Being a nurse, or travel nurse, can be a challenging profession. You are dealing with so many personalities. From the patient, to families, to co-workers. While patients and their families are stressful enough, dealing with a rude co-worker can have a damaging impact on work environment morale and may even impact the level of customer service in the hospital or healthcare facility. While there are plenty of ways to deal with a stressful work environment as a travel nurse, this article covers a different but similar topic. This article defines ways how to deal with rude co-workers as a registered nurse

10 Ways How To Deal With Rude Co-Workers As A Nurse

Surround Yourself With Good People

You might have heard that like attracts like. This means that similar minded people gravitate to each other. Surround yourself with similar people to you. Don’t waste time with the Debbie Downers or Negative Nancys. Fill your time up with positive people. You will see over time that positive people will seek you.

Have A Strong Mindset

Bring a positive perspective to work. Negativity is always out there. But if you strengthen your mindset you can change how you react to negativity. There are ways you can bring a strong mindset to work such as journaling or meditating. Find out what works for you.

Communicate With Appropriate People When Necessary

If a rude co-worker is affecting patient care it’s time to speak up. This is certainly one of the biggest ways to deal with rude co-workers as a registered nurse. Nothing should impact patient care. If this happens, speak with the rude co-worker or if you aren’t comfortable, speak with a supervisor or charge nurse about the co-worker’s disrespectful behavior.

Don’t Gossip

Gossiping is one of the quickest ways you can make a tough situation worse. Instead of digging a deep hole, be proactive in finding a solution. Playing the gossip game can cause further division between coworkers. While it’s certainly okay to let off some steam, make sure you do it during an appropriate time and place.

Stay Focused

If you ever become distracted by a negative co-worker, “snap out of it.” It can be very easy to become distracted but stay focused on your job at hand. Spend your energy toward performing your duties, not worrying about rude co-workers.

Remember Your Assignment Has An End Date

One of the many advantages of being a travel nurse is that your contract has an end date. Don’t get bogged down and worry about rude co-workers and their inappropriate behavior. Let that negativity roll off your back. Remember, you are only there for a certain number of weeks.

Understand What You Cannot Change

As a positive person, many of us feel personally responsible for improving the attitude of negative people. Sometimes that isn’t always possible. While it’s great to uplift others, it’s important to know that some people have negative outlooks on certain situations.

Don’t Take It Personally

This is certainly one of the top 10 ways to deal with rude behavior from co-workers as a travel nurse but it is one of the hardest things to do. We all take things personally. It isn’t always easy to let things roll off. Some people have negative outlooks which have nothing to do with you. It’s more of a “them” thing.

Take Time To Cool Off If Needed

Sometimes taking a nice break is a simple yet easy way to deal with rude co-workers. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take a quick walk. Do something to take your mind off their negativity and walk back in with a positive attitude.

Don’t Argue

Arguing with a negative employee will not get you anywhere, and unfortunately, they’re more likely to hold onto their attitudes. Don’t engage. Be the bigger person. As soon as a negative person sees that you aren’t going to engage with them, they move on.

Hopefully these 10 ways on how to deal with rude nurses as a travel nurse have provided some well-needed insight. Try each of these tips and see what works best for you in your situation. Don’t forget to bookmark this page. Unfortunately, you might have to deal with negative co-workers a few times in your life. Make sure you always have these reminders in your back pocket.

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