I've ever interacted with - it is infectious! No matter what life or work throws at her, she continues to find the bright side. She has faced challenging assignments and never gave up. After the first conversation we had, I knew I wanted to work with her and felt very lucky when she chose me as her Recruiter. Over the last 2 years, she has become someone I consider a friend. I look forward to getting pics of the fun adventures she goes on with her husband & pup! At each assignment she has been on, the manager has either asked her to extend or stay on as staff & she continues to be welcomed back by previous Managers. She is consistently recognized at her contracts by patients & staff for her dedication, care, positive attitude, going above & beyond and just overall how great she is. Anyone who knows Monica is lucky! I am so grateful for her & the relationship we have.

Recruiter Mariana about Traveler Connie

Connie's generosity and dedication to caring for others is inspiring. Her patients have recognized her outstanding care by giving her flowers, and she has been recognized with the DAISY Award for her exceptional work. Not only does she bring her expertise and compassion to her patients, but she also pays it forward by sharing her experience with other Host Travelers. She took the time to make phone calls to two people considering working at her same facility to give them peace of mind and valuable information about her experience. It is a gift to be Connie's sidekick and receive photos of her cat Mecho (and share photos of my cat too!), her adventures exploring her temporary city, and see her celebrating her hard-earned vacations in Jamaica with her family. Connie - you make Host so much better!

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Kaitlyn

I was lucky enough to inherit Kaitlyn back in January 2020. I remember when she became my traveler she was on assignment in San Diego as a PCU RN, but wanted to get experience in the ICU so we made it happen. Fast forward a few months later, we began talking about what's next.. I remember her sharing how much she wanted to go to Boston and then Hawaii, but she wanted to stay for at least a year in all those places. Here we are today and she has done both, and she just booked another assignment to go back to Boston! Kaitlyn is someone who can put a smile on your face or make you laugh if you are having a tough day. I am so grateful that she has let me be a part of making her dreams come true as a travel nurse. Although we have not met in person I feel like we have been friends for decades. She is such a gem to work with and I'm so lucky to have met her through Host. It has been awesome to follow her travel nurse journey on IG! Thanks for making a difference in so many lives, Kaitlyn! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Jenny about Traveler Jake

Jake was a new traveler when he came to Host in 2021, and he had the usual nerves that come with that! We had the unlikely case of a census cancel, and he was so driven to travel we got him another assignment in the same city within a week and after that it's been smooth sailing! Now he is a pro! He has done 8 assignments with us over 4 different states, and just took a 36 week extension since he loves his current assignment so much! Thank you for making a difference in so many lives Jake! I’m honored to be a part of your journey!

Recruiter Natasha about Traveler Kevin

Kevin is such a pleasure to work with, he goes above and beyond in everything that he does. It's not only noticeable to me but also his current facility; he takes initiative to call around to other departments when the ED is not busy & see where he can help. "He has volunteered his expertise with discharge planning and has assisted many care managers with discharge assessments when short-handed. He has done all of this with a positive attitude. He is a great asset to our team and we are very fortunate to have him for the time that we do!" Thank you for your selflessness, empathy, and commitment to your patients! I’m grateful for you!

Recruiter Peter about Traveler Lauren

Lauren was one of the first nurses I ever booked and to this day she has been nothing but amazing. She's always up for a new adventure - she's the definition of a true traveler. I’m so lucky to be her recruiter. Her first travel assignment (first assignment with me), she was nominated for a DAISY award. That's pretty dang incredible if you ask me! She's currently on break down in Mexico sipping margaritas and eating delicious food but we will be reconnecting soon for her 5th assignment with me! Thanks for all you do Lauren, Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Daniel about Traveler Yolie

Yolie's an adventurer! Her optimistic spirit, can-do attitude, and love of life are inspiring. She has traveled to facilities all over the country, from rural towns to bustling cities, and has made a positive impact on the lives of countless patients. Yolie's love of adventure is evident in her travels. She is always eager to explore new places, try new foods, and meet new people. She's also investing the money she's earned from her contracts into renovating her family home for rental while on assignment. She has poured her heart and soul into transforming it into a beautiful, comfortable home that she can open to other travelers. Her dedication and creativity are evident in every detail, from the stylish paint colors to the unique DIY projects she has undertaken. Yolie always finds time to connect with her family and friends all over the country. She values the relationships she has built over the years, and takes every opportunity to visit and catch up with loved ones when she's on assignment. I'm really excited to visit her out in the Smokies someday, and we've already picked out a cute breakfast place in her mountain town to meet up for coffee! Yolie is an amazing nurse and an even more amazing person. Her passion for life and dedication to her patients make her a true asset to the nursing profession, and her unique talents and accomplishments make her a true inspiration to all who know her! I'm so grateful to work with Yolie!

Recruiter Kecia about Traveler Gianna

I met Gianna at the end of Dec 2022 as she was referred to me as a first-time traveler by her boyfriend (thanks Randy!) She was working full time as an elementary school nurse and was not feeling valued or respected by the staff, however she had a passion to help those in need, no matter the age. She told me she didn't feel fulfilled in her current role and wanted to get back to a facility where she could use all her skills and abilities. She still wanted to grow in her profession and learn more. We would talk after she got off work (sometimes a few times during the week) and she would sound sodefeated. I was that positive light that gave her the reassurance she needed in this dark time (we all need that from time to time). I was able to get her an offer in January!!! She absolutely LOVES her job and has found joy and meaning to her life that she was missing before. Not to mention the facility is 5 minutes from home. This is where she was born, and where her dad and other family members have had procedures done. There is a lot of meaning and pride behind this location (it's not just a facility to her). We still talk weekly as we formed a friendship early on. There are also talks of them coming out to San Diego on vacation so we can meet and hang out!! Gianna is truly a GEM and of course was already offered an extension and accepted! Thanks for the impact you make on the communities and patients you touch. Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Lisa about Traveler Gary

Gary has been with me for 8 months now and is the reason I love my job. Gary is an amazing ICU/Neuro Rn who was cancelled on his very first assignment with Host. It wasn't the greatest start to our travel journey. He had just moved across the county in a trailer he's had forever and was dreaming of buying a new one someday so his family could travel with him. Until then he was alone in New Mexico with no job but had full faith in me and it never waivered. Gary has worked with other agencies before so the pressure was on! I rebooked Gary in Tulsa and he has been there ever since! The facility absolutely loves him and he has even won an award. Gary is not only a fantastic RN but has become a great friend. We have been through it all! When my Mom broke her hip who was the RN checking in on ME weekly? GARY! Cheering on my daughter's soccer games from afar? GARY! We've also dealt with the loss of family members together and it's created a special bond I cherish. Gary and his partner Russell were finally able to purchase their dream RV this month and are now traveling together! I am so happy that Host has allowed me to create connections with amazing healthcare workers across the country. To RN's like Gary, thank you for everything you do! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Ricky about Traveler Andrea

I’m so grateful for my Rockstar and first time traveler Andrea. She got an assignment in Maine and was very excited to start. Little did we know that she was heading there at the peak of ice fishing and housing was going to be nonexistent/minimal. 7 days before her start date and she still had no housing. 5 days from starting and she finally got ahold of a person who has multiple housing arrangements in the area. She ended up staying at a unit with little to no furniture for 3-4 days until her furnished unit was available. Once housing was set, she was ready to start her first assignment! Scheduling was supposed to be flexible, but when she got there they told her she would be working 6 days on and 8 days off (she credits her military background for being able to do 6 days on and 8 days off). After going through all of that, she kept such a positive attitude. 3 weeks into her first assignment they asked her to extend (she said yes) and will now be there until August. Thank you, Andrea, for being so dedicated to helping others and being an inspiration to us all!

