Welcome to
the team

We’re happy you’re here and we’re looking forward to working with you to help others live better.

Orientation Day 1
Tech, Onboarding and Introduction to Host Healthcare

8:00 AM PST – Computer Assembly

9:00 AM PST – Introductions with Direct Manager

10:00 AM PST – HR Cloud Onboarding Paperwork

11:30 AM PST – Manager Check-In

1:00 PM PST – Host Healthcare Weekly Stand-Up Meeting

1:45 PM PST – Host Healthcare Company Orientation

3:15 PM PST – Workspace Overview / Tech Training

4:15 PM PST – Complete Remaining Employee Onboarding Paperwork

Orientation Day 2
Host Healthcare and Industry Training

8:30 AM PST – Industry Training

9:30 AM PST – Host Healthcare Brand Promise

10:00 AM PST – Back to Direct Manager / Department 


Help others live better


Enable U.S. healthcare professionals and facilities to provide world-class care

Host Promise

At Host Healthcare, we are dedicated and passionate about our noble pursuit of caring for those who care for others.

​Every one of us plays a vital role in living our Core Values. It’s incumbent upon each of us to create a culture where ideas are heard, action is taken, laughter is plentiful, and an environment is cultivated that makes Host Healthcare the best company in the world.

​Our company culture is one where contributions are recognized, opportunities to thrice personally and professionally are abundant, and we are enabled to flourish as human beings to the fullest extent possible.

​We are dedicated to helping overs live a better life.

​We take intelligent risks, collaborate fearlessly, hold each other accountable to be our best every day, and we enjoy our time together while working towards the betterment of our community and the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

Everyone at Host Healthcare lives by a shared set of values that guides our work and makes our company culture one of the best in the world.

Team Strength

We are only as good as the bonds that bind us together; we always work together across departments to solve problems and improve as an organization.

Personal Accountability

We take ownership of our outcomes, admit when we are wrong, and learn from our mistakes.

Lead With Integrity

We grow our business through transparency, honesty, and humility.

Driven by Excellence

We pledge to be the best, not because it's expected, but because it's who we are.

Embrace Positivity

We promote an optimistic and team-oriented environment.

Commitment to Mastering Our Craft

We are a learning organization that embraces change and craves continuous growth.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Chanel Georges

Executive Vice President

Jordan Lerner

VP of Operations

Brendan Haire

Vice President of Sales

Gerald Cohen

Vice President of People Strategy

Travis Duke

Chief Marketing Officer

Christine Rosales

Executive Director of Quality Assurance

Amanda McRoberts

Executive Director of Account Management

Meghan Jusko

Technology Project Director

Natalie Red Eagle

Executive Director of Clinical Services

Kaitlin Bartlett

Director of Corporate Communications and Culture (858) 289-4969

Jennifer Nguyen

Account Coordinator Director

Karly Makela

Benefits Director

Maddi Frost

Recruiter Liaison Manager

Erin Ensey

Recruitment Support Manager

Courtney Toy

Accounts Receivable Director

Daniel McLaughlin

Recruitment Director

Mikayla Miller

Contracts Manager

Tiffany LaRocco

Credentialing Manager

Jeni Redondo

Credentialing Manager


Weekly Culture Round-Up Newsletter

  • All Host Healthcare team members will receive the weekly Culture Round-Up newsletter sent to their inboxes every Wednesday. This is Host’s internal newsletter focusing on all things culture. We use this platform to celebrate birthdays and promotions, as a reminder of upcoming company events, to spotlight new team members, and more!
  • A tip is to create a separate inbox for emails coming from [email protected] in your Outlook mailbox so you do not miss anything!

Employee-Led Culture Teams

  • Host has multiple employee-led culture teams that provide Host employees an opportunity to interact with and promote the culture in ways that bring the Host Promise to life. A few of the culture teams that we currently have are the Fun & Experiences Team, Pride Committee, Host4U, and more.
  • The Culture Teams rosters are refreshed every January, giving new team members an opportunity to participate on a committee, if interested.
  • If you would like to learn more about an Employee-Led Culture Team, reach out to [email protected] 

Quarterly Feedback Surveys

  • Host Healthcare is committed to continuous improvement. Each quarter, team members are encouraged to share anonymous feedback via survey about overall satisfaction, workload, leadership, and more.
  • The Executive Leadership Team reviews the survey results and shares actions that will be taken to address the quarter’s key themes.

Host Swag Store

  • Host was its very own Swag Store filled with everything from hoodies and sweatpants to speakers and pet bandanas. Start shopping here.

Grow with Host Leadership Program

  • All Host Healthcare team members are encouraged to participate in professional development courses taught by the award-winning executive training company, The Simon Leadership Alliance.
  • “Grow With Host” offers a variety of personal and professional development opportunities for ranging from monthly seminars to a 6-month leadership program.
  • You can learn more here.

Welcome to a virtual-first workplace! We know that this may be your first time working fully remote, so we have a variety of resources to assist new employees in setting up their desks. Please do not start setting up your technology before your first day. This information is being provided to you so you can set up your technology after you have started on your first day.

Tech Equipment 

  • Your contact for all things IT-related is Kam Sagoo, our Wendego IT Consultant. Before your first day, you will receive an email from Kam with the steps to set up your new computer equipment and download the Microsoft apps. If you have not received this email, or need assistance, you can reach out to Kam Sagoo at (619) 622 9064 or at [email protected].

Microsoft Outlook

  • All orientations, team meetings, and company wide meetings should already be on your Microsoft Outlook calendar. If you do not see any meetings already populated on your calendar, reach out to your manager.

  • Use this guide to set up your email signatures. 

  • Create folders in your inbox. A great tip is to create folders for these categories: company-wide emails from Host Healthcare, emails from your department, emails from your manager, and emails from the Culture Team. For more information on how to create folders, follow this guide.

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is a chat, call, and video app designed for quick communication between co-workers and teams. It is also where all of Host Healthcare’s virtual meetings take place.

  • Upload your profile photo to your Teams app. This helps match a face to a name in a virtual first workplace. Follow this guide if you need assistance.

  • The Host culture encourages chat in Teams, especially during all-company meetings. Just wait until your first Monday Stand-Up meeting!

Host Healthcare has a variety of opportunities to virtually gather as a company in fun and informative ways. All team members are highly encouraged to attend these meetings because they are a chance to learn about the company, celebrate teammates, and connect. 

Monday Stand-Up

  • Monday Stand-Up is a weekly meeting that takes place every Monday. It is an all-company meeting that covers key points of interest for the business as well as provides a mechanism to celebrate the most important part of our company, the talented people that work here. Monday Stand-Up is a culture builder and a way to recognize and highlight big wins and major changes from the prior week

Friday Q&A Discussion

  • Held every other week, the Friday Q&A Discussion is another culture-centric meeting that brings our Host Promise and core values to life. It is an open forum for honest and transparent discussions about the company, the world, and our way of working together. All team members are encouraged to come to the meeting, fill their social wellness cup, and submit a question for the Executive Leadership Team. Questions are submitted via SurveyMonkey the week leading up to the Q&A and are addressed during the meeting.

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