As an emergency nurse you must be proficient in performing under pressure. It comes with the territory. However fielding emergency nurse interview questions can cause a different type of pressure. When you go into your emergency nurse interview, it’s important you are prepared. This article provides you 5 common emergency room nurse interview questions.

5 Common Emergency Room Nurse Interview Questions

1. How do you work as a nurse under pressure?

This is a common question for all nurses; no matter your RN specialty. Emergency room nurses must move quickly, make decisions on the fly and treat patients under circumstances that aren’t ideal. Be prepared to provide specific anecdotes that demonstrate you can perform with excellence under pressure.

2. How did you deal with a difficulty patient/situation?

As a nurse, you are treating patients while dealing professionally with patient families and performing all the other duties of nursing. That means you have more than likely dealt with a difficult patient situation. Know that this question is coming and be prepared to not only describe a situation but also how you worked through it.

3. Describe a time a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker or supervisor and how did you handle it?

Conflict with co-workers is inevitable for a nurse. You work in close parameters with other nurses and doctors; all while working under stressful situations. It’s important that you don’t be dishonest and lie if you have had a conflict. What’s important is you discuss how you handled it. Being able to articulate that you successfully handled conflict will allow the hiring manager to see you are mature enough to be part of their team.

4. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

This is one of the questions you should be excited to hear. Odds are you decided to become a nurse to because you genuinely love working with people and caring for others. Share that with the hiring manager. This is a question for your hiring manager to get to know you on a personal level.

5. What is your greatest strength/weakness as a nurse?

When it comes to nurse interview questions and answers, strengths and weaknesses are often on the menu. Even though it’s a popular question, this is a question that trips up nurses. Give thought and even write down your potential answers to this common question beforehand.

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