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Expand Your Expertise in Pediatric Care

With Host Healthcare, you can expand your pediatric nursing expertise by working in diverse healthcare settings across the country. Each assignment exposes you to unique settings and allows you to gain invaluable experience in various pediatric care practices. Whether you specialize in neonatal care, general pediatrics, or pediatric oncology, being a traveling nurse practitioner provides opportunities to enhance your clinical skills, broaden your knowledge, and foster versatility in pediatric nursing.

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Count on Our Caring Host Healthcare Recruitment Team

As you embark on your journey of becoming a traveling pediatric nurse, know that Host Healthcare is here to offer constant support. Our compassionate recruiters are committed to your success and will collaborate closely with you to discover ideal travel nursing jobs that match your aspirations and preferences.

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Experience Lifestyle Flexibility and Unwavering Support

We understand the importance of balance and flexibility in your life as a pediatric travel nurse. Host Healthcare offers lifestyle flexibility and unwavering support to ensure your journey is enjoyable and stress-free.

Discover the Benefits of Pediatric Travel Nursing with Host Healthcare

At Host Healthcare, we believe in supporting your growth and advancement as a pediatric travel nurse. We provide opportunities for continuous learning in new healthcare settings and professional development to help you reach new heights in your career. 

From the start, as a traveling pediatric nurse, you’ll have access to free CEUs to support your professional development, comprehensive day-1 health benefits, competitive pay, personalized housing assistance, and a range of resources to empower you to flourish in all aspects of your professional and personal life. If you’re ready to unlock the incredible value that travel nursing jobs bring to pediatric nurses, apply today to begin your journey with Host Healthcare.


Recruiters You’ll Love

Humble brag alert: Our recruiters have the best reviews in the business. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

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I’ve worked with host as a travel nurse the last 3 years.  I couldn’t imagine working with another agency! My recruiter Makena and her assistants Bailey & Danielle have been so helpful and supportive.
Abigail Pilsitz Jan 4, 2024
Hello everyone, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the top-tier professionalism and exceptional communication at Host Healthcare Agency. My recruiters (Shelby B, and Kaytlin C) From the moment I engaged with their staff, it was evident that they prioritize excellence in every aspect of their service. Host Healthcare Agency has exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and outstanding communication. 
JaWan Hollaway Jan 11, 2024
Host has been great so far. My recruiter Kelly it’s amazing, she has been talking to me for over a year even I didn’t get a contract with her until recently. She is patient and has worked really hard to get me a contract on my conditions. I am starting my second contract with them and will definitely recommend.
Adriana Paola Rivera Garcia Jan 25, 2024