Recruiter Kayana about Traveler Karlen

I want to give a special shout out to our ICU travel nurse, Karlen, who has been working with me for the past 5 years. Karlen has taken travel contracts in multiple states and has become like family to me. He is an exceptional nurse who has grown immensely in his skills and knowledge over the last 5 years. Karlen's dedication to providing the best patient care is unmatched, and his compassion for his patients is truly inspiring. Karlen's commitment to his work doesn't end when he clocks out for the day. In fact, he and I have developed a special routine over the years. Whenever Karlen is driving to his next contract location, he always makes a point to give me a call. This phone call is more than just a quick update on his travels; it's a chance for him and I to catch up on life, share stories, and simply check in with one another. Through the tough times and the celebrations in our lives we have become great friends and I am thankful to have had the honor and privilege to work with him for so long!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Justin

From day one, Justin has proven to be an extraordinary person and what we fondly refer to as a “Unicorn.” I have never had the privilege of working alongside someone who is so eager and willing to take a chance on a new experience! Justin consistently thinks outside of the box, and I’m in awe of how much he goes above and beyond to assist patients in need. As an example of Justin’s selflessness, he flew from Austin to Phoenix and back to help 2 facilities in need of more nurses. Words cannot fully express my appreciation for Justin’s unwavering commitment to our communities. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with and know him. Thank you, Justin, for being an extraordinary nurse and an exceptional human being. You are an inspiration to us all!

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Debora

Debora is one of a kind! She has a love for nursing and travel that is radiant! We have worked together for about a year and a half now and it has been nothing shy of amazing! We share a love for traveling the world and I have cherished all of the stories and tips we have been able to share while on this journey together!!! Thanks for your selfless care for others, Debora! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Sami about Traveler Katie

I’ve been lucky enough to know Katie since she started traveling with Host in July 2022. Her facilities always have amazing things to say about her, which just speaks to her dedication to helping others. Over the last year of working together we have gotten to know each other and she is truly a ray of sunshine and someone I am so happy to work with and call a friend! Thank you, Katie, for being a shining example of what it means to be a nurse and a friend.

Recruiter Ali about Traveler Randy

Randy has been a travel nurse for close to 4 years now and truly cares about helping his patients and the facilities he works at! Regardless of the need, Randy is so selfless and always saying yes. We have become great friends over the past few years working together and he makes my day better every time we talk! Thank you for being a bright light, Randy, and for your selfless care for others!

Recruiter Sami about Traveler Taylor

Taylor's first assignment with Host was unfortunately a little rough, but she made the most of her experience and always had a way of turning challenging situations into learning experiences and finding the positive wherever she could. She inspires me to be more positive and always look for the good in all situations! Thank you for your selfless care of others, Taylor!

Recruiter Julia about Traveler Keith

Keith & his wife have traveled with Host & me for over 2 years and our relationship has grown to the point that they feel like family now. I was lucky enough to work with them through their engagement, wedding, & their first home buying experience! It's been so special to be able to go through these major life events with them & I feel so grateful to be their recruiter. Thanks for all that you both do!

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Brittany

This girl is a ROCKSTAR!!! She is the first to help out any unit with a smile on her face, pick up overtime and take new nurses under her wing - All while still traveling the world! She embodies "live life to the fullest" and I absolutely love sharing all of our global travel stories. I hope that one of these days we get to meet up and go on a diving adventure together! Thank you for everything you do, Brittany! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Elizabeth about Traveler Callie

I started working with Callie almost a year ago to the day. She’s one of those travelers who makes you smile every time you get on the phone and chat. Shortly after her first assignment she introduced me to Jake, her Travel Pair. I love having a front seat to their travel adventures throughout the country. So excited to see where they get to explore next, and so happy they chose me to help them get there!

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Laura

Laura is such a loyal, kind and thoughtful Peds ER nurse. All of her patients and their families are so appreciative of the work that she does on a day-to-day basis. She is such a positive human, always there to help out and up for any challenge. I enjoy working with her so much and feel lucky that she chose me as her recruiter.

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Juan

Working with Juan has been a breath of fresh air. I was lucky enough to inherit him, and our relationship has grown to friendship ever since! Juan builds an immediate bond with both his patients and his coworkers, which is why they have asked him to extend 8 times! His commitment to delivering top-notch patient care is so inspirational, and he is one of the best nurses I have had the pleasure of working with. Juan, thank you for all that you do. I’m so happy to see you continue to shine and congratulations on buying your dream home in Spain!

Recruiter Macy about Traveler Mariam

My traveler, Mariam, actually found out about Host while traveling in Egypt! A friend of mine met Mariam while on a vacation in Cairo. They started discussing their adventures and love for travel and Mariam mentioned her interest in travel nursing. Knowing I was a travel nurse recruiter, my friend exchanged contact information with her and passed Mariam's phone number to me. Once she was back in the states we were able to connect and get her submitted. Mariam just started her first travel contract, moving from the east coast to Coeur d'Alene, ID (with time off for her trip to Greece this summer)! She is such a kind-hearted person and I am so excited for her future as a traveler with Host and the flexibility it will give her to travel for work and beyond!

Recruiter Lauren about Traveler Melissa

Melissa and I have been working together since December 2021 with her first travel assignment. Since then, we have worked together on 3 different travel assignments! Melissa is the sweetest NICU nurse that truly loves her job and touches people with her infectious smile that I can always hear through the phone when we talk. I get excited whenever we get to search for her next assignment to see where she wants to head to next! Besides her RN travel journey from Knoxville, TN to Portland, ME and now to Bozeman, MT, I've been able to watch her live her best life out of her van through her social media page and it is so fun and rewarding to help her along on her journey and see all the fun things she gets to do, places she gets to see and people she gets to meet!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Ronni

Where can I even begin with Ronni? Our relationship began when my all-star friend, Justin, referred her to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that introduction. The positive impact she makes on her patients every day is evident through the multiple extensions they’ve asked her to complete! Ronni, thank you for being you. Your passion for nursing shines through everything you do, and it’s an honor to work alongside someone as talented and loved as you are. Keep shining bright, and happy Nurses Week! 💖🥰

Recruiter Sami about Traveler Emily

Emily has been traveling with me and Host since September of 2022 and she is about to start her 3rd assignment with us! Finding her last assignment was definitely difficult given the current market, but Emily stayed positive and dedicated to finding a position with Host. She was so patient and the perfect assignment finally opened up. She quickly accepted as soon as it was offered! She is always so kind and truly a pleasure to work with! Thank you, Emily, for letting me be a part of your travel healthcare journey!

