As graduation wraps up and new nurses are getting ready to enter the workforce it’s important we examine 10 nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom. While many nursing skills are taught in a classroom, the reality is, grad nurses really don’t know it all. This article is designed to help new nurses have a long and successful career. Here is our list of 10 nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom.

10 Nursing Skills You Cannot Learn In The Classroom

Professionalism. Whether you are interacting with patients, their families, or colleagues, it’s important nurses always exhibit professionalism. As a nurse, you could deal with different people. People with diverse cultural beliefs and values. Make sure you have respect, a positive attitude, and discipline as a nurse.

Time Management. Surely you know that life as a nurse is busy. You are running around dealing with many things throughout the day. Charting efficiently, quickly and thoroughly isn’t something you learn in school. Make sure you find whatever works for you to develop strong time management skills. This skill certainly is one of the big nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom.

Ability To Remain Calm. No matter what discipline you are in as a nurse, it is important you remain calm during stressful situations. As a nurse, you are always on the ready preparing for a demanding situation. Learning to remain calm and continue to perform your nursing skills despite the surrounding chaos is a challenging skill. However, you must, and can, master with time.

Attention To Detail. Making mistakes as a nurse can have profound consequences. It can impact the health and will-being of your patients. Be present with each patient discussion. Avoid distractions and letting your mind wander. This helps your patient feel understood and allows you to ensure mistakes are not mad.

How To Deal With Death. Death is something no one is prepared for. It takes time to be a sympathetic figure when families need it the most. This is one of those nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom. It requires time and understanding. Unfortunately, this is one of those on the job skills you will encounter.

How To Deal With Feelings. Work as a nurse is a pressure filled career. Adrenaline is running through your body. Everyone has diverse ways they handle pressure filled situations. As a nurse you must act under pressure in serious situations. You will learn that everyone has different approaches and learn how to adapt to their feelings when dealing with stressful situations.

How To Deal With Doctors and Other Co-Workers. People all come from a different background. As a nurse, there is no doubt you will encounter a grouchy doctor. When that happens remember one of the prior 10 nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom. Professionalism.

Communication. Nurses play an important role as you must be that bridge between patients and providers. If you find that you need help with either written or verbal communication, there are communication aids to help you improve your communication.

How To Successfully Multitask. While you might have been able to multitask a few things in school, nothing can prepare you when having to deal with 10 patients. One way to master this skill is to observe other nurses. Pick their brain about how they multitask when dealing with several patients at once.

Prioritizing. Like multitasking, this might be one of those skills you feel confident about as you become a nurse. However, when dealing with 10 patients that all need you how do you prioritize your time? It can be very tricky and a delicate situation. Things are stressful and people are demanding your time. Again, remember your ability to remain calm. You are only one person and you can only be at one place at a time.

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Hopefully this article helps prepare you for being a nurse. This article outlines the 10 nursing skills you cannot learn in the classroom.

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