San Diego, CA: Every year, BluePipes comes out with a list of the best travel nursing agencies. To come up with their list of the best travel nursing companies of 2018, BluePipes looks at the reviews of several key website such as Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Facebook, Indeed, Google, and GlassDoor. After reviewing everything and creating their own algorithm, BluePipes came up with their list of the best travel nursing companies of 2018. We are proud to say that Host Healthcare is listed on the best travel nursing companies of 2018. That makes it two years in a row Host Healthcare has been on BluePipes’ list of the best travel nursing companies.

From BluePipes, “That’s no surprise given that travel nursing companies provide services that can make or break a travel nurse’s experience. So, we researched travel nursing company ratings and reviews from across the web. Then, we compiled all the data to bring you this list of the best travel nursing companies of 2018. Host Healthcare moved up from number 9 on our list last year to number 5 this year. They had 139 total reviews across the platforms we measured last year. They added 82 new reviews across the same platforms this year. Additionally, we counted 34 reviews from Google. Their Aggregate Score came in at 94.07!”

Host Healthcare CEO Adam Francis outlines the vision of Host Healthcare. “Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our healthcare professionals by offering unparalleled service. We go to great lengths to take care of our travel nurses. In doing so, we hope that our company will enhance the well-being of the communities that we serve.”

About Host Healthcare. Host Healthcare is an award-winning healthcare staffing company of travel nursing and travel therapy professionals. Host Healthcare has been recognized as a Top Travel Nursing and Travel Therapy Company by Highway Hypodermics, the #1 Fastest Growing Travel Nursing and Therapy Company by Staffing Industry Analysts, and ranked 460 on 2017’s Inc. 5000, earning nearly $27 million in 2016 and showing an astounding three-year growth rate of 955 percent. Based in San Diego, CA Host Healthcare has been named a Top 10 place to work by San Diego Business Journal.

About BluePipes. Our mission is simple: To simplify healthcare career management and employment onboarding. When you join BluePipes, you get access to a professional network with features designed to solve the healthcare industry’s unique career related challenges.

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