With the new year fast approaching we thought it would be fun to highlight the 20 most read travel therapy articles of 2018. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or your setting, these articles can help every travel therapist. Earlier this year we highlighted the top 10 travel therapy articles of 2018. That list does have some similar articles found here on this end of year recap but there are certainly plenty of new articles to read. Hopefully you enjoy these 20 most read travel therapy articles of 2018.

20 Most Read Travel Therapy Articles of 2018

These articles were the most read of 2018. If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to check them out before 2018 ends.

How To Choose A Travel Therapy Company. This is a great article for anyone looking to get started as a travel therapist or perhaps someone looking to switch companies.

8 Frequently Used Tools & Technologies For Speech Language Pathologists. SLPs use a variety of tools and technologies. Check out these most frequently used tools and technologies.

Top 15 States For Travel Therapists In 2018. Looking for the next state to take your assignment? Check out this list.

20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment. Check out these questions to help new and experienced travel therapists before taking their next assignment.

Salary and Benefits You Can Earn As A Travel Physical Therapist (PT). There are so many benefits you receive as a travel PT. This article outlines those benefits and salary expectations.

15 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Travel Therapist. Want to know if travel therapy is right for you? Maybe you have one of these characteristics.

20 Common New Grad Travel Physical Therapists Mistakes. Before you get started as a travel PT, make sure you check out these mistakes to avoid.

The Secret Way To Find Your Ideal Travel Therapy Job. A lot of places put together lists to help you find your ideal travel therapy job. This article boils it down to one secret. Find out.

20 Benefits of Travel Therapy Jobs. There are plenty of benefits being a travel therapist. Check out these 20 benefits.

Top 5 Trends For Travel Physical Therapy In 2018. When you look back at the top trends to the current year, it’s fun to see where we started and start thinking about trends in 2019.

10 Physical Therapy Statistics Every Travel Therapist Should Know. The PT industry is always changing. If you are a travel therapist, be sure you know these statistics.

The Pros and Cons of Travel Therapy. While travel therapy has a lot of amazing benefits, it might not be for everyone at every stage in your life. Check out our pro, con list of travel therapy.

Travel Physical Therapy Salary Guide. As previously mentioned, there are many benefits to be a travel PT. Check out this helpful guide when determining how much money you can make as a travel PT.

Useful Tools and Technologies For Physical Therapists. Earlier on this list you saw the top tools and technologies for SLPs. Now we share the most useful tools and technologies for PTs.

10 Benefits For Travel Therapists. Looking for more benefits when you take a career as a travel therapist? We got you covered.

11 Ways To Overcome Your Fears About Travel Therapy. As a new or prospective travel therapist you might have some fears. This article will give you some ways to overcome those fears and get you on the path to travel.

The 15 Best Summer Locations For Travel Therapists. We researched climate, activities, and demand to create our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists.

Why To Become A Travel Therapist. Looking for more reasons to start traveling? The answer you are looking for might be here.

How To Increase Your Travel Therapy Salary. There are several ways you can increase your salary as a travel therapist. Find out some easy ways you can add more money to your paycheck.

5 Ways To Make More Money As A Travel Therapist. If you are interested in making more money as a therapist, travel offers plenty of ways you can make more money when you travel.

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