Check out our top ten best cities for travel nurses who like to eat great food. When it comes to being a foodie, your interest in the culinary arts rests on specific qualities. A refined taste, expansive knowledge and a sophisticated palate. We hope that this list will provide you with inspiration for your travel assignment location. If not, consider these some ideas for a weekend foodie getaway! There are plenty of cities serving amazing food. This is our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to eat great food.

10 Best Cities for Travel Nurses Who Like to Eat Great Food

  1. New York, New York. New York City ranks in at number one on our list of the top ten best cities for amazing food. NYC is a melting pot of the world offers various cuisine options. From famous Italian pasta, Greek, Lebanese, Chinese, vegan, Mexican, Sushi and just about everything you can think of in-between. A native New York favorite, Joes Pizza is the perfect place to grab that classic slice of authentic New York style pizza. Another New York staple, the famous Katz Deli, will awe you with their thick, abundant sandwiches. Don’t forget about New York’s Restaurant Week. It’s a great way to enjoy the high-end restaurants for a fraction of the cost. There is nothing that New York doesn’t offer. If you’re looking to savor these culinary delights while advancing your career, consider the exciting New York City travel nurse jobs available here at Host Healthcare.
  2. Washington D.C. Washington D.C has some amazing, world-class restaurants that is sure to please even the pickiest of palates. Some not to miss places include Sfoglina, which is a casual eatery that offers great Spanish food lunch and dinner. Another is Timber Pizza Company, which is an incredible brick and mortar food truck. Our nations capital offers an innovative and exciting food scene that is only growing!
  3. Portland, Oregon. Known as the city where “Chefs come to stay”, Portland has the genuine home-style cooking that will keep you coming back for more. Portland is also home to authentic various brewed beers, coffee, berries, salmon, ice cream and olive oil.
  4. Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is very cherished as a food capital as you can get local deep-dish pizza, classic hot dogs and Italian beef as well as Michelin-starred restaurants. Try for yourself when you’re on your next travel assignment in Chicago to see if this city does indeed have some of America’s best steaks. Let the Midwest hearty, heartwarming food full your bellies with some classic American as well as international dishes.
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy cuisine is not to be missed by any foodie. Home of the famous beignets, scrumptious Po-Boys and local crawfish, New Orleans is truly the epitome of a foodie city. Food is a huge part of New Orleans culture. From high-end restaurants to mom and pop shops serving up some melt in your mouth gumbo, if you’re on a travel nurse assignment in Louisiana you’re going to enjoy eating in this city.
  6. Austin, Texas. Ranking in at number six on your top ten list, Austin is a great city to satisfy your every craving. From pizzas to burgers to cocktails and coffees, Austin surely has all cuisines However, what Austin is really known for is their famous Tex-Mex and barbecue. Be sure not to miss the juicy briskest at the well-known Franklins Barbeque!
  7. Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles has some of the hottest and up and coming restaurants in the country. For starters, Majodormo is ranked the trendiest restaurant in LA. Customers can also enjoy the abundance of excellent taco stands. Another not to miss spot is Sidecar Donuts with freshly baked donuts hourly! Overall, for travel nurses who are passionate about food and seeking new culinary experiences, Los Angeles is an ideal destination. Discover the exciting opportunities in this gastronomic haven by checking out our latest CA travel nurse jobs.
  8. Charleston, South Carolina. There is no doubt that Charleston is a booming food scene. Charleston provides the perfect breeding ground for culinary heaven. For starters, local farms are located only ten minutes from city center. How about the only sea five minutes away? Charleston certainly combines southern comfort food with hospitality. Want more? Between April and November the farmers market in Marion Square is a showstopper. This is the perfect place for South Carolina travel nurses to buy artisanal preserves, fresh produce and tender fruits.
  9. Houston, Texas. Known as the next culinary capital, Houston ranks in at number nine on our top ten list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to eat great food. Houston is known from their unique culinary combinations that bring diversity to your palate. With Houston being the fourth largest metropolitan city in the US, residents can discover anything from authentic sushi to amazing burgers to local meats and everything in between.
  10. San Francisco, California – San Francisco also known as “Artisanal Paradise”, is a breeding ground for where people take passion in their local ingredients and culinary adventures. Where nearly everything is farm-to-table, its hard not to be satisfied with its fresh famous tossed salads and mission-style burritos. There are plenty of great spots to eat in San Francisco. A not to miss spot for some well-known and inventive ice cream is Smitten, where you will be amazed with their new and unique liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Hopefully after reading this list you are “hungry” for a new adventure. This is our list of the top 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to eat great food.

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