So you’ve recently discovered a way to combine your love for travel with an aspiring career; a niche known as travel therapy. That’s great! Perhaps you’ve done some research, talked to peers or stumbled upon it accidentally. There is a wealth of information out there but you’re still not quite sure how to get started. That’s where we come in. Refer to the 5-steps below to succeed in the travel therapy application process. This will guide you through the standard travel therapy application process and bring you one-step closer to reaching your lifestyle and career goals.

5 Steps in the Travel Therapy Application Process

1. First of all, Fill Out Application. Introduce yourself to a travel healthcare staffing agency by filling out their online application. The step is as simple as copying the information in your resume (education, work experience, degree/specialty, references). The information you provide will help match you with a recruiter best suited for your needs.

2. Talk to Recruiter to Discuss Interests. After being paired with a recruiter, he or she will call and introduce themselves to you. During this discussion you can share your travel therapy interests and preferences. At this time you are encouraged to speak at length about your preferred job locations, career goals, wants, needs, questions and/or concerns.

3. Select and Approve an Assignment for Submission. The information provided in Step 2 and phone conversation(s) with your recruiter is very important. As a result, this is how your recruiter will identify relevant opportunities for you. Your recruiter will present them to you for approval in order to submit you as a candidate for the position. You should always feel free to ask general questions about the facility, assignment, or licensure requirements as well as compensation, benefits, and destination.

4. Interview with Facility Hiring Manager. Once the recruiter submits your portfolio for review, comes the fun part. You will be asked to complete a brief interview with the hiring manager of the facility offering the position. This is when it would be appropriate to ask specific questions about the facility and assignment. Questions like: patient demographics, other therapists in the facility, and other relevant questions about the assignment.

5. Receive Offer. Following the interview, you may receive an employment offer for the assignment. At this point you will have the option to accept or decline. This would be a good time to clarify specifics about pay, bonus, licensure requirements, and benefits such as housing and travel.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapy

In conclusion, we hope you are still excited about being a travel therapist. Host Healthcare offers many travel therapy benefits. Benefits include: competitive pay, tax-free tuition reimbursement, and a mentorship program for new grad travel therapists. The choice is yours. Browse through our extensive list of travel therapy jobs or call one of our friendly travel therapy recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.