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Join Host Healthcare for a Thriving Career in CVICU Travel Nursing

Embark on a rewarding journey where your CVICU skills shine in the face of critical care challenges. As a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit nurse, you navigate daily complexities with confidence. Host Healthcare invites you to explore the dynamic realm of CVICU travel nursing, offering unmatched support and unique opportunities tailored to fuel your career aspirations.

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Where Every Experience Shapes Your Expertise

In the world of CVICU travel nursing, every assignment becomes a pivotal chapter in your professional and personal story. At Host Healthcare, it’s not just about overcoming clinical challenges; it’s about nurturing your growth at every step.

Each case is an opportunity to break boundaries, uncover new strengths, and build a resilient skill set that defines you as a CVICU nurse. Host Healthcare is committed to tailoring your experience, ensuring it aligns with your aspirations and empowers both your career and life. We’re here to match you with opportunities that prioritize your needs, fostering continuous growth and development in a way that is uniquely yours.

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Guidance Every Step of the Way

At Host Healthcare, we understand the importance of having a reliable support system by your side. We take pride in being more than just a staffing agency; we’re your dedicated support throughout every step of your CVICU travel nursing experience.

From your initial connection with us, our dedicated team of recruiters are ready to help guide you. Whether it’s finding your ideal assignment or addressing concerns while on the job, our responsive team is devoted to empowering you at every step. We recognize and prioritize your individual journey, providing support that’s personalized and focused on your success.

Comprehensive Benefits for Your CVICU Nursing Journey

At Host Healthcare, we prioritize the success and well-being of our travelers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefits package tailored to support your career growth and comfort. Enjoy immediate access to day-one health benefits, free CEUs, competitive compensation, and personalized housing assistance.Plus, receive expert guidance from our dedicated clinical team of in-house RNs, enhancing your support throughout your journey

Join Host Healthcare today and step into a world of opportunities that empower your growth and success in this dedicated specialty. If you are ready to experience the rewarding benefits of CVICU travel nursing and embark on your next adventure with us, apply today.

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Host Healthcare is amazing! Best travel co out there! Amanda is the recruiter I have & she is wonderful. She is there from the beginning. From searching for the perfect assignment throughout completion of a contract - Amanda is there for me! Host Healthcare treats their nurses so well
Macie Brassell Mar 6, 2024
Amanda Goad is the most amazing recruiter I have worked with. She is the most responsive and go-getter. She is in constant contact with you or hospitals to get you offers and/or advocating for you. She is super motivated and helpful. If you have the opportunity to use her, you will not regret it.
Alyssa Veilleux Mar 18, 2024
Needed to move across country to be next to my partner, but blindly jumping into a full time job for a hospital system I was not familiar with was out of the question. Host Healthcare (Natalie G specifically) stood by me and helped me fulfill my absurdly specific requests. I was a first time time traveler and I couldn't have made it without the support I received!
Maria Samokisheva Mar 11, 2024
Just finished my first contract with Host Healthcare (fifth overall) and they were amazing! Specifically my recruiter Jenny Berroth. Jenny was so helpful and easy to communicate with. I had a couple issues come up and Jenny was all over them and took care of everything so I could just concentrate on being a nurse, while she handled the rest. I can’t recommend Host and Jenny enough! You have to give Host and Jenny a try, you’ll be glad you did!
Steve Rodriguez Mar 11, 2024