Recruiter Julia about Traveler Jason

My guy Jason has been traveling with us for over 2 years (since I was a baby Host recruiter) & has been a joy throughout all of his submissions & assignments. He consistently shows his appreciation for me & I want him to know that appreciation is equally shared. Jason is always putting his family first & has the work ethic of an energizer bunny. He inspires me.

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Shannon

I have too many great things to say about Shannon! She is one of the most kind hearted genuine people you will ever meet! She cares so deeply about her patients and the people who surround her and even in her toughest times always made it a point to check in on me! One of the greatest things I will cherish is our first assignment to kick start her travel career and the opportunity it gave her for memories she will cherish for a lifetime with her brother!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Brad

BRAD!!!! Thanks for constantly making me laugh on the daily basis! Please enjoy Mexico with Bailey and thanks for being the most flexible ER nurse around. He's the most laid back, easy going nurse and grew up close to my home town in IL! Looking forward to more assignments together. Thanks for all you do!

Recruiter Elizabeth about Traveler Ally

Ally is the definition of the word MULTITASKER. I don't know how she juggles working 36 hours a week AT NIGHT and taking care of two very small children. You can tell just by talking with her on the phone that her positive attitude radiates into everything she does. I’m so lucky to have been able to work with such a kind hearted soul. I can’t wait to see her family’s next adventure in Washington State! Thank you, Ally, for all that you do!

Recruiter Kathy about Traveler Eduber

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Eduber for almost the entire time I’ve been at Host. We worked through this tough market together for a couple months submitting to many jobs and not quite finding the right assignment for him. Eduber told me he would stick with me for the long haul and trusted me to help him find something, which I was so grateful for! Thanks for always staying positive despite all the frustrations that finding a job can bring, and thank you for all that you do!

Recruiter Michael about Traveler Amber

Amber has been with me for a few assignments now and has been a pleasure to work with. Not only is she pregnant with her first baby, but she has also pushed through ups and downs from dealing with higher than normal nurse to patient ratios. Unfortunately we dealt with a cancelation on short notice, but we're currently in the process of rebooking her and I'm confident that with her great experience and teamwork we will have no problem doing so! She is very easy to work with, very communicative and just an overall pleasure to work with. Thanks Amber!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Elizabeth

Lizzie, thank you for your unwavering commitment and trust! You are a remarkable nurse, and I am honored to be a part of your travel journey. I can’t wait to meet you in person one day in Boston and continue to see you achieve your goals!

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Stacy

Stacy has been working with me for 2 years now. She is kind, hardworking, genuine and an overall pleasure to partner with. She is the epitome of being a daily hero in the work she does. Over the past few years she even has gone out of her way to spoil me with surprises and gifts! I am lucky to work with her, to know her, and to witness the incredible impact she has on the countless people she serves and works with at each facility.

Recruiter Christina about Traveler Whitney

Whitney joined Host almost two years ago! She was just starting to explore the world of travel nursing and here we are 4 different facilities/assignments later! From Tennessee to Montana to North Carolina, she has been a team player from day 1 and is extremely passionate about patient care. I'm so lucky to have supported her throughout her journey. I respect her dedication to her craft and ability to adapt to new environments. She stays so positive and grateful for her work, even during the peak of the pandemic and now POST as well! I appreciate you Whitney!

Recruiter Kayana about Traveler Luci

Luci is one of the hardest working nurses I have had the pleasure of working with. Luci has been traveling with me for over 3 years now, and in that time, she has become a true asset to the facilities she has worked at. Her dedication to her patients and her job is unparalleled, and it's no surprise that she has won the DAISY award and consistently receives rave reviews from her facilities. Luci is not only an exceptional nurse, but she is also a wonderful person who brings positivity and kindness wherever she goes. I am incredibly proud to have been a part of her reaching these career milestones and look forward to working with her in the future.

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Erika

When I first met Erika, she told me she wanted to travel nurse to all 50 states - and I was all in! She embodies everything that it means to be a traveler and her excitement for new experiences shines so bright. She is one tough cookie and never backs away from anything that comes her way! I have been privileged to know her and partner together on this journey!

Recruiter Megan about Traveler Jim

Jim is not only an amazing traveler to work with, but an even more amazing ER RN. He had to pack up his life and move back across the country to help his family, which speaks to his selfless nature. We luckily found him a local assignment for spring while he’s home. He’s been so positive throughout the entire process, and I’m so grateful to work with him! Thanks for all you do, Jim!

Recruiter Elizabeth about Traveler Abigail

I was lucky enough to start working with Abigail at the end of 2022. It took us a couple of tries to land the perfect assignment, but we knew it would happen! I can tell just by talking with her that she has such a kind heart, which makes sense since she works on the PEDS floor. Being a fellow Mama myself, it gives me so much joy to staff nurses like Abigail. Happy Nurses Week, thank you for everything you do!

Recruiter Delaney about Travelers Camilla and Erika

Camilla just accepted her third extension with me and I couldn't be more grateful! She referred Erika to me and ever since, they have become some of my favorite people and friends! They were both so patient, loyal, and understanding throughout the entire process of being first-time Canadian travelers and are now both thriving on assignment. In addition to being outstanding OR nurses, they are truly amazing, caring friends with the best sense of humor! I can't wait for many more assignments with them!

Recruiter Marina about Traveler Cameron

Cameron first started working with me in December 2021 and has completed 6 contracts at 3 different facilities with me since then. In January, Cameron was nominated for a DAISY award at his facility! This is a testament to how hard he goes for his patients and staff. He is a hard worker and always a joy to chat with! Happy nurse's week to Cameron! Thank you for all that you do. I'm grateful to be your recruiter!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Marcey

Marcey has been with me since 2021 and has been one of my absolute FAVORITE nurses! She actually recently reached out to me to shout herself out for redoing her NICU relias and said that she couldn't believe how much she's learned over the last two years and scored so much higher and it TRULY made me so proud and happy and reminded me why I do what I do each and everyday :) Looking forward to many many more assignments with you Marcey!! Thank you for all you do!

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Samantha

Samantha is one of a kind! Her communication is top notch and above all, she is the most genuine, kindest person ever. We had a time where Samantha spoke to someone on the clinical team and you could feel how thankful she was through the phone. She always puts a smile on my face and no matter what, I know we are a team - She makes that clear! Thanks for always being on my side!

Recruiter Erin about Traveler Jeffrey

Jeff started with Host in 2018 as an Emergency Department traveler. For nearly 5 years, he has given his heart and energy to helping others. One particular facility he has spent most hf his time at has been in New Haven, CT. It’s a 1500+ bed, Level I Trauma, and not an easy place to work at. They often have the sickest of sick patients. Jeff selflessly takes on any patient that needs him, and the hospital begs him to extend every time and always messages him to come back whenever he leaves an assignment. Thanks for all you do for your patients and our communities, Jeff! I’m grateful to be your recruiter.

