During school, you learn a lot about how to be a successful physical therapist. However, there are skills that you only learn while on the job. Skills that are just as critical as those you learn in school to be a successful physical therapist. This is our list of the 5 physical therapy skills you will learn outside the classroom.

5 Physical Therapy Skills You Will Learn Outside The Classroom

This list was created to help students or new grads prepare for the workforce. Most of the times you will lean on the skills you learned in the classroom. These skills are things that come with hands on experience. We hope you take time to focus on these 5 physical therapy skills you will learn outside the classroom.

How To Work With Different Demographics. During school, odds are that most people shared similar characteristics as you. It could be demographics like age and race. However, when you enter the workforce you will be working with and treating people that could have very different demographics than you. You could be working with people much older than you or treating patients much younger. Do you best to adopt to the situation around you and remain professional always.

Time Management. No doubt this is one of those skills you developed in the classroom. Having to juggle things like exams and what you learned in clinicals. However, this is a completely different type of time management. You are dealing with people and their schedules. The worst thing you can do is have poor time management skills that either causes your patients to start their session late or not able to provide necessary information to colleagues.

Prioritizing. While you are dealing with the volume of things on your to do list, it is important you begin to recognize what needs to happen now and what can wait. Prioritizing your day will help you with so many things like time management and how to work with others.

Managing Your Finances. For some of you, you might be jumping into your first physical therapy job. That’s certainly an exciting time. You might be on your own with no doubt excitement but plenty of responsibilities. Being able to budget your finances is critical as you enter the workforce. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go on that vacation or out with your co-workers. Just be sure you budget properly.

How To Think Critically. As a student, you follow directions and absorb information. In the real world, there isn’t always something or someone you can lean on which means you must figure out the solution. Thinking critically and solving problems is a big part of physical therapy life in the real world. How to assess what your patient is telling you and how to solve their problems.

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Hopefully this article helps prepare you for being a physical therapist. This article outlines the 5 physical therapy skills you cannot learn in the classroom.

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