You might have heard of the wonderful travel therapy benefits. The more money you can make, the freedom to travel the country, and the reimbursements that you can receive. However, travel therapy benefits exceed the tangible items in your contract. There are plenty of hidden benefits of travel therapy. This article will highlight 10 hidden benefits of travel therapy.

1) Develop Your People Skills. Having a career in travel therapy exposes you to a diverse group of individuals. Individuals that you have never worked with before. These could be co-workers, patients, superiors, or potentially other travel therapists. Being surrounded by new people is a good thing. It allows you to build relationships quickly. You might not get along with everyone you encounter. However, one of the hidden benefits of travel therapy is the opportunity to work on your people skills.

2) Grow Your Personal Network. This is one of the biggest travel therapy myths. As a travel therapist, there is no doubt you will expand your professional network. But you will also grow your personal network. Your new friends could be people you meet at work or out on the town. These onetime strangers could end up playing a large role in your life for years to come. Check out these other six travel therapy jobs myths.

3) Test Drive A New City. You might think in you have figured out the best city for you. But have you ever lived there? Do you know what their winter or summer is like? One of the hidden benefits of travel therapy is that most contracts are 13 weeks long. That gives you 3 months to test drive a new city before fully committing to it.

4) Spend More Time With Friends And Family. How many times have you heard someone, perhaps even yourself, saying oh if only I had more time to see my family? You try to squeeze in a quick trip here and there but you end up stressing over it. As a travel therapist, you can take your time before, between, and during assignments to spend time with your loved ones. Do you have an aunt in Minneapolis that you haven’t seen in years? Take your next assignment in the Twin Cities. Not too many careers allow you to pick up and move like that.

5) Enjoy The Seasons. Do you love a white winter? Maybe you’d prefer it to be sunny and 75? What about both? As a travel therapist, you might not be able to control the weather but you can control where you’ll it. Even better, you can change your season every 3 months. This could give you the cold winter you have wanted but aren’t forced to deal with it every year.

6) Travel With Someone. You don’t have to embark on a travel therapy assignment on your own. You can travel with a friend, loved one, or pet. Make sure if your dream is to travel with another person or animal that you inform your recruiter. They can help make sure you have the space and any accommodations you need.

7) Find Employment When Your Spouse Is Relocated. It happens sometimes where your spouse’s company is being relocated. When that happens, it can be a tough decision between loved ones. Not if you are a travel therapist. You can work in any city or state. If you need help securing a new license, your recruiter can help. Even better, if you’re a travel therapist with Host Healthcare, one benefit we offer is license reimbursement. Talk about one of the greatest hidden benefits of travel therapy.

8) Have A Mentor There For You At All Times. The increase in income or living in a new city might sound exciting. But despite those clear benefits, starting a new career can be stressful for some. What if we told you that you don’t have to do this alone. Students and new grads can have a built-in mentor with you every step of the way. Have questions on the right facility? Not sure what to expect on day one? That’s why you have a mentor. Host Healthcare travel therapists are able to enjoy the comfort of a mentor with them at all times. Call, text, or email your mentor for any questions.

9) Become A Travel Expert. Many travel therapists have done things and explore adventures that the rest of us can only dream of. The fact that you have visited and done things, means you can educate others on where to travel. Have a friend looking to take a vacation to a new city? Maybe you have another travel therapist weighing options between the states. Share your experience as a travel expert.

10) Earn Referral Bonuses. Most travel therapists are focused on their needs. Location, setting, weekly gross. But as a travel therapist, you can earn even more money. Travel therapy agencies like Host Healthcare offer referral bonuses when you refer a traveler. Know someone who you think would be great as a travel therapist or travel nurse? Refer them and earn some extra side cash.

Hopefully after reading this article you are even more excited about becoming or continuing as a travel therapist. These 10 hidden benefits of travel therapy are ready for you.

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