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Shayla

Shauana is an amazing Dialysis nurse who has referred her husband, Jamey, to me as well. Jamey works as an MRI technologist. They are the sweetest couple and always brighten my day when I speak to them on the phone! They are both the most appreciative and kindest souls. Shauana is always so considerate of the fact that we are on different time zones and makes sure to text before 9 AM PST :) she always adds a little note along the lines of "I know you're sleeping, no rush on texting back!" I appreciate you both more than you know! Thanks for all you do and your selfless care for others.

Recruiter Vendi about Traveler Curtis

Curtis is not only an excellent nurse (he gets raving feedback from any unit he works on and provides me with referrals that also speak highly of him), but he is also an amazing person - always spreading joy and smiles wherever he goes. Over the years and many assignments later, we've become great friends and I can count on him to brighten my day when I need a pick me up. It's been a pleasure and an honor to work with him and I look forward to many more years.

Recruiter Kelley about Traveler Erin

Erin has been amazing to work with since we connected back in January! We were able to land her an assignment in Madison, WI - she's a Florida girl and had such a positive attitude the whole time.. even when a huge snow storm came through right as she was due to make the 20+ hour drive! The facility loves her and I am so glad we have been able to work together!

Recruiter Julia about Traveler Stacy

Stacy has been traveling with me & Host for a full year. She is nothing but a ray of sunshine!! I can always count on Stacy for her reliability, professionalism, & pure kindness. I can't imagine my desk without her & we're looking forward to getting her out to CA for her next contracts.

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Caitlin

Caitlin is such a kind and thoughtful human - she makes me want to move to NYC! All of the new mama's and babies are so appreciative of her wonderful work as a postpartum nurse. I am sure she lights up their days with positivity as she does mine whenever we speak!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Mireida

May is an absolute gem! I was lucky to get the chance to support her and her travel pair on an assignment in South Dakota (brr!) May’s impact has made a lasting impression on not only the patients she serves, but on me as well. Thank you, May, for your hard work and dedication to helping others. I hope you enjoy a well-deserved break at home in Texas, and I can’t wait to work with you again!

Recruiter Megan about Traveler Karmen

I’m so thankful for Karmen! It took us a while to land an offer in her state but once she did, Karmen has shown such genuine compassion that leaves a lasting impact on those around her. She’s always positive, and I’m grateful to work with her.

Recruiter Grace about Travel Pair Jennifer and Torie

From my first conversation with Jennifer and Torie a few years ago and I could tell they had an undeniable passion for nursing. They talked about how they love fast paced environments in the ER and could handle whatever an assignment throws at them. I have been inspired watching them navigate working full time jobs while simultaneously rasing a two year old son. They work opposite schedules to make this work. The pictures they share of their new adventures, son and dog truly brighten my day. Thank you to you and all the nurses I work with who inspire me daily!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Dallas

Dallas has been one of my travelers since DAY ONE and I absolutely adore her. She has become one of my friends and closest ER nurses. She never misses a beat in credentialing, has the best attitude, is hilarious, always sweet to everyone and has the two cutest dogs <3 If my entire desk was full of Dallas', I would not have a job! Lol I truly can't speak enough good things about this wonderful lady! I am so blessed to have her. She's going on her 12th placement with me and more to come!!

Recruiter Marina about Traveler Sean

Sean took his first assignment with me in May 2021, which is now almost 2 years of working together! He worked in a Seattle hospital for 5 placements and then went back to take a local contract with me in NJ. When he told me he missed Seattle and would like to go back, I messaged the facility to see if they would accept him and they were ecstatic to have him back. I want to thank him for his loyalty and patience over the years and also for being such a wonderful human and nurse! Happy Nurse's Week, Sean!

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler Victoria

Victoria is an amazing 21-year case manager currently extending on her second assignment with Host! She embraces the traveler spirit and is travelling the country with her husband, George, in their RV. They love being able to soak up the sights and sounds of all of the new areas they visit. Her peers and patients love her warmth and professionalism, and Host is blessed to have her on our team now and for many more assignments to come!

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Hannah

This girl keeps me on my toes! She always makes me laugh and I would personally ask for her to be my nurse if I ever ended up at a hospital she was working at! She is an amazing mom and nurse and does it all with the most amazing attitude! I am so fortunate to have met Hannah!

Recruiter Vendi about Traveler Colleen

Colleen's infectious, kind, and joyful nature is the first thing I noticed when we first started working together. She is such a gem and so amazing to work with! Her patients and coworkers are lucky to have her in their corner. She cares deeply about the people she is helping as well as the people working alongside her, and she never shies away from showing her appreciation for others. She is such a bright light and I am thankful to be working with her! I can't wait to see her next adventure.

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Ashley

If I could duplicate Ashley a million times and place her in all our facilities across the country I would! We have developed a friendship and true partnership in her travel journey and I can't wait to see where her future contracts take her and her sweet pup Phoebe. She is one of the kindest people I have met in this role and she shares that with whoever she comes in contact with. As we have sought out contracts over the past few years, you can tell that Ashley has a true commitment to the work she does. She is dedicated to improving her skills, to learning more, and bringing that knowledge and enthusiasm to everyone she works with. It is a true pleasure to work with Ashley and witness all the lives she touches with her positive light!

Recruiter Christina about Traveler Claire

Claire has been working with me and Host for over two years and has traveled to four different facilities to support a team of case managers. Family is so important to Claire and she is always excited for the opportunity to see her husband Jonas and their beautiful dog, Nala, during breaks from assignment. I have so much respect for the work she does on a daily basis. She always receives great feedback from the units she has touched. I've enjoyed supporting her very much and hope to continue doing so for many years to come!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Akenzua

I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for Akenzua! I feel so thankful for the amazing partnership we have formed. From the first conversation, you can tell how dedicated Akenzua is to his helping others. Thank you, Akenzua, for providing such excellent patient care and making a significant impact on the communities you serve. I am so excited to see you reach your goals!

Recruiter Peter about Traveler Judie-Ann

Judie is such an amazing nurse. From day one, no matter what she went through, she's always been willing to call me and talk about what's going on. She's such a tough nurse and cares for others so much that she's willing to drive two days just to help her son move. She's going on her third extension and the nurses who work under her absolutely love her - which is understandable! Just last week she was involved in a hit and run, got a flat tire - but still showed up to work that week. She is incredible!!! I am so appreciative to work with her.

Recruiter Kelley about Traveler Elizabeth

I’m grateful to be able to work with Elizabeth! It took us a few months to land the perfect assignment in Northern California, and she’s able to travel with her husband who is a PT. Thanks for being you and everything you do for our communities!

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Karisa

Karisa is the sweetest NICU nurse - she is so kind and understanding. All of her patients and their families are so appreciative of all the work she is doing in a San Diego facility. I always look forward to Karisa's snaps of her partner-in-crime, Rider. Rider is the cutest pup and travels with his mom, Karisa! They are the sweetest team! I can't wait to see what other adventures are in store for you both :) I appreciate you more than you know!

