What people are looking for in a city can differ. Some want to be around the noise and action while others enjoy a place where they can rest and relax. This article will cover our list of the 10 best cities for the latter. As a travel therapist, whether your idea of relaxation is a quiet mountain hike, a beachside nap or a cooking class, this lineup has got you covered. This is our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like to relax.

10 Best Cities For Travel Therapists Who Like To Relax

  1. Boulder, CO. Leading off our list of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like to relax is Boulder. From the laid-back atmosphere, to activities, Boulder is certainly a great city for any travel therapists who likes to relax. You can enjoy the majestic mountain ranges as you have a nice picnic or go for a pleasant stroll around the Pearl Street Mall. Boulder is certainly a must visit city for any travel therapist looking to relax.
  2. Kauai, HI. We can’t think of too many things that are more relaxing than sitting on the beach on an island. There is no shortage of relaxing things to do in Kauai. For starters, visit Wailua Falls, a double-tiered waterfall. It’s breathtaking. From there, go visit Na ‘Aina Kai, one of the botanical gardens on the island. Then there are the countless number of places to enjoy the sunset.
  3. Port Angeles, WA. Now you might not know where Port Angeles is on this list or even where it’s at. It’s a city only a few miles away from the boarder of Canada. But that’s now why it’s on our list. It’s on our list because it plays home to Olympic National Park. An acoustic ecologist determined that the quietest spot in the lower 48 is in Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rain Forest. It’s a cool experience to visit. Enjoy hiking or camping inside the park, rugged beaches, and lack of human-prompted noise soothe your soul.
  4. Sedona, AZ. Sedona, Arizona offers plenty of calming experiences for travel therapists who like to relax. Enjoy a Mii Amo Spa; a destination spa rated #2 destination spa in the world by Travel + Leisure. Looking to relax outside? Red Rock Country is a natural soul-soother in its natural beauty gleaming under a new sheen of luxury.
  5. Raleigh, NC. Rounding out our top 5 cities of the 10 best cities for travel therapists who like to relax is Raleigh. There are plenty of scenic places where you can enjoy peace and relaxation. Shelly Lake Trail offers great views and serenity as you explore the trails. Lake Lynn Trail is a great place to see wildlife as you enjoy the scenery.
  6. San Diego, CA. Another city with some amazing beaches lands a spot in our 10 best cities for travel therapists who like to relax. A great start is to enjoy the world-famous Coronado beach and Hotel del Coronado. From there, you can jump up to Julian and enjoy mountain life and their famous apple pie.
  7. Killington, VT. If your definition of relaxing is white mountains than Killington, Vermont is a great place for you. New Life Hiking Spa comes highly recommended as one of the nation’s best spas, offering daily treks through Vermont’s Green Mountains. In wintertime, head to Killington Ski Resort for a snow-dusted getaway. Looking for more of a retreat spa? Check out New Life Hiking Spa, ranked one of the top spa getaways by Travel + Leisure.
  8. Portland, ME. Staying on the east coast is where we find our next city. Portland, Maine is a beautiful place to relax. The Portland Observatory provides spectacular views over the harbor and is a beloved symbol of Portland’s rich maritime heritage.
  9. Carmel, CA. “Carmel-by-the-sea” is an artsy hideout on the Monterey Peninsula. Explore a manageable spread of small-town shops and galleries, then take a trail down to the beach. Little inns and lodges let you fall asleep to the sound of waves.
  10. Bettles, AK. Bettles, Alaska makes our list for one reason. It is home to the Gates of Arctic National Park. Gates of the Arctic is one of America’s least-visited national parks and ideal if going off the grid is your relaxation goal. With no trails or visitor services, the massive slice of Alaskan backcountry leaves travelers to camp, canoe and explore in total peace.
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Hopefully you enjoyed this article on our 10 best cities for travel therapists who like to relax.

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