Summer is an exciting time of the year. There are many ways cultures to celebrate the summer solstice. In 2016, Norwegians celebrated by setting a world record for the tallest bonfire with their 155.5-foot celebratory bonfire. In Alaska, a tradition dating back to 1906 to play a baseball game known as the Midnight Sun Game starts at 10:00 p.m. and stretches well into the following morning. There are plenty of fun things to do during summer. This is our list of the 10 must do summer things for healthcare professionals.

10 Must Do Summer Things For Healthcare Professionals

Visit a county fair. There are fairs all over the country. Some of the most attended summer fairs include the Minnesota State Fair and the New York State Fair. There are also much smaller fairs that are still fun things to do during or between your next travel assignment. That being said, if you’re a travel nurse looking to experience the vibrant culture and exciting events like the New York State Fair, you might find our New York City travel nurse jobs to be a perfect fit for your next adventure.

Have a bonfire. For some people, a bonfire is synonymous with summer. Being by the beach and enjoying a bonfire is a top activity for most during the summer.

Take a road trip. This might be something you are used to doing as a travel healthcare professional. But taking a road trip is a fun thing to do during the summer. You can enjoy so many fun sights sometimes just a quick drive away.

Have a picnic. When the weather is nice and sunny, eating outside with a nice picnic is a popular thing to do. Grab some snacks, some drinks, perhaps a sandwich, and blanket, and relax outside as you enjoy a nice picnic.

Go to a drive-in movie theater. Summer is an exciting time of the year for movies. While you can go to any traditional movie theater, during the summer go to a drive-in movie theater. It is a nice break from the norm.

Take advantage of summer promotions. Summer time always has great promotions on trips, cars, furniture, and more. This is our quick plug to make sure you take advantage of our promotions. Our summer referral program lasts till Labor Day where when you refer a travel nurse or a travel therapist and they begin an assignment not only do you make money but so does your referral. We are also giving away hotel stays during our new traveler vacation destination and our win your dream vacation contest.

Fly a kite. Flying a kite can make you feel like a kid again. Sometimes, we need to feel like a kid. You can certainly build your own kite or buy a kite but it’s all about just having fun.

Go see a live music outdoors. There are plenty of amazing concerts in some great cities all summer long. Some very talented artists are on tour this summer; perhaps coming to a city near you. Check out the summer concerts near you or see if your favorite artist is on tour and go check them out.

Visit a national park. There are hundreds of national parks across the country. Summer is a fun time to visit a national park near you. Even better, on August 25 every national park will open its gates to the public and celebrate the birthday of the National Park Service. If you’re on a travel nursing Wyoming job or a Montana travel nurse assignment, Yellowstone is a National Park you must explore.

Drink something with an umbrella in it. There are plenty of great sights to see and things to do. When you are there, be sure you really take it to the next level. One of the best ways to do that is to drink something with an umbrella in it. Nothing scream summer than ordering a tasty summer cocktail and throwing an umbrella in it.

Hopefully after reading this article. Be sure you follow these 10 must do summer things for healthcare professionals.

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