Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to whip out the BBQ, head to the water, and enjoy a summer vacation. Summer is a crucial time for healthcare professionals too. There are plenty of exciting things you can take advantage of as well as ways to make some extra money. Check out our list of the 10 summer tips for healthcare professionals.

10 Summer Tips For Healthcare Professionals

Take Time For You. Summer is an exciting time of the year. There are so many things to do and people to see. But make sure you take time for yourself. Find a new book to read. Treat yourself to something nice. There is plenty of time to do all your activities. Don’t overextend yourself to do everything in one day.

Start Thinking About Your Next Assignment. Whether you are a travel nurse or a travel therapist, assignments are filling up fast. Whether you are on your current assignment or you are waiting for your next one to begin, it’s important you start thinking about your next assignment during the summer. If you are planning on taking time off during the holidays, make sure you start thinking about your next assignment now.

Refer A Traveler. As a travel therapist or a travel nurse you are always meeting new people. Then add summertime when you meet new people there are plenty of opportunities to refer a traveler to your agency. Referring a traveler allows you to make some extra spending money this summer.

Remind Your Patients To Be Safe During The Summer. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel nurse or travel therapist, it’s important you remind your patients to be safe during the summer. Remind them to apply enough sunscreen. If they are doing physical activities outside, remind them to make sure they drink plenty of water and avoid times when it is very hot.

Take Part In A Fun Contest. Everyone is doing summer promotions. Whether it’s tickets to an upcoming event, or discounts on furniture, you can’t avoid the summer promotions. Guess what? We have a fun contest as well. We have a summer referral program where when you refer a traveler not only do you make money but so do they. We also have a new traveler vacation destination where if you are new to Host Healthcare and you start an assignment between now and Labor Day that you are entered in a raffle to win a 2-night hotel stay in the city of your choice. For any current Host Healthcare traveler, we also have a win your dream vacation contest for you too.

Take A Vacation. Summer is an exciting time of the year. Make sure you find time to enjoy it. As a travel nurse or travel therapist it might be tough with your schedule to take a long vacation. That’s okay. Your vacation can also be a staycation. Find a way to get away and unplug.

Try Something New. Embrace the fun time that is summer. One of the best ways to embrace summer is to try something new. As a travel nurse or travel therapist there are always new opportunities presented to you. Try a new restaurant or a new activity. Something that pushes you a little out of your comfort zone.

Know Your Limit. Summer is an exciting time but make sure you listen to your body for signs of overheating. Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid too much sun exposure. Don’t overdo it.

Drink Plenty of Water. As temperatures warm up you lose water through perspiration. As a travel nurse or travel therapist, you days are very busy. You are on your feet and running around. While you are more than likely not outside the majority of time while at work, it’s still important you stay hydrated during hot months. Staying hydrated helps you stay focused on your tasks.

Swim, Beach, Lake, and Sun Safety. Most people are found at the pool, beach, or lake during the summer. Make sure you follow common tips to stay safe when by the water and in the sun. The Department of Health put out this helpful guide to stay safe this summer.

Travel Nurse or Travel Therapist Jobs

Hopefully after reading this article you are prepared for summer. Be sure you follow these 10 summer tips for healthcare professionals. They can help you and those around you be safe this summer.

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