Recruiter Vendi about Traveler Ray

Ray is one of my favorite long time travelers and is probably one of the most mellow people I know - it's a true gift! No matter what the situation, he stays calm and collected! He is amazing at what he does, everyone loves and appreciates him wherever he goes and I am lucky to have him on my team. Thanks for all you do!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Anna

Anna has been with me since 2021 and I just ADORE her!!!!!!! My PICU nurse who is my fire cracker with soooo much personality! We've become friends and truly do love you the most! Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to many more assignments together and need to get you to CO with me one of these days!

Recruiter Marina about Traveler Faviola

Faviola has been working with me for about one year now! It has been such a joy to have her. She is easy-going and positive even through the stressful parts of travel nursing. I appreciate her for being a light in my day every time we chat! Thank you, Faviola!

Recruiter Delaney about Travelers Danielle and Sterling

Danielle and Sterling have been such a joy! They are so hard working and have such a passion for what they do. Their loyalty and the trust we all have has been unmatched during their first assignment and extension. Danielle stuck by me when she was cancelled but her husband was not and we were able to get her a new assignment and now they are looking for their next adventure! So grateful for them both!

Recruiter Megan about Traveler Jennifer

Jennifer is an amazing mother, and on top of that balances being a travel NICU RN and teaching programs. I’m in awe at everything she does for others! She's been such an amazing nurse that her facility has wanted to extend her twice! I’m so grateful to know and work with Jennifer. Thanks for all you do, Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Lindsay about Traveler Emily

It has been a pleasure to see Emily grow as not only a nurse but also in her personal life! Getting to know her over the past 3 years and seeing her get engaged and now married truly is magical! I have loved being a part of not only your professional but personal journey and I'm cheering you on from the sidelines!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Tyler

Tyler! This traveler is just an angel! No matter how tough the environment, he always selflessly dives in and helps out wherever needed. He has the best attitude in every situation. I appreciate you Tyler! Looking forward to continue working with you! Thank you for all you do!

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Lisa

I have worked with Lisa for several years now and she is a gem to work with. She has worked at so many different facilities and without fail every contract ends with the managers begging her to stay. She leaves a bright light wherever she goes. It is such a gift to be able to partner with her and be a testimony to her incredible work and influence she has on so many lives. I am grateful that our communities have someone like Lisa in their corner, she truly makes a difference.

Recruiter Christina about Traveler Osvaldo

Osvaldo has been working with me and Host for almost two years and has made a huge impact at four different facilities. I've had the opportunity to also work with his lovely wife and travel partner, Francia, who recently hit pause from travel to welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world! They are navigating the world as new parents while Osvaldo still travels as an RN to support the family and his community in ABQ, New Mexico. I appreciate his dedication and value our friendship that has formed over the past few years.

Recruiter Chris about Travel Pair Josh & Brooke

Josh and Brook are one of the best travel pairs I’ve had the honor of working with! I’m so grateful for the personal bond we’ve built. Recently, Brooke reached out to me about a personal situation that deeply touched me. Family is the foundation of our lives, and their dedication to supporting loved ones during challenging times just goes to show the kind of empathetic people they are. Brooke and Josh, I am in awe of your strength, resilience, and determination. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both. Thank you for everything you do!

Recruiter Makena about Travelers Lindsay and Chase

Lindsay & Chase are truly extraordinary nurses that Host and I are super thankful to come across. Both of them are so passionate about travel nursing and helping others. When they aren't working or exploring the new area they live in for 13 weeks, they are spending their down time creating tips and tricks that they post on their Instagram to help educate new travelers. They also help motivate staff nurses to take the leap to dive into travel nursing. I appreciate all they do and am inspired by their hard work & care for others. Thank you for all you two do!!

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler April

I have been with April since 1/1/2018. She used to be a travel pair too and April and Suzy used to travel anywhere and everywhere I suggested for them. I remember one time I called her and I said “you know I’d never steer you wrong yes? And she said Correct. Ok, so I have a CRAZY outside the box idea for your next assignment ok - You have to trust me its going to be legit your favorite assignment to date. She let me submit her and to this day she talks about it! My passion is to pitch outside the box ideas to my Travelers and really try to get them outside their comfort zones! Being able to share my knowledge every day with All-Star RN’s like April is a Blessing and its truly my passion! April has been with me over 5 years and has followed me to 2 agency changes and she always says she will follow me wherever I go! Thanks for all you do April!

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler Alyssa

Alyssa is an amazing Peds nurse who knows who she is and what she brings to the nursing world. She LOVES working with children and healing their wounds. Her warm approach and wonderful bedside manner are regulary called out by the people that she works with and the patients that she serves. We got her a PEDS assignment in Modesto only to discover during onboarding that they don't actually have a PEDS unit at that facility so she would be treating spillover patients from a nearby children's hospital. Within 1 week of starting however, they were out of PEDS patients and Alyssa was assigned to not only adults but in several instances adults in federal custody with shackles keeping them in bed and a guard at the door and this is nothing that she was trained for or interested in! With the utmost of professionalism we worked with our team at Host, our Point of Contact for the facility and the director of the facility to get her cross trained into the NICU and she even picked up her NRP certification along the way but they also had a very low need for NICU nurses so by week 6 we learned that her contract was being cancelled and she was potentially all the way out here in CA with no job. She still remained positive though and with the help of our Account Management Team we got her placed at that facility right next door where they also have fallen in love with her and are working to extend her contract now. Alyssa is the epitome of Host professionalism and warmth in the real world and we are blessed to have her on our team!

Recruiter Ashley about Traveler Katelynn

Katelynn has been on assignment with me for a year. She landed her first ever travel assignment with Host and she has never left. We follow each other on Instagram, chat about our significant others and share updates about her sweet son and my crazy dogs. Although this started as a professional relationship, we've since become friends. Katelynn got engaged a few months ago and sent me a photo of the ring almost immediately afterwards. It's so rewarding being part of people’s lives for these kinds of milestones -- life events that are bigger than just landing a job. Katelynn has an adorable little boy named Maverick (cutest name). She has told me multiple times how traveling has allowed her to create a better life for him. Christmas was extra special for them this year because of the financial freedom traveling has given her and her fiancé. It hasn't all been bliss since we started working together - the first assignment we landed her was cancelled before it even started. Thankfully, we found her a new assignment that was even better than the first. We also had to end an assignment early when Mav got super sick and Katelynn had to take him to regular doctor's appointments. We were able to end the assignment on good terms with the hospital (shout out to our AM Mike for helping). Katelynn felt guilty ending that assignment early, but I reassured her by telling her I understand that her job as a mom comes first. Jobs will come and go, but her little guy is her priority. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to helping others Katelynn! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler Charles

