It’s an exciting time for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathologist new grads. Summer is here. Which for some either signifies the end of school or finally able to take your boards. The world is at your fingertips. Your future can be anything you want. If you want to explore travel therapy there is no better time. You can gain great experience, grow your career, make good money, all while traveling. This article outlines the 7 travel therapy tips for new grads.

7 Travel Therapy Tips For New Grads

Identify Two Travel Therapy Agencies You Would Want To Work With. You might be reading this first tip and be scratching your head. Yes, it is okay to be working with multiple agencies. It helps you get a feel for what is out there. Ask other travelers and check out reviews to start working on your agency list. Feel free to call the main line, talk to a recruiter, and get a feel on that experience/conversation. This will help you start to dwindle down that list to one or two agencies.

Find A Mentor. Having someone you can lean on that has been a travel therapist is huge. At Host Healthcare, we offer a mentorship program as one of our benefits for new grads. We pair you up with a traveler that has done the work you are looking to do. Whether it’s the specialty, setting, location, we find the right mentor for you.

Make A List of Top 10 Cites You Want To Work In. As a travel therapist you are in control. That is one of the great benefits of being a travel therapist. You get to pick where you want to go. There are so many places out there that it’s good to have an idea of where you might want to travel. Providing a list of cities is helpful for your recruiter to look for jobs in locations you want to work.

Finalize Your Resume. Your resume is the first thing most hiring managers see when considering you for a role. Make sure your resume is as strong as possible. Here is a helpful list of 10 resume tips for travel therapists to follow.

Identify and Prep Your References. A common step in the travel therapy hiring process is having references. People who can vow for you being a strong candidate for the role you are applying for. It’s a good idea to prepare them as odds are they will be called by your staffing industry.

Be Flexible. Above it was mentioned to have a list of places you want to go. But it’s important you be flexible; especially as a new grad. If your list of places is very competitive it’s important to have backup options. Remember it all comes full circle. You might not get to work at your #1 location during your first assignment but as you gain experience that #1 location will be much easier.

Get Your License Early. Depending on the state you want to work at, the licensure process can take several months. That is why as soon as you have an idea of the state you want to work in that you begin the process of securing your license. Your recruiter can help you with this critical step.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapy

Hopefully this article gave you some good insight on 7 travel tips for new grads. Be sure you keep these tips in mind as soon as you see travel therapy as a career for you.

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