Being a travel therapist has so many great benefits. Growing your career, making money, building your resume, all while traveling. You can be a travel therapist at any part in your career and for as long as you want. We spoke with some of our travel therapists to create the 10 best things about being a travel therapist.

10 Best Things About Being A Travel Therapist

  1. Career development. Having firsthand experience and challenging yourself will help propel your career forward. Being able to help a wide variety of people with all types of conditions will provide you with new skills to advance your career. Moreover, travel therapy is a great networking opportunity as you are working with new colleagues and forming new bonds with coworkers.
  2. Meeting new friends. This is one of the 10 best things about being a travel therapist that was one of our more popular answers. One of the best things about travel therapy is making new friends along the way. During your assignment, you’ll be sure to form new friendships and develop memories that will last a lifetime. Take a new friend with you one weekend for some sightseeing around the city or explore a nearby town!
  3. Traveling the country. The most exciting thing about travel therapy is that you get to travel the country! That’s right, you can go anywhere! How amazing is that? Always wanted to live in Alaska? Or how about living near South Beach in Miami? The choice is yours. Your Host Healthcare recruiter will help pick the perfect location for you.
  4. You can take time off between assignments. Travel therapy allows you to personalize your assignments. If you want to take time off between assignments you can. Perhaps you have a special commitment or previously travel plans. No worries! You can work with your Host Healthcare recruiter to make sure we schedule your assignment around your important plans.
  5. Learning new skills. Working in new locations will challenge you in new ways. Being exposed to new coworkers and patients will challenge yourself. Learning new skills on assignment are great building blocks for your next placement. You will be able to take the skills you learned and apply them to any place you work in the future.
  6. First hand experience in different environments. As a travel PTA, the ability to move and adapt to different locations is very powerful. Moreover, the first hand experience you get when working in new environments will be a great career development tool. You will gain valuable knowledge and expand your proficiency through experiencing working in different facilities as a travel therapist.
  7. Money. As a travel therapist, you can earn mote than just your salary. Did you know you could make money by just referring someone else to Host Healthcare? Take advantage of our Summer Referral Program. When you refer a Travel PT, OT, or SLP, not only do you receive $1,000 but they refer an extra $500.
  8. Resume building. The ability to work in new locations, adapt to facilities, with meet new colleagues and patients is sure extraordinary. There is no doubt that travel therapy is a resume booster. Anyone will be impressed by the skills you will learn on cnna jobs california assignment!
  9. Travel with your pet. The only thing better than traveling the country while on assignment, is travelling with your pet! We all love our furry best friends, so why not travel with your pet. Your loyal companion will love exploring new cities with you.
  10. Develop yourself. Traveling can be truly life changing. Experiencing new cities, working in different environment and meeting all types of people along with way will allow you to challenge yourself and moreover, develop yourself in ways you would have never imagined. The experiences had and memories created while on assignment will be not only impressive, but memorable as well.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

Hopefully this article gave you some good insight on our list of the 10 best things about being a travel therapist.

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