Charles and I started over 6 years ago. He’s been a breath of fresh air since our first email to one another. He has been so easy to work with, super loyal, and an excellent communicator. He’s so open to hearing suggestions about what I have to say regarding what I think is best regarding the facilities he’s interested in and always takes my word that I have his best interest at heart. When the market got tough, we thought outside the box since he’s ICU, and we gott him matched to PCU or tele and it's always been so easy to work with him. It's been truly a joy! I have realized how important my nurses are and how they impact me as much as I impact them. When the feelings are mutual and the teamwork is there, truly anything and everything can be accomplished. Charles has followed me over to Host, switched agencies just to work with me again and that means so much to me. He knows that I will be there each and every time he has a question and he knows I will always shoot it straight. My belief is that my RN’s are like my family and I want them to know I will advocate for them as I would my sister, brother or parent. I am super excited that Charles is reunited with me from changing agencies and now we can work together again and I even got his good friend working with him at the same assignment! I am very grateful for Charles' hard work, dedication, loyalty, his openness to trusting me wholly and just being able to say he truly represents me and all I stand for in my work. We make the best team 😊

Recruiter Nikki about Traveler Tina

Over the past five years, Tina has been on 23 assignments at 7 different hospitals with Host! She is always such a joy to work with. Through all of the ups and downs of life and travel nursing she still makes time in our conversations to ask about me and how things are going - it's no wonder why facilities keep wanting her to extend! Her kindness and quality care go above and beyond. The facilities love her, patients love her and we at Host love her!

Recruiter Justin about Traveler Rose

Rose is an overall incredible human being. She has been with me and Host on and off since late 2019, and she goes above and beyond for every patient and facility she works at. She always has a positive attitude even in tough situations. She has definitely become my friend and even offered to speak to my wife to provide support while I was on a leave of absence. She is a special one and someone who I will keep in contact with forever. Thank you for all you do and the impact you make!

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Jessica

Jessica has been a traveler exclusively with Host since December 2019. I inherited Jessica in 2020 and we have been with each other since. I have not met Jess in person but feel like she is apart of my family as much as I am apart of hers. Jess is the definition of selfless! She extends all her assignments because of the connections she makes with her coworkers, patients, and managers! She truly is such an amazing nurse, and I am so grateful I inherited her when I did. We share vacation stories, family photos, and can go weeks without talking but pick up right where we left off. I truly adore Jessica and Host is beyond lucky to have a traveler like her!

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Hannah

Although Hannah is no longer on my travel nurse team, she is now part of the Host Healthcare clinical team of in-house RNs and I would be remised if I didn't give her a shout out. From first meeting her as a traveler, to now working together at Host, Hannah is an amazing soul! I am so lucky to have gotten to know her and so happy she is part of the Host family - thank you for all you do!!

Recruiter Erin about Traveler Jason

Jason is an ICU RN and started traveling with Host Healthcare in February 2017. Starting before the pandemic, working all through the pandemic, and now post-pandemic, Jason has helped so many patients and facilities by completing 29 contracts with Host! He truly goes where he is needed and is always open to new experiences. Despite challenges in the industry, including low census cancels and rate reductions, he remains positive and committed to helping his patients. I feel so lucky to be able to support him all these years. Thanks for all you do! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Kathryn about Traveler Andrea

Andrea is such a special soul! She is the very first nurse I ever had the pleasure of working with about three years ago and here we are today still going strong on this travel journey together. We both didn't know what we were getting ourselves into three years ago, but turns out we created something great under Host. Andrea was able to get to live out her dreams of living on the coast and soak in the beach on her days off. She has been able to make more money than she was in her staff position and move closer to her mom for a contract in Florida where she is now! I have gotten to live vicariously through her adventures and it has been so special to stay connected over social media. We both have such a mutual respect for one another and with how hard she works on her unit for Host, it fuels me to work extra hard for her and give her the best travel experience possible! Lucky me, lucky Host!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Lonetta

Lonetta has always been one of my favorite travelers! Her dedication to helping facilities in need is so inspiring. She has the biggest heart 💖 and the sweetest southern hospitality! She is also a selfless advocate for her fellow associates on assignment. She always travels with her husband and I always look forward to our chats all together on the phone, we are one big happy team, the 3 of us 🥰 Thank you, Lonetta, for all that you do for your patients and being such an incredible human!

Recruiter Kathryn about Traveler Maggie

It has been incredible to watch Maggie grow during our time together. From taking her first assignment ever with Host during peak of the pandemic, along with her awesome travel buddy Haley, she has achieved so much in both her personal life and career! She recently was able to buy her first home and while continuing her time in the ICU under Host, she now has been accepted into CRNA school! Through all that time she was also able to soak in some of nature's beauty in Washington and was able to do it alongside one of her closest friends and travel buddy Haley. It's incredible the growth and achievements she has had during her time at Host Healthcare. If she has achieved all this in just a year and a half, I can only imagine what is next on the horizon for her! The best part is she does it all with such a positive attitude and every time I get an update from her a huge smile is brought to my face. Keep striving for greatness Maggie!

Recruiter Francesca about Travelers Summer and Taylor

Summer and Taylor are amazing Med-Tele Nurses. These two are the definition of "make the best out of every situation" and are so fun to work with! Through all the challenges they have faced, whether it be car breakdowns in the snow, difficult personal situations, or facility requirements changing last minute, they always have a positive attitude and put their patients first! Their facility loves them and they are on their second extension there. They plan to hopefully travel to CA for their next assignment and have made arrangements to visit to complete licensure requirements. The three of us are planning to meet up while they are here and we are excited to continue our friendship on a more personal level!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Lori

Lori has been on assignment with me since early 2021 and is one of my absolute favorite travelers of all time. She is so professional and on top of it ALWAYS. She recently had a situation where she possibly couldn't travel again due to a medical situation, but she came back swinging harder than ever and fought back and here she is again, on her 10th contract with me! Lori - I appreciate you more than you know! You're truly an inspiration and you've become a friend of mine as well! Thank you for all you do! :)

Recruiter Mariana about Traveler Tom

Tom is truly exceptional. He has a remarkable sense of duty and commitment to his patients. He has faced extremely challenging assignments, yet he perseveres and sees them through with a steadfast determination to provide the best care possible. His dedication to his patients is evident in everything he does, and he is a true asset to the nursing profession. Not only is Tom a great nurse, but he is also incredibly generous and thoughtful. He and his family send me a very thoughtful gift each holiday season (one of them being the best box of chocolates ever!) I'm lucky to get to enjoy his adventures on assignment (along with his trusty sidekick, his handsome Doberman, Tuna!)

Recruiter Ale about Traveler Emma

Emma, from day one, has been my "twin". When we chat we are the same person and see things the same way. She is always willing to learn and when she first started, she didnt really want to go to a location but took the leap. She has now extended and gone back and found her current boyfriend. Travel to her was a dream and its gone in ways she never imagined.

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Shauana

Shauana is an amazing Dialysis nurse who has referred her husband, Jamey, to me as well. Jamey works as an MRI technologist. They are the sweetest couple and always brighten my day when I speak to them on the phone! They are both the most appreciative and kindest souls. Shauana is always so considerate of the fact that we are on different time zones and makes sure to text before 9 AM PST :) she always adds a little note along the lines of "I know you're sleeping, no rush on texting back!"

