New grad therapists have the world that their fingertips. There are many paths for you to consider when deciding which route you want to follow after graduation. This decision can take you time and that’s okay. It should. It’s a big decision when deciding where to begin your career. Just remember, where you start your career isn’t always where you finish your career. One of those options to consider is travel therapy. This article will outline the 20 reasons why new grad therapists should consider travel therapy.

What is travel therapy you ask? Travel therapists are short term, typically 13 week, contract jobs. These are typically more than 50 miles from your tax home. The good news about a travel therapy job is you can choose the location and setting. Assignments include free housing, travel reimbursements, the ability to make more money, and many more. We have compiled these 20 reasons why new grad therapists should consider travel therapy.

20 Reasons Why New Grad Therapists Should Consider Travel Therapy

Build Your Resume. As a travel therapist, you can work at top facilities in all settings. Learn valuable skills from experienced therapists and then use that experience to land your next job. The skills you will develop will make you more attractive for future employers.

Receive Tuition Reimbursements. As a travel therapist, you can receive amazing benefits. One of those benefits is tuition reimbursements. Imagine the opportunity to pay down student loans and other student bills. Host Healthcare offers up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursements benefits for recent PT, OT, and SLP graduates.

Travel The Country. Traveling the country is a top reason new grads consider travel therapy. The ability to work in one location and then move to another is appealing. Even better, when you are a travel therapist it doesn’t look like you are bouncing around between locations.

Flexibility. When you take a travel therapy assignment your entire world opens up. You have the flexibility to work as long as you want and then take time off. Or perhaps you want to work in a different setting or location. You get that flexibility as a travel therapist.

Learn From Other Therapists. The best way to learn the ropes as a new grad therapists comes from the daily experience you have with other therapists. They will show you the way. You will be able to watch and use hands on experience to get better at your job.

Meet New People. Once you get acclimated with a new city you can start meeting new people. Attend after hour work events. Network with co-workers. Participate in social sports or events outside of work. You might be surprised how one random stranger might become a big part of your life in the years to come.

Earn More Money. Travel therapists have an opportunity to earn up to 20% more per year than a non-travel therapists depending on location. Many travel therapists with experience earn $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included.

Receive Great Benefits. Travel therapists earn great benefits. Receive day 1 medical, dental, and vision benefits when you work with Host Healthcare.

Avoid Burnout. As a travel therapist, you have so many things work for you to prevent burnout. The flexibility to work in different locations, your ability to travel the world, and the fact that you avoid any politics at work are huge. This will go a long way to keep your love for being a therapist strong.

Avoid Facility Politics. Due to your limited duration at each facility you work, you get to avoid facility politics. As a travel therapist, you are there for roughly 3 months and then you are off to a new place.

Find A New Place To Settle Down. You might not know where you want to call your long-term home. Being a travel therapist allows you to discover many new places. A new place that might be so new place and could be a place you one day lay your roots.

Develop New Hobbies and Likes. Exploring new destinations can lead to new experiences, such as skiing if you’re near the mountains and surfing if you’re near the beach. A new location almost certainly brings about a love for a new hobby, fun activity or budding friendship that you never expected.

Test The Waters. This goes for both cities and type of setting. Being a travel therapist is almost a try before you buy mindset. You can try living in any city you want in any setting before settling down on your calling.

Get A Permanent Job. The career benefits that come with taking a travel therapy position are vast. One of the best one we see is when it gets people in the door for their ideal job. From a facility standpoint, taking a travel therapist is an easy commitment for them. The good news is if you do well (which we know you will) you can get flipped to a full-time position. An opportunity that wouldn’t happen without being a travel therapist.

Receive Full Time Support. As a travel therapist you are never alone. Your recruiter will prepare you before your assignment and help you during your assignment. Your recruiter will be your lifeline during your travel therapy assignment.

Have A Mentor. This is something you won’t find with all travel therapy agencies. However, at Host Healthcare we provide a mentorship program for our new therapy grads. We match you up with an experienced travel therapist. This person will be your go to before, during, and after your travel therapy assignments.

Free Housing. As a travel therapist, you can sleep tight knowing that your housing is covered. Agencies can help you with housing or you can find your own. Regardless, travel therapy companies like Host Healthcare offer deluxe housing for you.

License Reimbursements. Sometimes being a travel therapist means needing a new state license which can be stressful and cost money. At Host Healthcare, we take of this for you. We offer license reimbursement and guide you through the process.

Travel Reimbursements. Moving down the street, across town, to a new city, or across the country can be expensive. As a travel therapist, you will receive travel reimbursements. At Host Healthcare, we offer travel reimbursements to make sure you are covered getting to your assignment. Whether that is money to cover your millage, hotel stays, or U-Haul rentals, we have you covered.

More Job Opportunities In High Demand Locations. If you are willing to be flexible you will increase your chances of landing a job. As a travel therapist, you are able to fill hard to fill positions, high need positions, or if a facility needs to backfill an open role. and try a new location or type of facility, you will increase your chances of landing a therapy assignment.

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