Most travel nurses don’t know where they will be working three, six, or nine months from now. Life as a travel nurse is very busy. However, booking your next assignment can be beneficial. As Host Healthcare Travel Nurse Recruitment Director Kaylan Duffy says, “booking your next travel nursing assignment in advance comes with many benefits.” This article covers 10 benefits for booking your travel nursing assignment in advance.

10 Benefits For Booking Your Travel Nursing Assignment In Advance

  1. You will have more opportunities when selecting your assignment. If you are looking to work in a specific city or shift, booking your assignment early is a major advantage in securing your ideal job.
  2. You will have time to get to your next assignment. It takes time to travel across the country. There is nothing worse than feeling like you need to rush to your next assignment. Booking your assignment in advance gives you time to get to your next assignment or plan accordingly so you can arrive on time.
  3. You will have time to get your new state nursing license. Your next assignment might require you to get a new nursing license. One of the benefits for booking your travel nursing assignment in advance gives you the necessary time to get your new nursing license. Remember, some states take longer than others.
  4. You can plan a vacation. One of the best ways to re-charge your personal batteries is to get away. If you need some inspiration, check out our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to get away. Whether it’s a place on this list or not, planning a vacation is important after working 13 straight weeks.
  5. You can arrange for any committed obligations. You know how things come up? Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Things that you need to attend that thankfully are scheduled in advance but sometimes planning for them comes at the last second. When you plan our next travel nursing assignment in advance you can work around these committed events.
  6. You will avoid missing your next assignment. The good news is that the demand is high for travel nursing jobs. That means getting your next assignment should come easy. However, if you procrastinate on selecting your next assignment you could end up with less than ideal assignments or worse, not be able to book anything. If you are someone who needs money for a variety of reasons, not having your next assignment booked can be nerve raking.
  7. You can stop recruiters who keep calling you to book your next assignment. How many times are you called by recruiters? How many emails do you receive? When you book your next travel nursing assignment in advance you can ignore those emails or tell the recruiters who call that you are already booked.
  8. You can relax while others stress. “The fact is, most travel nurses wait too long before booking their next assignment”, says Duffy. “For me, I always tell my nurses to book early if you find something you like. They get to relax while other nurses stress over finding their next job.” Many activities as a travel nurse are stressful. Don’t make finding your next assignment one of them.
  9. You can enjoy the sights. Traveling to your next assignment can have plenty of fun places to see on the way. If you are driving to your next assignment, booking in advance will allow you time to take enjoy your surroundings. You get to check out that one place that you have always wanted to see.
  10. You could make some extra money. Some travel nurse assignments are harder to fill than others. Thus, they create lucrative packages to entice travel nurses. You could earn a sign on bonus when you book your next travel nursing assignment in advance. It will probably feel nice to get some extra money before the assignment begins.

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Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 10 benefits for booking your next travel nursing assignment in advance.

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