If you are a travel therapist who is a dog lover that travels with their dog than odds you look for cities that are dog friendly for your upcoming assignments. According to The Humane Society, nearly 70% of those owners consider their dogs to be family members. Sound like you? If you worry about dog parks over amusements parks this article outlines the 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog.

15 Best Cities For Travel Therapists Traveling With A Dog

1) San Diego, CA. With some of the best weather for human and dog, San Diego tops our list of the number one of the 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. Like to take your dog and explore cities you travel? There are numerous dog-friendly beaches and countless dog parks for your dog to enjoy in San Diego. However, what puts San Diego in the number one spot on our list is the city is the dog surfing capital of the world. San Diego plays host to an annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon competition.

2) San Francisco, CA. San Francisco offers a lot of benefits for you and your dog. For starters, San Francisco has 170 pet friendly restaurants. In addition, Walk Score ranked San Francisco second in walkability. Perhaps you look for social outings with your dog during assignments. San Francisco has more than 50 different dog meetup groups. Also, did you know you can bring your dog on trolleys?

3) Portland, OR. The Rose City is a great destination for travel therapists traveling with your dog. It has all the same things to be one of the 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. Plenty of dog parks and dog friendly restaurants. But Portland takes it a step farther. There are dog menus at places like Tin Shed Garden Café and Lucky Labrador Brew Pub.

4)Seattle, WA. What Seattle lacks for in sunny days it makes up for in dog culture. Many restaurants and cafes are dog friendly. Like San Francisco, dogs are welcome on bus lines and ferries in Seattle. In fact, every summer Seattle participates in Dog Day on Elliott Bay. Dogs and their owners cruise from Seattle to Blake Island which is a 475-acre state park.

5) Las Vegas, NV. With less than two weeks on average of rain, Las Vegas provides plenty of opportunities for you and your dogs to walk outside. That makes packing for Las Vegas as a travel therapist that travels with their dog a great place. Forget the rain boots, big jackets, and umbrellas. As a Nevada travel nurse, you will have plenty of days to enjoy great hikes and parks.

6) Albuquerque, NM. Looking for warm climate for you and your dog? Look no farther than Albuquerque. With less than one month of rain on average per year, Albuquerque cracks out list for best cities for travel therapist traveling with a dog. Check out the many dog parks, Rinconada Canyon Trail, or national monuments on your days off during your travel therapist assignment in Albuquerque.

7) Tucson, AZ. Tucson cracks our top 10 list of the 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. The continued theme of less than one month of rain on average per year. Warm weather allows you and your dog to enjoy plenty of dog-friendly activities. From numerous dog parks, to the 40+ dog-friendly restaurants, and the Rillito River Park Trail.

8) Denver, CO. Colorado has some great dog friendly cities. To top our list is Denver. There are some unique events to take your dog to during a travel therapist assignment in Denver. Puppy Up is a 2 mile walk that promotes awareness of canine cancer and fundraises for canine research. Finally, you can enjoy Bark at the Park when you visit Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies.

9) Austin, TX. If you love eating food with your dog at your side, Austin is sure to be an appealing city for your next travel therapist assignment. Austin has 468 pet friendly restaurants. Looking for more? Austin has a food truck that is dedicated to your dog. Bow-Wow Bones offers dogs treats in eight flavors, including peanut butter, salmon, and cheesy apple.

10) Tampa, FL. Travel therapists traveling with a dog will enjoy Tampa. There are many of off-leash dog parks and beaches for travel therapists and their dog. Looking for a bit more? The annual Tampa Bay Pet Expo features the latest pet products, costume contests, and pet care lessons. This is a great event to learn the latest information and snacks for your dog.

11) Sacramento, CA. Another city in our list from California. The great outdoor activities for you and your pet will begin with the numerous dog parks and end with the 60 dog friendly restaurants. One of the most popular places that most dog owners visit is The Shack, a family-friendly sandwich, breakfast and brunch spot offering a dog-friendly patio.

12) Chicago, IL. The Windy City might not be a city that comes to mind when you think of the 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. But Chicago does have a lot to offer those that love traveling with their dogs. During the summer months, you can take your dog to Montrose Harbor Dog Beach or explore the Navy Pier. When it’s cold, there are still plenty of great restaurants you can enjoy with your dog.

13) Scottsdale, AZ. Scottsdale has so many benefits for you and your dog during your next travel therapy assignment. Let’s start with the obvious. The weather in Scottsdale is sunny and warm for most of the year which allows you and your dog to explore the great adventures of Scottsdale. If you like shopping, there are an abundance of pet shops that cater to petite dogs. If you like having a drink with your dog at your side, there are 20 bars where dogs can sit alongside your bar stool.

14) Boston, MA. Boston certainly presents itself as a great place for travel therapists traveling with their dog. Grab a pint during “Yappy Hours” at some of the local bars. After, head on down to the harbor for one of their many dog friendly cruises.

15) New York, NY. The amount of walking opportunities and nearby places to explore make New York one of the top 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. Walk Score ranks New York as their #1 walk score city. This gives a lot of opportunities for you and your dog to explore this exciting city. New York also has over 150 dog-friendly restaurants.

This is our list of 15 best cities for travel therapists traveling with a dog. There are plenty of destinations that are great for you and your dog. Looking to travel to one of these cities? Reach out to one of our recruiters.

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