As a travel therapist, you are always on the move. Every 13-weeks to be exact. While it can be fun and exciting to move to a new city roughly every 3 months, it can be nerve racking too; especially trying to meet new people. But don’t worry, we got you covered. This article lists 15 ways to make friends in a new city as a travel therapist.

15 Ways To Make Friends In A New City As A Travel Therapist

  1. Make friends with new colleagues.
  2. Make friends with your neighbors.
  3. Go to the same weekly workout class.
  4. Check out the newest and most popular restaurants, coffee shops, or bars.
  5. Join social networks like Meet Up or Citysocializer.
  6. Ask your current friends if they have any friends in your new city.
  7. Volunteer with a cause you care about.
  8. Join a sports team.
  9. Take your dog to the dog park and allow them to make friends for you.
  10. Explore your new city. You never know who you might run into.
  11. Make a social connection. What are people doing in your area? Go do them yourself.
  12. Get to know your patients. They might have similar interests.
  13. Go to cultural events. There might be a great music or art scene.
  14. Join an area Facebook page
  15. Take a creative class. Cooking anyone?

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 15 ways to make friends in a new city as a travel therapist.

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