Recruiter Francesca about Travelers Hannah and Emara

Hannah and Emara are extremely dedicated and passionate Peds-OR nurses. It is not an easy process to travel from Canada to the US as a travel nurse, and although they faced many challenges in getting here they never gave up and are thriving in their current facility. They constantly impress me with their patience and kindness in the face of adversity and I feel very lucky to get to work with them! From the beginning they were so organized and had everything they needed ready to go. When the Social Security office threw a wrench in our plan, Hannah and Emara visited and called every day for weeks until we were able to figure everything out. The facility was extremely flexible and accommodating because they knew they had two amazing nurses that they didn't want to miss out on. I have greatly enjoyed working with them both.

Recruiter Amanda about Traveler Colton

Where do I begin with Coltan, everyone knows him because he was one of my first travelers when I became a recruiter at Host. Coltan came to me back in January 2020 because he was looking for another recruiter/agency as he wasn't having a great experience. In doing so he brought 2 other friends who wanted to travel with him. Coltan has completed over 15 assignments with me. He literally is a ray of sunshine every time we talk. EVERY manager wants Coltan to extend or go perm but he ends up extending 2-3 times at the facility. I was able to convince him and his friends (Rachel & Tayva) to take an assignment in CA in 2021! It was so awesome to meet these amazing individuals and learn about their work but also just to connect and build lifelong friendships with them.

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Alyssa

Ohhh my little Alyssa - life would not be the same without you in it. The humor and smiles you bring me are something I look forward to every week. She has even FaceTimed me when she randomly finds a magician on the streets of New Yorkso my kids can see a magic trick. This little lady has a sparkle and shine about her that nobody can dull!

Recruiter Marina about Traveler Racquel

Despite a rougher placement, Racquel was committed to her patients and stuck it out through the end! She is a tough nurse and dedicated to helping others! I am thankful to be her recruiter and to know her. Thanks for all you do, Racquel! I appreciate you more than you know!

Recruiter Marina about Traveler Martin

I’ve been lucky enough to know Marty since May 2021 and ever since he has helped patients on 11 placements! He is always asked to extend by the facility over and over, which is a true testament to what a wonderful nurse he is. I have been lucky to know Marty! Thanks for all you do! Happy Nurses week!

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Carla

Carla has been on assignment with me since early 2021 and is one of my absolute favorite travelers of all time. Thanks for always making me laugh ! I love our conversations on the phone and we've been through it together through some tough times girl!!! I appreciate you more than you know and thanks for sticking with me through the mud always. You're so appreciated. :)

Recruiter Mariana about Traveler Tenika

Tenika's charisma and gift at forming connections with her patients and her community is perhaps only rivaled by her unmatched creativity. She has the ability to handle any situation with ease and has set a standard of professionalism that is truly remarkable. Saying Tenika is "organized" feels like an understatement! I hope to have as much fun with my kids as Tenika does with hers. Tenika is an outstanding nurse whose skills and magnetic personality make Host better!

Recruiter Deszlyn about Traveler Shayla

I have had the pleasure of working with Shayla for almost a full year. Although we haven't met, we talk to each other weekly. She sends me pictures of her and her kid's adventures, updates me on her relationship and she has even sent me a Christmas card. I can't speak highly enough about this nurse. She is always positive, hardworking, compassionate, a team player, and she goes above and beyond to help her coworkers and advocate for her patients.

Recruiter Ale about Traveler Logan

Logan came in ready to learn all she could about traveling. She really wants to know the "why behind" to fully understand when explaining things to her. She takes all news with grace, good or bad. She has also referred many travelers to Host, and started a blog so she can help them! She is always my "go to" when I have Canadian questions and she is just all around pleasure to work with.

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Jessie

Jessie is a wonderful nurse and human. I feel so lucky to have been able to work alongside and be partnered with Jessie for this past year. She is a postpartum nurse in NYC and is so kind as well as appreciative of all the work we do here at Host! Jessie is so flexible and ready to roll with the punches. I am sure she is such a light in her patients' lives as she is in mine!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Rhonda

From the first day I spoke to Rhonda, an amazing partnership formed. I always enjoy her direct transparency and I’m so thankful to get to work with her! Rhonda, thank you for everything you do, and happy Nurses Week! 💖

Recruiter Cristy about Traveler Ashley

I wanted to take a moment to share my time with Ashley. She came to Host as a first time traveler!! First time can be a bit nerve racking at first, but she came for what she wanted and we got her the perfect job in Idaho! Ashley is bright, beautiful, funny and extremely passionate about her patient's level of care in the MedSurg unit. She's also a go-getter! Along with balancing her personal life and exploring the beauty that Idaho has to offer, Ashley is a mom to a boy and girl who she adores and has gotten to share the beauty of Idaho with them while they were on break. They hit the slopes and had a really great time with their mom and got to see where she is for her new adventure in her nursing career. Ashley has shared photos of her family and some really awesome shots in the hot springs.. in winter! How amazing! I feel so fortunate to be her Recruiter and most honored to have her out in the field representing all that Host stands for. Thank you Ashley for all you do to help others live better!

Recruiter Mariana about Traveler Rebekah

Rebekah leaves each place better than she found it. She has a remarkable ability to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone around her. Her dedication and commitment to her patients are evident in the fact that she is offered extensions for every single assignment she's taken, leaving a gap in the hearts of her temporary community when she moves on to the next opportunity. It's no surprise that she was nominated for the DAISY award by a colleague who described her as, "embodying all that a nurse should be." Rebekah's commitment to teamwork and putting her best foot forward each day is profoundly inspiring. It's a privilege to have worked alongside her during her first assignment nearly 2 years ago and to continue to support her on her journey as a super experienced traveler. I am grateful for the immense trust Rebekah has placed in me to uphold the responsibility I have to support my Nurses in their goals during travel.

Recruiter Alison about Traveler Korinne

KORINNE! I love you lady!!!! She was a first time traveler with me and super super nervous and watching you grow has been one of my favorite things to do. Now look at you, getting offers all over the place from these crazy great hospitals cuz you're a boss! Thanks for sticking with me always!!!!!!! I promise to try to keep you on dayshift, Lol! But truly, you are appreciated. Thanks for having the best attitude always!!!!! <3 and also becoming a friend of mine!

Recruiter Chris about Travelers Colin and Michaela

I am lucky enough to have the privilege to support travel pair Colin and Michaela! 💖 Although they’ve encountered some difficult times, their resilience and dedication is constantly inspiring. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both so much for the selfless work you do and always being willing to go the extra mile.

Recruiter Caitlin about Travelers Brandy, Manuel and Jesus

This travel trio is one for the books! My nurses often tell me how thankful they are for me and how much I support them, when I don't think they realize how grateful I am for them. This group lifts me up more than they know and are loyal to the core. We check in on each other and always support one another. I am so beyond lucky to have them on my team and as friends! Forever grateful!

