Ashleigh Murray

Clinical Supervisor

Registered Nurse
Years Worked:
8 Years
Specialties: Emergency Trauma & PACU

Ashleigh began her career as an inpatient treatment counselor working in an adolescent behavioral health facility for individuals with co-occurring traumatic disorders. She then worked as a histotechnologist during nursing school. Once she graduated, Ashleigh started her nursing career in emergency trauma and upon catching the travel bug, worked as a travel nurse for 5 years. She has worked in emergency trauma, Pre-op, PACU, and IV Infusion.

As a travel nurse, Ashleigh experienced multiple situations where she wished she had a nurse to talk to in order to navigate them. She loves that she has the opportunity to provide this level of support for our Host Healthcare travelers. She sees the opportunity to be there for our clinicians as rewarding and a privilege.

Ashleigh is originally from Washington D.C. and is currently living on the West Coast. She loves playing with her dogs, traveling, reading, leather work, and is a proud plant mama.

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