Congratulations! You made it to the interview phase for your next travel therapy job. That means you must have followed our top 10 resume tips for travel therapists and wow’d the hiring manager. Now comes the part of preparing for your interview. Most hiring managers have a short list of candidates they are interviewing so make sure you set yourself apart. This article outlines 10 questions to ask during your travel therapy interview.

10 Questions To Ask During Your Travel Therapy Interview

What are your expectations for a travel therapist? This is a great open-ended question. It allows you to get an idea of your manager’s expectation of travel therapists. Keep in mind that every manager, every facility might have a different expectation for a travel therapist. Don’t assume the way things were done at previous assignments will be consistent at every assignment. That is why this question is certain on our list of the 10 questions to ask during your travel therapy interview.

What qualities do you think are most important for the therapist in this role? This question allows you to understand the qualities the hiring manager values. It also flips the conversation back to them which is always a great way to make your interview a conversation. Listen to what their answer. He or she could value communication, punctuality, or teamwork. After their response, be sure to give examples of how you embody those qualities.

What is the process for escalating an issue? It’s a given that sooner or later an issue will occur at work. When it does, it’s important you know the protocol for escalating an issue. Better to know the process before you get started so you are prepared.

What type of systems and technology do you use? There are so many systems and technologies out there. This should be something you know going into an interview but if you don’t be sure to ask this question during the interview. The great part about this question is if they use a system or technology you have used in the past you can speak to it.

How are schedules created? Schedules are very important to a travel therapist. How are schedules created? What is the process for adding or switching shifts? They might not allow you to add or switch shifts. But again, it’s good to know this information before getting started.

How many travelers do you staff? This is a very great question for every travel therapist. Knowing how many travelers a facility staffs is very telling. Either travelers have not been treated well there or they are not valued. On the other hand, they could staff travelers frequently which should give you reassurance that this is indeed a great place to work.

How many travel therapists extend or come back? Just like the previous question, this is a very telling question for any travel therapist. Most travelers will try a facility once. But if they extend or come back and travel again that means they really liked it. This is certainly one of the 10 questions to ask during your travel therapy interview.

Do you ever extend travelers? Thirteen weeks goes by quickly. Who knows, you may or may not want to extend. But that’s why it’s important to know if extending is a possibility.

What are the strengths of your facility? Another great question that turns the focus back on the interviewer. This allows you to know what they value as a strength for the facility. If you like their response, it could make even more excited about agreeing to an assignment.

What is the area like? Every question doesn’t have to be about work. Feel free to throw in a casual question. This is certainly a great question for any travel therapist new to a potential city. What are fun things to do in the city? What are good restaurants? These types of fun, light hearted questions can be a great way to connect with the hiring manager.

Hopefully after reading these 10 questions to ask during your travel therapy interview you will be calm, cool, and collective during your interview. Remember to relax and be yourself. You will do great.

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