Your resume is your first introduction to a hiring manager. This is going to be the first impression you leave. Crafting a well written travel therapy resume is no easy task. However, with more therapists now than ever before, it is critical to write a strong travel therapy resume. To help you, we created these 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid. By understanding these 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid you will have confidence your resume will leave a strong first impression. In addition to these 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid, here is a list of our top 10 resume tips for travel therapists.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Resume Organization Issues

1) Having Your Resume Longer Than One Page. Your resume should be yet highlighting your expertise. Now you might be thinking you have a lot of experience that making your resume one page is challenging. You’re right, it can be. The key to help your resume be one page is to understand the role you are applying for. Highlight how your experience meets the needs they are looking for. If you resume goes more than one page you run the risk that the hiring manager only gets through one page. You could also give the appearance that you go on and on and are unorganized. You don’t want that.

2) Saying Too Much. Think of your resume as an introduction to yourself. You shouldn’t tell your entire life story the first time you meet someone. The same can be said for your resume. Keep your resume brief. Focus on the experience you have for the responsibilities of the role. During the interview is where you can talk more about yourself.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Small But Mighty Mistakes

3) Not Proof Reading Your Resume. The quickest way to get your resume discarded is to have spelling or grammar errors. Having errors like this gives the impression you have lack attention to detail. It also shows that you don’t care about your work. The best way to avoid this mistake is to have another person read your resume for errors. You might be too close to your resume to see simple mistakes.

4) Lying On Your Resume. You never want to lie or bend the truth on your resume. You won’t believe how many people lie on their resume. In today’s age, everything can be easily referenced. There is no getting passed if the hiring manager finds out you lied on your resume. You can kiss your chances of getting hired their goodbye.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Not Making Your Resume Unique

5) Having Only One Resume. Every role you apply to is unique. Therefore, sending the same resume to every job you are interested will hurt you. Don’t feel like you need to write a brand-new resume from scratch every time you apply to a new job. However, you might want to rewrite your cover letter and the order in which you highlight your accomplishments.

6) Not Researching The Role You Are Applying For Before Crafting Your Resume. Your resume should be specific to the role. Take the time to research the requirements of the role and tailor your resume to the role. Hiring managers don’t like feeling that the resume they are reading could be used for another position. Keep your resume specific.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Being Modest

7) Failing To Include A Unique Selling Notes. As a travel therapists, there are many things that can differentiate yourself from others applying for the same position. Things that you might not think are that big selling propositions. Are you bilingual? Do you have specific licenses? It is important that you include these types of specifics within your resume. They will most certainly separate you from other therapists.

8) Not Highlighting Your Credentials. You should be proud of the accomplishments you’ve achieved. Show them off in your resume. You want to make sure you don’t cross the line to bragging but if you have credentials don’t bury them. The best way to use your credentials properly is immediately after your name. If you are a DPT, MPT, or NBCOT include those credentials at the top of your resume right after your name.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Following Old School Techniques

9) Including Your References On Your Resume. It is old school to have “references available on request” at the bottom of your resume. As a travel therapist, your references are part of your submission to facilities. If your resume stands out among the crowd, the hiring manager will review your references as a natural next step. You don’t need to include that on your resume.

10) Using An Objective Instead of A Summary. Objectives are outdated and unnecessary. Your objective to get the job your applying for is irrelevant because you are indeed applying for the job. So naturally your objective is to get the job. A summary gives an opportunity for you to list skills applicable to the job. You can also consolidate years of experience.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Not Following New Trends

11) Not Using Proper Keywords. More employers are using resume applicant tracking systems before a resume makes it to the desk of a hiring manager. The best way for your resume to pass these systems is to use relevant keywords throughout your resume. Use terminology that the job description uses within your resume. If the position you are applying for as a PT in sport rehab center use keywords applicable with mobility and sports rehab.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Saying Too Much

12) Including Unnecessary Information. Your travel therapy resume should be specific to therapy. Your hiring manager won’t care if you used to be a waiter or an actor. Keep your resume specific. If you don’t have enough to say, that’s fine. Don’t add pointless information.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Not Saying Enough

13) Forgetting To Include A Cover Letter. Every resume should include a cover letter. A short, to the point letter that explains why you are a good fit for the job. Just like your resume, your cover letter should be brief, specific to the role, and not have any spelling errors.

14) Not Including Reasons For Any Work Gaps. There are plenty of understandable reasons for having work gaps in your resume. You could have stopped to raise a family. Maybe you went back to get more education. A good place to include employment gaps is in your resume summary or cover letter. You don’t want a hiring manager to see a work gap and wonder. Remember, don’t give the hiring manager a reason to discredit you as a qualified candidate.

15 Travel Therapy Resume Mistakes To Avoid: Having Resume Design Flaws

15) Using Fancy Paper or Font. Your resume should be easy to scan/read. Using fancy paper or font can make it hard to read your resume. As soon as you give the hiring manager an excuse to toss your resume they will. Don’t try to set yourself apart with a different font on your resume. Set yourself apart by being more qualified.

Use these 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid and you will set yourself apart from the other travel therapists. These 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid might sound simple but they will go a long way to make a good first impression for your ideal position.

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