As a travel nurse, you are constantly jetting off to a different location. These locations could be brand new places or locations you have been before. Regardless, there are certainly things you want to have on every travel nursing assignment. Whether you are ready for your first travel nursing assignment, or someone who has been on several travel nursing assignments, there are specific things you want to bring on your travel nursing assignment. These 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment have been put together by our travel nursing recruiters and our travel nurses.

It is easy before your travel nursing assignment to have some feeling of being overwhelmed. That’s perfectly normal. It is a feeling that travel nurses experience no matter how many assignments you’ve been on. Bookmark this page or print out these 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment.

Proper Documents. The most common document people think of is their drivers licensed. This is clearly a good starting point. However, make sure you have copies of your nursing license and all professional certifications printed or accessible in a digital form.

First Aid Kit. It might seem like too much to pack a first aid kit. Especially since you are a nurse working at a medical office or hospital. However, as a nurse, you should know that anything can happen. When it does, it’s better to be prepared.

Prescription Medications For You. Not only do you want to make sure you bring your prescribed medicine, but you want to make sure it is filled if need. Also, make sure you bring some form of aspirin just in case.

Prescription Medications For Your Pet. Just like the point listed above for yourself, make sure you do the same for your pets. Make sure you bring any medication for your pet and be sure to speak with your vet about a referral for any vet in your new city.

Immunization Records. As a nurse, you are around people all the time. It is important to have an accurate record of your immunization always.

Appropriate Clothes. From work attire to outside work attire, make sure you are prepared. Does your new facilities require a certain color of scrubs? Is your new city going to be warm or cold? Be sure you do some preparation before your assignment begins to bring proper clothing.

Household Items. Don’t overdo it, but not every location might have things like cooking utensils, plates, glasses, and towels. Everyone is different in terms of how much the prefer to cook versus eat out. Regardless, there are certain household necessities you want to make sure you bring with you.

Personal Items. Being away for consecutive assignments can start having you feel homesick. Thus, bring some items that remind you of home. From pictures to loved ones, to a favorite gift someone got you, these small items can help when you have those sad days.

Entertainment. From long drives, to nights at home, you want to make sure you have things to keep you entertained to and from along with during your assignments. Make sure you have enough songs on your device, any favorite movies or shows, and books to enjoy during your assignment.

Camera. Today, most people’s phone doubles as their camera. If that’s what you do, great. However, if you have a separate camera make sure you bring that too. You will want to capture the sites of your new assignment. If you take some pictures, we want to see them. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram using #MyHostAdventure and we will be selecting our favorite photos to win a $10 Starbucks gift card or free scrubs from Jaanuu.

Emergency Phone Numbers. No one likes to think about the bad things that could happen. However, sometimes things happen where being prepared will certainly help. One of the 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment are emergency phone numbers. From your loved ones, family, doctor, recruiter, and vet, it’s good to have these numbers with you. It’s good to have these numbers saved in your phone, but be sure to write them down and keep in a place that can easily be found. You don’t want these important contact numbers in your phone and not have your phone nearby.

Pet Supplies. One of the items above talked about having pet medication. You also want to make sure you have your pet’s favorite toys and treats if they are traveling with you. And don’t forget about their favorite bed and blanket. Pets have feelings too.

Toiletries. Hand soap, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper. These things and more could certainly be things you purchase while you are at your new assignment as needed. But it’s a good idea to make sure if you have stuff to get you through the first few days. Depending on your schedule, you might not have time to get these toiletries before your assignment begins. This is one of the 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment you don’t want to be without.

Electronics and Charging Devices. Your laptops, tablets, e-readers, and phones are somethings people need. Whether for entertainment or work, these items have become a necessity on any travel nursing assignment. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring your respective charging devices. You don’t want to be driving to your next assignment and your phone dies as you are playing music and navigating to your new home.

Outdoor Essentials. Do you like going on hikes when you’re on assignments? How about biking around town. Maybe you like to camp. If you keep active during your assignments, make sure you bring proper shoes, items, and water bottles that you can take as you explore your new setting.

Bedding. Every housing assignment might be different. You could go from corporate housing, to your own apartment, to staying with a friend or family member. As a result, it’s good to pack some bedding such as linens, a blanket, and pillow. You want to make sure you can comfortably wind down after your long day.

Proper Work Items. From having a good stethoscope to plenty of pens, you want to make sure you are prepared every day for work. Having these necessary items is one of the 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment.

A Dependable Watch. Your phone today doubles as so many useful tools. However, when you are taking pulses of your patients, having a great watch is critical. One added need, make sure your watch is waterproof. Working in a chaotic industry, you never know what liquids might spill on your watch.

Credit Cards With Available Limits. Most people bring credit cards wherever they travel. However, as a travel nurse, you want to make sure you have plenty of limit on your credit cards. When you work with Host Healthcare, any travel or license transactions will be reimbursed. So that is good news. Just save your receipts and we will reimburse expenses.

Comfortable Shoes. As a travel nurse, you are always on your feet; moving from one location to the next. That makes having comfortable shoes is a must. Take a quick spot and feel test of your shoes to make sure they are not getting worn down. The last thing you want to develop is pain in your feet as a travel nurse.

Hopefully after reading these 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment you feel better prepared. These 20 things to bring on your travel nursing assignment will be helpful reminders as you embark on this exciting journey.

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