When it comes to cities that promote an active lifestyle, not all are created equal. Especially when you are a travel nurse. You are only in a city for a finite number of weeks. Gyms are great but not when you are trying to discover a new city. Do you know the fun trails to walk or run? What about a spot by the water to rent a kayak or stand up paddleboard? That is why we did the work for you. We have put together our 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active.

10 Best Cities for Travel Nurses Who Like To Be Active

Our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active covers all options for people. Like being active by water? We got you covered. Prefer to enjoy winter activities? We got you covered too. We hope you enjoy our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active.

  1. Denver, Colorado – Ranking in at number one on our list is Denver. In Denver will literally always keep you on your feet! To star, go kayaking in Confluence Park. From there, walk the mile-high trail in City Park and end on a bike ride through Red Rocks Park. In the winter, enjoy world class skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports right on your doorstep!
  2. San Diego, California – With perfect weather all year long, who wouldn’t want to be outdoors in San Diego? Go hiking at Torrey Pines State Park or taking a surfing lesson on one of the numerous San Diego beaches. If surfing isn’t really you thing, you can also try kite surfing, paddle boarding windsurfing and even paragliding!
  3. Portland, Oregon – Natives of Portland love to keep active. Take a hike through the “enchanted forest” of Forest Park or take a scenic cycle through the downtown center. Looking for more? Enjoy kayaking or canoe for a great paddling adventure. Did you know that Portland ranks in as one of the lowest percentage of physical inactive residents among U.S cities? Portland belongs on our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active.
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota- If you love basketball, then Minneapolis is the place to be. Minneapolis ranks in being in the top three cities for having the most basketball hoops per capita. In addition to basketball, there are a plethora of jogging trails and tracks to bike or just take a stroll through the chain lakes. You can also take a run through Minnehaha park to check out some beautiful waterfalls!
  5. San Francisco, California – San Francisco is the perfect place if you love hiking. Yosemite National Park is right at your back door. With various excursions offered almost daily, you can see the park’s most beloved attraction such as the famous Half Dome and El Capitan. In addition to Yosemite, you can also bike through the Golden Gate Bridge and even through SF’s prized wine country.
  6. Boston, Massachusetts – Boston has many things to over a travel nurse who likes to be active. For starters, jog along the Charles River Esplanade and enjoy some beautiful parks with numerous running paths. In fact, you can even take a running tour through Boston. Did you know Boston has of the world’s oldest annual marathon? Aside from running, you can also bike through the Charles River Bike Path and even canoe and kayak in the Charles River!
  7. Washington, D.C – Washington, D.C. is a great walking city. Why not take a walking tour and explore our nations beautiful capital by foot? If you fancy cycling more, take a daylong biking tour where you cycle to the major sightseeing spots. For those who like the water there is something for you in DC. Choose from numerous watersports such as kayaking and canoeing to see city outdoors!
  8. Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta soared high on our list with so many athletic facilities to choose from. Whether it be swimming pools or tennis courts, you can always find something active to do in Atlanta! Atlanta also tied for first place in having the most fitness centers per capita. Nurses would love this place more as it has lots of opportunities for travel CNA jobs.
  9. Orlando, Florida – If you love golf, Orlando is your city. Orlando is ranked in the top three U.S cities for having most golf courses per capita. In addition to golfing, Orlando is also known for its excellent fishing. You can take a fishing trip for the day or just catch some fresh fish from the shore! If fishing or golfing aren’t your thing, no worries, you can also paddleboard, kayak, bike along the beautiful Florida terrain!
  10. Scottsdale, Arizona – Did you know Scottsdale is ranked third in having the most fitness centers per capita? In addition to a plethora of gyms, there are numerous hiking, biking, and running trails throughout it’s desert landscape. You can also go river rafting and tubing in the Salt River! If you are into some extreme adventure, you can always hop on an ATV to take you through some serious trails.

Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active. Interested in traveling to one of these 10 cities? Reach out to your recruiter or fill out this form below.

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