San Diego, CA: For the third consecutive year, Host Healthcare is named a top travel nurse company by Blue Pipes. Host Healthcare made Blue Pipes’ list of best travel nursing companies 2019. Every year, Blue Pipes looks at several review sites to determine who makes their list. Sites such as Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Facebook, Indeed, Google, and Glassdoor are used to determine who makes their list of best travel nursing companies of 2019.

“We are thrilled to have been included in the Blue Pipes list of best travel nursing companies for third year in a row,” says Host Healthcare CEO, Adam Francis. “The reviews we receive are a testament to the strength of our internal team and culture, which translates directly to the overall traveler experience.”

From Blue Pipes, “Host Healthcare added 297 new reviews this year. They are one of only 4 companies to have an Aggregate Average Score of more than 95 out of a possible 100. Host Healthcare has become a mainstay on “Best Travel Nursing Company” lists like this one.”

Host Healthcare has been the recipient of numerous awards in 2019. The Company was named as top ten travel nursing company by Travel Nursing Central and Highway Hypodermics. In addition, Host was recognized as a best place to work by Inc. Magazine, Modern Healthcare, and the San Diego Business Journal. “During a recent interview, I was asked by a candidate who wants to work here, ‘your company has won a lot of awards, how did you do it?’ My answer was “the awards that we win are not a reflection that we are a perfect company. We have won these awards because we are not perfect, but we are real and authentic about where and when we have problems, and always strive to improve.”

About Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare is an award-winning healthcare staffing company of travel nursing and travel therapy professionals. Host Healthcare has been recognized as a Top Travel Nursing and Travel Therapy Company by Inc. 5000, and Staffing Industry Analyst. The San Diego Business Journal and the San Diego Union Tribune have listed Host Healthcare as a top workplace in San Diego. Travel Nursing Central, Highway Hypodermics, and Blue Pipes have also recognized Host Healthcare as a leader in the industry. Host Healthcare’s vision is simple: To help others live better.

Host Healthcare’s Brand Promise

Healthcare Professionals:
For healthcare professionals who want fulfilling travel experiences, Host Healthcare is your partner that supports you in living a more purposeful & adventurous way of life.

Healthcare Facilities:
For healthcare facilities who are dedicated to patient care, Host Healthcare is your staffing partner that quickly delivers exceptional healthcare professionals who are committed to your facility’s needs.

About BluePipes

Our mission is simple: To simplify healthcare career management and employment onboarding. Why you join BluePipes? You will get access to a professional network with features designed to solve the healthcare industry’s unique career related challenges.

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