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PACU Nursing: Where Care Meets Recovery

Are you a dedicated travel nurse with a passion for post-anesthesia care? Host Healthcare invites you to explore the dynamic field of PACU travel nursing and experience the exceptional benefits it offers.

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Your Adventure Begins Here

In the world of PACU travel nursing, you’re in the driver’s seat of your career, and Host Healthcare is here as your reliable support. Our experienced recruiters are here to provide you with new opportunities as you pave your way to extraordinary experiences in PACU travel nursing. We help connect you to a variety of job opportunities within your specialty across diverse healthcare settings, offering valuable experiences working alongside dedicated professionals who share your commitment to excellence in the field.

Tailored Assignments that Fit Your Life

Your journey is beyond solely caring for patients; it’s about embracing life to the fullest. Host Healthcare believes in empowering you to have the life and career you deserve. Share your goals and personal preferences, and we’ll match you with PACU assignments that align with your unique lifestyle. Whether you envision yourself in top-tier surgical centers, teaching institutions, or contributing to community clinics, our commitment is to find placements that help you fulfill your aspirations.

Exclusive Benefits for PACU Nurses

Your daily support for patients merits equal support for you. That’s why Host Healthcare provides a comprehensive benefits package designed exclusively for nurses like you. From day-one health coverage to access to free CEUs, competitive pay rates, and customized housing assistance, we put your well-being at the forefront. This support enables you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care while simultaneously embarking on a journey to new places and unforgettable experiences.

Become a PACU Travel Nurse with Host Healthcare

At Host Healthcare, your journey as a PACU travel nurse is our top priority. When you take the step and apply, you’re not just embarking on new opportunities; you’re setting out on a path of professional growth and exhilarating adventures. As a PACU travel nurse, you’ll discover healthcare from a different perspective, and our dedicated team will have your back every step of the way.

Explore new opportunities, advance your career, and create a brighter future for yourself and your patients all with Host Healthcare as your unwavering ally. Apply today!


Recruiters You’ll Love

Humble brag alert: Our recruiters have the best reviews in the business. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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I’ve worked with host as a travel nurse the last 3 years.  I couldn’t imagine working with another agency! My recruiter Makena and her assistants Bailey & Danielle have been so helpful and supportive.
Abigail Pilsitz Jan 4, 2024
Hello everyone, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the top-tier professionalism and exceptional communication at Host Healthcare Agency. My recruiters (Shelby B, and Kaytlin C) From the moment I engaged with their staff, it was evident that they prioritize excellence in every aspect of their service. Host Healthcare Agency has exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and outstanding communication. 
JaWan Hollaway Jan 11, 2024
Host has been great so far. My recruiter Kelly it’s amazing, she has been talking to me for over a year even I didn’t get a contract with her until recently. She is patient and has worked really hard to get me a contract on my conditions. I am starting my second contract with them and will definitely recommend.
Adriana Paola Rivera Garcia Jan 25, 2024