As a travel nurse, you are working with all types of patients and colleagues. And just as you learn how to work with them, you are getting ready to take on your next assignment. Communicating properly with others is as a travel nurse is vital. It ensures patient safety at all times. Here are 10 communication tips for travel nurses that work.

10 Communication Tips For Travel Nurses That Work

  1. Speak Slowly. Being a travel nurse is a fast pace career. That’s given. However, remember when you communicate to others that you take a step back and speak slowly. Speaking too quickly can confuse patients and colleagues.
  2. Speak Clearly. Just as you want to speak slowly, make sure you speak clearly. Again, you are working in a fast pace environment. Things are moving quickly. Make sure if you have something important to say to a patient or doctor that you clearly enunciate.
  3. Avoid Slang. Slang is something we all use. However, there is a time and a place for it. At work, slang might not be important to use when talking with doctors or patients.
  4. Remember Your Audience. The way you to speak to another nurse, a doctor, or patient could be very different. Even certain patients could require different ways you need to communicate to them.
  5. Pay Attention To Body Language. More than half of what we say isn’t said at all. Body language is a very important way we communicate to others. As a travel nurse, be sure you pick up on body language of your peers or patients. It can be scary when patients come in. They might not always say that. So be sure you pick up on that and consult them if needed.
  6. Use Jargon Appropriately. Most industries have their own jargon. While that is fine using in conversations with colleagues, patients might not follow. When speaking with patients, make sure you speak to their understanding.
  7. Check for Understanding. A related tip many of the above tips is to ask for understanding. Be sure to check for body language when you ask for understanding. Again, people might not always come out and say what they want to say.
  8. Listen. That’s right. One of the 10 communication tips for travel nurses that work is to say nothing at all. Communication is a two-way street. When you listen you are able to properly communicate with others.
  9. Embrace Silence. Don’t feel like you have to always speak. Quite could be time that people use to process what you have said. It also allows the person or people you are speaking with to ask questions or check for understanding.
  10. Be Positive. The way you present yourself can have a big impact on your communication with others. Being positive can avoid the one-word answers and allow you to have a dialogue. Just like you are reading the body language of others, they are reading your body language. The nicer, friendlier you are the easier it will be to communicate with others.

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Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 10 communication tips for travel nurses that work.

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