As a travel therapist, you have a busy work schedule of having to take care of your patients. And when you work so hard, it’s important you get quality time off. But how? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are 7 ways to spend your day off on your travel therapy assignment.

7 Ways To Spend Your Day Off On Your Travel Therapy Assignment

  1. Explore Your New City. There are several ways to enjoy your new city. From making friends to seeing historical places, to enjoying fun attractions. By taking time to explore your new city it might be a place you come back after your assignment for a vacation.
  2. Sleep. Getting enough sleep provides so many health benefits. It allows you to be sharper and as a result, you are able to provide better services to your patients. You might not get enough sleep during workdays which is why on days off it’s important to get sleep. Take a nap if needed.
  3. Plan Your Meals For The Week. Planning your meals for the week is a great way to spend your day off. It might not sound as much fun as some other ways, it’s very important. Meal planning can help you save time and money. It also helps you make sure you’re eating healthy.
  4. Prepare For Your Week Ahead. As listed above, planning is important. When you prepare for your upcoming work week, you’re able to minimize your stress and increase your happiness.
  5. Take A Class. Most cities offer a variety of classes to learn a new hobby or enjoy an existing one. Having fun is always a great way to spend your day off.
  6. Read. Reading is a great way to spend your day off. It can expand your mind and also reduce stress. So swing by your local library or pick up your e-reader and find your next book.
  7. Binge Your Favorite TV Show. One of the more popular ways to spend your day off as a travel therapist is to binge your favorite TV show. Nothing better than just kicking back and relaxing. Power up your favorite streaming service and let the binge begin.

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