As a nurse, you certainly can make a comfortable salary. In fact, a recent US News Money Report quotes the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the median salary for a registered nurse in 2016 was ~$69,000. As a travel nurse, you can make more money. One travel nurse benefits is the increase in compensation for a travel nurse salary. Many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included. However, sometimes you might want to make more money as a travel nurse. This article outlines our 10 tips how to make more money as a travel nurse. Are you looking to increase your travel nurse salary? Follow these 10 tips how to make more money as a travel nurse.

Pick Up Extra Shifts. As a travel nurse, most assignments are set in terms of your weeks booked. However, there are some chances to pick up extra shifts. If you are interested in picking up some extra shits, inform your recruiter and your supervisor.

Refer A Traveler. As a travel nurse, odds are you know another travel nurse or someone who would make a great travel nurse. Many travel nurse agencies offer refer a program. At Host Healthcare, we offer a great refer a traveler program. In fact, right now we have a special referral program. It’s called our Summer Referral Program. When you refer a travel nurse with Host Healthcare, you can earn a cool $1,000 and the person you refer can earn $500. Talk about a great win-win.

Sign On Bonus. Another one of our 10 tips how to make more money as a travel nurse is to cash in on a sign on bonus. Some facilities shy away from wanting to offer a sign on bonus due to the risk that the assignment won’t be completed. When the labor market was tight, hospital-provided bonuses were offered more often.

Become More Specialized. When you are more specialized, you can make more money as a travel nurse. Most facilities are looking for specialized nurses so the more education you receive will help you make more money. When you work with Host Healthcare, we offer free unlimited CEUs for our travelers.

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Take More Experiences. If you are looking for no single better tip look no farther than here. This is one of the most profitable tips out of our 10 tips how to make more money as a travel nurse. This is the secret to make more money as a travel nurse. The secret is to take more experiences. Whether that is more experiences with your assignments or more experiences with your education.

Take The Housing Subsidy. When you take the housing subsidy instead of taking corporate housing you can earn more money. While company provided housing is simple, it uses all of your housing dollars. If you find your own housing, you could certainly save money.

Get More State Licenses. It might sound counterintuitive to spend money to make more money. However, that is not the case with this tip. When you get more state licenses, it opens you up to work in more states. In addition, if you are a travel nurse with Host Healthcare we pay for license reimbursements. That is just one of the many travel nurse benefits we offer.

Extensions. When a facility finds a great traveler, they can ask the nurse to extend their assignment. Extensions are great for travelers. You don’t have to worry about packing up and traveling to a new city. And if you have a great pay rate, that could also be extended. If you are interested in extending your current assignment, be sure to speak with your recruiter.

Take A Quick State/High Demand Assignment. Natural disasters are some tough times for society to go through. However, as a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to go to those natural disaster areas to help those in need. Due to the urgent demand, these assignments can be very lucrative for travel nurses.

Choose A State That Pays Well. If you are looking to make more money as a travel nurse, consider taking a travel nurse assignment. States like California, Texas, and North Dakota are known for their excellent pay rates. If you are looking to maximize your travel nurse salary, find travel nurse destination that pays well. If you are looking new travel nurse destinations, Host Healthcare offers great information you any travel nurse.

Hopefully after reading this article you have learned how to make more money as a travel nurse. These 10 tips how to make more money as a travel nurse were created by our world-class recruiters and feedback from our travelers.

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