Another Amazing Benefit to Becoming a Travel Nurse or Therapist

The benefits never end. If you are interested in becoming a travel nurse or travel therapist there are plenty of outstanding benefits. One of them is the flexibility to work anywhere. Think of this as a versatile vacation. We have posted previous blogs listing the endless benefits of choosing to become a traveling healthcare professional. We want to share one more major benefit. You have the ability to travel outside the states between assignments!

Here are a few common questions and answers I found on

Q: Is it common to take time off between assignments or do most travel nurses work back to back?

A: I think this varies from traveler to traveler and even from assignment to assignment. I would say it is about 50/50 for us – maybe favoring back-to-back a bit more. I think a good balance of the two is a smart idea though. If we are staying in the same region (like going from San Diego to Phoenix or LA), we will usually try to keep those back-to-back with no time off. But our last trip from NC to CA, for instance, required two weeks off in between and we were able to sight see along the way and spend some time at home as we drove all the way across the country.

Q: How much time is usually taken off in between assignments?

A: Again, it’s totally up to you! You can go straight from one contract to the next or take weeks or even months or years off in theory. We know some travelers that only take summer or winter contracts once a year while their kids are out of school or to escape a cold winter. They work a full time staff job or per diem in their home town the rest of the year and only travel for 13 weeks.

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