Every travel therapist has something they enjoy doing in their free time. Some like adventure while others like to relax. This article however is for the travel therapist who likes craft beer. This article highlights our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer. Craft beer has certainly become an economic driver. Everyone has their preference whether it’s IPAs, stouts, porters, browns, sours or many more options. There are so many cities making a name for themselves in the craft beer industry. But we’ve picked our 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer.

10 Best Cities For Travel Therapists Who Like Craft Beer

10) Pittsburgh, PA. Kicking off our 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer is Pittsburgh. Like many cities you will find on our list, craft beer has taken over Pittsburgh. But Pittsburgh has had a rich history of beer. The Pittsburgh Brewing Company opened its doors in 1844. Pittsburgh also has BREW: The Museum of Beer where you can learn about the history of beer.

9) Grand Rapids, MI. Grand Rapids is certainly one of those undercover great craft beer cities. The most well-known brewery in Grand Rapids is Founders Brewing Co. But there are other options for you in Grand Rapids such as Harmony, Latitude 42, and Grand Rapids Brewing Company.

8) San Francisco, CA. California is certainly well-known for craft beer. Hoppy beers seem to be the popular choice of Californians but beers like sours are certainly growing. In San Francisco, there is no shortage of options to enjoy your favorite type of craft beer. 21st Amendment, Black Hammer, Local Brewing Co., and ThirstyBear are all right along the Bay. Want to try something new? Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery are distilling beer into whiskey!

7) Portland, ME. When most people hear craft beer and Portland they immediately go to Oregon. But Portland, Maine has a great beer scene too. Portland, Maine’s craft beer scene starts with places like Allagash, the Maine Beer Company, and Shipyard. But there are plenty of other options like Bissell Brothers that are worth a stop.

6) Seattle, WA. Most people equate coffee and Seattle together. But did you know Seattle has the fifth-most breweries in the country? Seattle’s craft brew scene is thriving, places like Georgetown Brewing and Fremont Brewing are some local favs.

5) Asheville, NC. When USA Today refers to you as “the south’s standout brewing scene” you know you belong on any craft beer list. With ~90,000 people living in Asheville and 25+ breweries, Asheville the highest ratios of breweries to people on our list. You will certainly have places to visit but breweries like Wicked Weed and Burial seem to be the preferences.

4) Bend, OR. Any city that has an Ale Trail app on your phone makes our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer. While Portland gets a lot of the attention, Bend is no slouch. With 22 craft breweries including Deschutes, Bend is a great city for any travel therapist who loves craft beer.

3) Denver, CO. Denver is more than just Coors. Did you know the Mile High City is home to 60+ breweries? Denver is certainly a place to go for craft beer. If you can, plan your drip to Denver during the Great American Beer Festival.

2) Portland, OR. With more than 70 breweries, Portland is one of the best craft beer scenes. Places like Breakside and Cascade are doing some innovative things with their craft beer. In addition, seemingly every establishment in Portland — from the mini-golf course to the movie theater to the museum — serves beer.

1) San Diego, CA. Ending out our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer is San Diego. There are plenty of famous breweries who call San Diego home, such as Ballast Point and Stone. But there are plenty of craft breweries you can visit in San Diego. San Diego has more than 100 licensed breweries, and a lot more people in garages primed to start one.

There is no shortage of great craft beer cities. This is just our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like craft beer.

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