It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over and 2019 is only a few days away. A new year means new opportunities. However, before we close a book on 2018, let’s check out the 20 top travel nursing articles of 2018. Half way through the year we released our top 10 travel nursing articles of 2018. Now that we are through the second half of the year, we thought it made sense to reveal the 20 most read travel nursing articles of 2018.

20 Top Travel Nursing Articles Of 2018

These articles were the most read of 2018. If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to check them out before 2018 ends.

18 Top Mobile Apps for Nurses In 2018. Learn the top 18 top mobile apps for nurses in 2018 for iOS and Android.

Future Trends In The Nursing Industry. Learn where the nursing industry is headed in years to come.

How Much Money Does A Labor and Delivery Nurse Make? If you are a L&D nurse, you might want to give this one a quick read.

Top 50 Cities For Travel Nurses In 2018. We looked at things like quality of life, job opportunities, salary, cost of living, and things to do in the city to create this list.

The Top 10 Nursing Specialties In 2018. The RN industry is projected to grow double digits in 2026. Learn the top 10 nursing specialties most in demand in 2018.

10 Ways How To Deal With Rude Co-Workers As A Nurse. Check out these tips if you are ever faced to deal with a rude co-worker.

5 Requirements To Become A Travel Nurse. Interested in becoming a travel nurse? Not sure where to begin? Start by reading this article and learn the 5 requirements to become a travel nurse.

10 Nursing Statistics Every Travel Nurse Should Know. No matter your specialty, check out these important stats everyone should know.

20 Coping Skills For New Nurses. These 20 coping skills for new nurses will help new nurses feel confident and satisfied being part of the nursing profession.

Travel Nursing Salary Guide. Want to know how much money you can make as a travel nurse? Check out this helpful guide.

Effective Workout Routines For Nurses. Learn these effective workout routines for nurses.

10 Best Dog Friendly Cities For Travel Nurses. If you travel with your dog, be sure to check out these cities to take your dog on assignment.

12 Travel Nurse Tips To Prepare For Night Shift. Working night shifts as a traveler is common. Check out these tips to help you prepare for the night shift.

20 Tips For A First Time Travel Nurse. No matter how much experience you have, this article will provide insight for your first travel nurse assignment.

20 Best Cities For Travel Nurses Who Love The Outdoors. Whether you’re into activities involving mountains,rivers, canyons, or oceans, these are the 20 best cities for travel nurses who love the outdoors.

20 Things That Will Happen When You Become A Travel Nurse. As a travel nurse,there are many benefits and experiences that will come your way. Check out all 20 things that will happen when you become a travel nurse.

What Is The Long Term RN Job Outlook? With the new year approaching, check out what the job outlook looks like for RNs.

How To Become A Travel Nurse In 10 Steps? Follow these steps to start a year as a travel nurse in 2019.

The Secret To Make More Money As A Travel Nurse. Find out the three things you should follow to make more money as a travel nurse.

Top 10 Best Summer Locations For Travel Nurses. Even though summer comes around once per year, it’s never too early to start planning where you want your summer assignment to begin.

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