It doesn’t have to be a drag for nurses who have to work on Halloween. Many hospitals and doctors offices encourage their staff to dress in costumes on Halloween. If you are not sure what to wear, this list outlines 5 easy costumes for nurses who have to work on Halloween. Most of these are easy to put together quickly. Be sure to comment and share your Halloween costumes.

5 Easy Costumes For Nurses Who Have To Work On Halloween

  1. Zombie Nurse. Might not be the best option for any nurse working in pediatrics but is simple. Throw on some red and black make up, messy up your hair, and look more deadly.
  2. Rosie the Riveter. Another easy option. Bright red lipstick, a red bandana, and a blue button-up shirt. Make sure to flex your muscles for coworkers and patients.
  3. Cat. Being a cat is an easy, and popular costume choice. Throw on some comfortable black clothes (or scrubs), add some ears, dot some black face paint on your nose and add whiskers.
  4. Marathon (or half marathon) Runner. This is a costume that works great for male or female nurses. Dress up in running clothes, add some wristbands and a headband. Take it to the next level by printing out marathon numbers.
  5. Superman (or SuperNurse). It doesn’t get much easier than a superhero t-shirt and basic cape. Pick a classic superman T or make your own SuperNURSE tee! Because every nurse is a superhero.

Halloween At Host Healthcare

At Host Healthcare, we certainly enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Check out some past Host Healthcare Halloween photos.

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