Everyone knows a well-written resume and cover letter is critical to land your next travel therapy job. They are your first introduction to your hiring manager. We previously came up with 10 resume tips for travel therapists and 15 travel therapy resume mistakes to avoid. This article outlines 8 tips to write the perfect travel therapy cover letter.

8 Tips To Write The Perfect Travel Therapy Cover Letter

  1. Customize it. Having a customized cover letter makes the hiring manager know you are serious about the job you are applying to.
  2. Address it to the right person. While we just stated that using a customized is needed, addressing the resume to the right person goes that extra mile. It shows you care about the position and did research to the job you want.
  3. Have a strong opening sentence. Hiring managers see several resumes. To ensure you standout, make sure you have something that is memorable and thoughtful.
  4. Make sure your format is consistent. Attention to detail is an important skill for any travel therapist. Thus, make sure you pay close attention to details when crafting your cover letter.
  5. Don’t drag the cover letter on. Keep in mind that your cover letter should get the hiring manager’s attention and review your resume. If you drag on you run the risk of boring them.
  6. Focus on the employer. It’s important you sell yourself on the cover letter. However, make sure you explain what you can do for them. position your skills and expertise so that it shows the reviewer what you bring to the company and the role.
  7. Explain why you want the job. Convey how enthusiastic and excited you are about this exact company.
  8. Have someone proofread your cover letter. After you finish writing your cover letter, not only should you give it a proofread, but you should have someone else. You are so close to it that getting fresh eyes is a good idea.

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