Whether you are a new or experienced travel nurse, your resume is a critical step in the hiring process. It is one of the first pieces of information any hiring manager will review when considering you for a position. A poorly written resume can cause your application to get quickly tossed into the discard pile. This article will outline 15 resume mistakes for a travel nurse to avoid. There is no better way to put your best foot forward than with a well written resume.

15 Resume Mistakes For A Travel Nurse To Avoid

  1. Saying Too Much. Your resume should highlight your expertise. However, if you drag on and on making your resume too long you will lose the reader. Review the responsibilities of the role and include examples of how you’ve done those tasks.
  2. Not Saying Enough. On the flip side of the previous point, if you don’t include enough substance you will not appear qualified for the role. Read these 10 resume tips for a travel nurse to find the right mix of information and write the perfect resume.
  3. Not Catering Your Resume To The Job. When you apply for a job you really want, it needs to showcase that in your resume. The best way to do that is to have your resume specific to the job. If the hiring manager feels like you sent this same resume to other jobs you won’t be taken seriously as a candidate.
  4. Not Proof Reading Your Resume. Spelling or grammar issues on your resume gives the impression that you lack detail. Take your time. Read your resume out loud. Have someone else read your resume.
  5. Lying On Your Resume. Honesty goes a long way. You never want to be caught lying on your resume. Things can be referenced quickly and easily. You will certainly lose any chance of getting hired if you are caught lying on your resume.
  6. Having Inaccurate Credentials. The field of healthcare is filled with specific terminology. Make sure you use the correct jargon in your resume. You don’t want to accidently use the wrong credentials or terminology.
  7. Not Being Specific. Listing specific details about your work experience is necessary. List the number of patients you tended, number of beds, and how many procedures you performed. Including specifics in your resume is a great way to showcase your outstanding work history.
  8. Using Unnecessary Styling. A resume is a professional document. That means avoid using childish fonts, colors, and hard to read formats. Resumes start by getting scanned. If your resume is hard to read and follow you will get tossed to the side.
  9. Failing To Include Unique Selling Notes. Failing to sell yourself is one of the more common 15 resume mistakes for a travel nurse to avoid. Don’t be afraid to brag a little. What awards have you won? Are you bilingual? Do you have specific licenses or credentials? It is important to include unique selling notes to sell yourself.
  10. Including References On Your Resume. Including “references available upon request” is old school. Don’t worry, your references will be followed up should you move on past the resume stage. You do not need to include this on your resume.
  11. Using an Objective Instead of a Summary. This is another outdated tactic. Your objective is clear; to get the job. A summary gives an opportunity for you to list skills applicable to the job.
  12. Not Using Proper Keywords. More employers are using applicant tracking systems before reading resumes. This helps them cut down on the volume of submissions. Make sure you use relevant keywords to pass these systems.
  13. Forgetting To Include A Cover Letter. A cover letter is a short, to the point letter explaining why you are a good fit for this job. Make sure your cover letter is specific, to the point, and does not have any spelling or grammar errors.
  14. Not Including Reasons For Work Gaps. If you have work gaps, it is important you address them. Some places won’t consider you if you have any work gaps so it’s best to be up front.
  15. Including Irrelevant Details. Keep your resume specific to the position you are applying for. Only include details that will help you land the job you are applying for. Space on a resume is valuable. Don’t include unnecessary information that takes space away from things that will help you get the job.

These 15 resume mistakes for a travel nurse to avoid will help set yourself apart from the other travel nurses. These 15 resume mistakes for a travel nurse to avoid might sound simple but they will go a long way to make a good first impression for your ideal position.

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