Being a travel nurse is an exciting career. You can make a lot of money while working in several cities. But working in several new cities can be tough especially trying to make new friends. This article outlines 10 ways to make friends in a new city as a travel nurse.

10 Ways To Make Friends In A New City As A Travel Nurse

Join a sports league. If you enjoy playing sports, check out what local sport leagues are out there. Many cities have sport leagues in all types of sports. The best part, you don’t have to know anyone when you sign up. You can sign up as an individual.

Make friends with co-workers. One of the easiest of the 10 ways to make friends in a new city as a travel nurse is at work. You see these people regularly and have at least one thing in common.

Go to community events. Enjoy music? How about food festivals? Whatever things you like to do, most cities have events daily. Check out what’s going on or coming up in your city. It’s another terrific way to meet people that have something in common with you.

Check out the most happening bar/restaurant. Most restaurants and bars attract a lot of people and they are great social settings for you to meet new people. Check out the top places bars/restaurant and start chatting with people.

Explore your new city. It can be scary to explore a new city by yourself. But if there are fun towns or hikes in your city go check them out. Again, places that you can explore allow you to not only get to know your city but also gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

Sign up for a Citysocializer/Meet up type event. There are plenty of ways to find like-minded people in your new city. Whether it’s certain books, music, or activities, join a meet up and get to know people who enjoy the same things as you. Talk about an effortless way to break the ice.

Take your dog to the nearest dog park. Now this type only works if you have a dog. But since most travelers do indeed have dogs, take them to the dog park or the beach. Allow your dog to do the heavy lifting for you. When you dog makes a new friend, it’s an opportunity to make a new friend.

Ask any current friends if they have friends in your new city they could introduce you to. Don’t forget to lean on your friends to make introductions. This is another effortless way for others to do the heavy lifting allowing you to meet new people.

Go to a workout class at a nearby gym. Gyms are popular ways for you to meet new people. Sometimes people aren’t as talkative in a gym or class. But after the class is an opportunity for you to make small talk and make new friends.

Get to know your neighbors. Being a good, friendly neighbor lets those around you feel comfortable to talk with you. Smile. Say hello to your neighbors when you see them. After you can break the ice by being nice, you can begin to get to know them and now you have a new friend.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 10 ways to make friends in a new city as a travel nurse.

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