Recruiter Elyse about Traveler Shea

Shea is the sweetest Case Management nurse - she was working in psych before taking a CM assignment with me and always brightens my day with her messages! She said working in CM again has made her so much happier as a nurse. She is super adventurous and travels with her son who is in high school. She definitely brightens the day of so many patients, her facility absolutely adores her just as I do! Shea is the most appreciative and such a kind human.

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Savannah

Savannah is the sweetest nurse ever! The passion she has for her patients shines bright. You can tell she puts her heart into her job. Love having you on my team!

Recruiter Vendi about Traveler Christina

I have worked with Tina for some time now and it never ceases to amaze me just how great of a team player she is wherever she goes. Staff and other travelers love working with her because she jumps in to any unit and situation to help out, takes on the roles of preceptor or charge nurse as needed, floats to any unit or campus and does it all with a positive attitude and a big smile. She has made the best of every assignment, living her best life and making friends quickly everywhere she goes!

Recruiter Deszlyn about Traveler Lauren

I just want to give a shoutout to Lauren Wilson for being an amazing nurse! She's hardworking, dedicated to her patients, and always up for achallenge. Lauren has been on assignment with Host (and me) for almost a year now, and I've enjoyed every minute of our partnership!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Joan

I want to take a moment to thank my traveler Joan! Our journey to work together was filled with anticipation, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to work with her. It’s been such a joy seeing Joan explore new locations with her loved ones, and it’s heartwarming to see her create memories while pursuing her career. Thank you, Joan, for everything you do for your patients! I can’t wait to see where you go in the years to come.

Recruiter Delaney about Traveler Liz

Liz is by far one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever worked with! It truly brightens my day when we get to talk! She was positive and dedicated throughout the whole process of her first contract, its no wonder they want to keep her at every assignment she goes to! I feel extremely grateful to call her a friend and cant wait to see what adventures she goes on this year!

Recruiter Peter about Traveler Robby

Robby (John) is literally the nicest nurse I’ve ever met in my entire life. The first time we connected he told me his goal was to make it into a specific Children’s hospital – luckily we got him in there at the right time. After our first phone call I realized we would be a great team. Even though he’s been through a few challenges, he’s always kept a positive attitude. I can’t say how much I appreciate Robby. He’s an amazing guy and an even more amazing nurse. I hope we get to work together forever. Thanks for everything Robbie! Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Kalie

This Nurses Week I feel so grateful for my traveler Kalie! The partnership we’ve built is incredible, and seeing her selfless care for others on 4 local assignments has been so inspiring. Kalie, thank you for the impact you make on the lives of your patients and colleagues! I am honored to be a part of your career and excited to see the incredible things you do.

Recruiter Erin about Traveler Oliver

Oliver started traveling with me in 2017. 28 contracts has taken him all over the place, including east coast, west coast, and Hawaii. He is such a pleasure to work with! In his free time, he enjoys playing his piano, which he brings on contract with him! Thanks for being such a bright light everywhere you go, and thanks for your selfless care for others!

Recruiter David about Traveler Natalie

I want to give a shoutout to my nurse Natalie for being such a kind hearted soul! She sends me a message every Friday making sure my family and I have an amazing weekend, and I always make sure to return the kindness and wish her an amazing week/weekend! Thanks for your selfless care for others and being such an inspiration. Happy Nurses Week!

Recruiter Chris about Traveler Catherine

From the very beginning, Cathy was everything and more. She always has a positive attitude, even in the toughest situations. She always thinks outside of the box to solve problems – for example, she needed to take a short break from a facility, so she helped one of her friends get hired to help out in her time off! Thank you for being so amazing, Cathy! 💖 I hope you know how much of an impact you make!

Recruiter Kelly about Traveler Monique

I met Monique a few years back when we were both working at another agency and I felt an immediate connection to Monique - I knew we’d be the perfect fit. After a few assignments,I guess I did my job too well in that I found her the assignment that she ended up going perm at and she hung up her travel nursing shoes. I loved working with Monique so much but I left for another agency, and another after that and I wasn’t able to save my clients - so when I heard she had a Host profile and she name dropped me - literally my heart skipped a beat. The stars aligned and just like that we were reconnected. I am so happy for it! Our paths crossed because it was the plan from the guy upstairs. Having Monique join the Host team and reconnect with me has been like a bolt of lightening - pure joy in my heart - I am so energized to be with Host and to provide her the best service as I always have. We strongly both believe it's not our plan but his - the man upstairs brought us together. We just locked in another extension! Monique is doing great and our friendship is thriving as if we never missed a day working together. It's not just a nurse/recruiter relationship - it’s a true friendship. I have her back and she has mine. She and I both feel that she is coming home working with me at Host. Monique has been a Nurse for 11 years so she is no spring chicken - she knows what's up and she speaks only the truth. She knows I will be her cheerleader, her coach, her mentor, advocate and most importantly her true friend. I am so empowered and confident that I can keep Monique confidently traveling with me and I am thankful beyond words to be reunited with my long lost friend and nurse.

Recruiter Britteny about Traveler Sunny

Sunny, much like her name, has been a bright spot in my time as a recruiter and in my life. She is an inspirational young woman and I am so thankful and honored to have been able to work with her and even call her a friend. Coming from a small town, Sunny decided to take a risk while she was still young to travel and see the country alone - something a lot of people aren't willing to do. Sunny had let me know Alaska was always a bucket list place she wanted to visit, so we worked hard together and landed a contract in Alaska. While on her plane ride to her travel assignment in Alaska, a woman had passed out and had no pulse and Sunny immediately jumped in to administer CPR and used the AED to revive the woman. She remained by her side checking vitals until the flight landed and saved her life. Knowing that Sunny's decision to travel, led to her saving someone's life on a plane ride reminds me daily that our lives, our jobs, have a purpose. We never know how one choice can make a difference (even life-saving) in another's. I'm so grateful that I have gotten to help a kind, compassionate, courageous woman live out her dreams of travel. Over the time she has been in Alaska now, it's been great to see how she has grown as a healthcare professional as well as an individual and getting to cheer her every step of the way. Thank you Sunny, for making a difference in my life.

Recruiter Deszlyn about Traveler Mary

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Mary for 3 contracts now. Mary is an Interventional Radiology RN with 30+ years of experience! If that's not impressive, I don't know what is. She is always ready to help, whether that means taking on a preceptor role for new travelers, picking up an extra shift or baking yummy deserts to share with her supporting team. Any patient that has Mary taking care of her is a lucky patient!

Recruiter Caitlin about Traveler Laurel

Laurel and I were able to get lunch a couple years ago and our friendship was forever changed! Even though we already knew we got along, meeting in person reaffirmed that we got eachother in ways others didn't. If I need a good laugh or a good vent session - Laurel is my girl. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

Recruiter Elizabeth about Traveler Harper

Harper and I have been working together from almost a year now. HAPPY ALMOST ANNIVERSARY, HARPER!! ❤. Since Day one she has been very candid with me about her expectations and feelings in what she is looking for in an assignment. Every time I get on the phone with her, I know I am in for a good laugh.