There are many benefits to being a travel therapists. From the flexible schedule, to the ability to catapult your career, to meeting so many amazing people. However, one of the more popular benefits of being a travel therapist is the ability to work in locations across the country. You can take one assignment on the west coast and then the next on the east coast. It truly is something unique that most careers don’t offer. But how do you memorialize the places you’ve gone and things you’ve seen? To help, we created a list of 5 ways to remember your past travel therapy assignments.

5 Ways To Remember Your Past Travel Therapy Assignments

Take Photos and Videos. Photos are a great and easy way to capture your experiences while on assignment. They are also easy to share with your friends and family on social media, email, or text. And since most people have smartphones, you can also remember your assignment by taking fun videos. Depending on your video skills, you can even add fun music and animations.

Send a Postcard To Yourself. Postcards never go out of style. And the best part, every location has postcards. Before you leave your current location, send yourself a postcard. Mail it to your permanent address and write down a fun summary of the things you did. Then when you get home you will have a stack of postcards and be able to take a fun trip down memory road.

Get Creative

Create a Memory Box. First step find a box; something not too big or too small. Second step decorate the outside of the box with pictures or other renderings that tie directly to the location. Last and final step, fill it with interesting items and mementos of the city you’re in. This is a fun and simple idea to remember all the fun at your past locations.

Get Creative. With all the fun photos and items you’ve captured, put them all together in a fun way. A popular idea is to create a photo album. You can either make a print version that you keep at home or a digital photo album that you share with friends. Another way to be creative is to create a scrapbook. Grab your arts and craft materials and have fun putting together all the fun things you did in one scrapbook.

Write Down Your Adventures

Keep A Journal. Writing down all the fun things you did while on your travel therapy assignment is a great way to memorialize your adventures. Write down new places you’ve seen, food you’ve eaten, experiences you’ve accomplished. No matter how much technology has changed our lives, going back to analogue formats and keeping a journal is a great way to remember your past travel therapy assignment.

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