The holidays are an exciting time of the year. It’s a time when we spend time with our friends and loved ones. But if you’re on a travel assignment how do you spend time with your friends and family? Lucky for you we are here to help. This article outlines the 8 ways to maximize family time during the holidays on assignment.

8 Ways To Maximize Family Time During The Holidays On Assignment

Celebrate Before Your Assignment Begins, or After. Don’t feel like you have to celebrate the holidays at any specific day. Depending on when your assignment begins or ends, this is a great way to maximize family time during the holidays.

Travel To See Them. If you find yourself having an assignment during the holidays, it’s important you speak early with your recruiter to see what’s possible about getting time off. The holidays it typically a hard time to get additional vacation time but if you speak with your recruiter early, you might be able to get time off to travel to see your family.

Bring Your Family To You. An easier solution might be bringing your family to you.

Schedule Time To Chat With Your Family. You might not always be able to see your family in person during the holidays. To maximize this time make sure you schedule time to pick up the phone and speak with them. And with apps like Skype or Facetime, you can even see them in addition to speaking with them.

Spend Time With Your Friends. While your friends might not be blood related family members, spending time with friends is a great way to spend the holidays.

Bring Home To Your New Home

Make Your New Home Feel At Home. Bring your favorite holiday decorations on your assignment.

Check Out Holiday Events In Your New City. Many locations have special holiday-themed events that happen each year, and this is your chance to experience something unique and authentically local. Whether it’s a parade, a holiday tree lighting, or a local market, you’ll have another way to create lasting memories with your family and friends.

Make Family Recipes. A great way to maximize family time during the holidays while on assignment is the smell of food. So get ready to play chef and start serving up some yummy food.

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