There a variety of opportunities to grow your career as a physical therapist. Growing demand, opportunity, and job security. However, it can take time to build you’re your career. If you are a new grad looking to get started or someone who has been a physical therapist for a few years, this article is for you. This article outlines 10 tips to jumpstart your physical therapy career in 2019.

10 Tips To Jumpstart Your Physical Therapy Career In 2019

  1. Grow your education. With the growth in the career, comes plenty of competition. One way to separate yourself against your peers it to get more education. Already have a masters, why not get a doctorate? Education is one of the biggest tips of the 10 tips to jumpstart your physical therapy career in 2019.
  2. Follow your passion. As a physical therapist, there are plenty of settings. From rehab, to skilled nursing, you can find the right setting for you. And in 2019, some specialties are in more demand. Ones in demand can certainly jumpstart your physical therapy career in 2019.
  3. Find a PT mentor. Having a mentor offers many ways to jumpstart your physical therapy career in 2019. It gives you someone to ask question and via networking can help you meet more people.
  4. Become a mentor. Being a mentor also opens more doors. It allows you to give back and help others. And helping others can provide you some recognition within the industry.
  5. Join a professional membership. There are many professional membership opportunities for PTs. There is the national membership and state specific membership opportunities for you to join.
  6. Establish your elevator pitch. As a PT you are the biggest spokesperson for yourself. Learn how to sell yourself and leave them wanting more. This is an especially useful talent during formal interviews.
  7. Track your accomplishments. Knowing your accomplishments allows you to easily update your resume and ask for growth opportunities.
  8. Build your network. While mentors and professional memberships are great starters, it should be part of your network. The sooner you begin networking, the sooner you’ll begin building the support and help you throughout your career.
  9. Be humble. People like working with those they get along with. One of the ways to get along with others is to show appreciation for those you work with and that have helped you. Be confident in your ability, but be humble in the fact that you don’t know everything and can learn from others (especially early in your career).
  10. Become a travel therapist. Travel therapists offer a variety of benefits and advantages for PTs. Travel therapists allow you to meet more people, learn new skills, and try new specialties. All while working 13-week assignments. No strings attached after your assignment ends. You can pick up and move to your next assignment. Then when you’ve learned enough or if travel therapy opens your door to a perm therapy job, you can end your travel therapist adventure.

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