Hannah Wilson

Clinical Supervisor

Registered Nurse
Years worked: 10
Specialties: PreOp & ICU: Medical/Surgical, Burn & Medical/COVID

Hannah stated her nursing career 10 years ago, going straight to the ICU as a new grad. She spent 6 years primarily in Medical/Surgical ICU before traveling with Host Healthcare from Jan 2020 – July 2021. During her time as a travel nurse, she worked in the Burn ICU and Medical/COVID ICU. She has since spent over 2 years in PreOp before recently stepping away from bedside.

She loves keeping a foot in the travel nursing world and is passionate about connecting with our clinicians across the country. Having used our clinical support while on assignment, Hannah is grateful that she is now able to provide the same support for travelers.

Hannah currently resides in Knightdale, North Carolina. She enjoys anything outdoors, spending time with her family, baking sourdough, reading, and catching up with friends.

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